The TV began to show badly - what to do?

  • Factors affecting the image
  • Carrying out preventive works on the TV channel
  • Possible antenna problems
  • Interference during reception of a signal
  • Malfunction of wire or fastening
  • Incorrect device settings
  • Hardware failure of the TV
  • Conclusion

Many experts predicted the ousting of television programs and television in general, the Internet, but this did not happen. With the development of technology, even to this day it has not been possible to solve the problem with the image on the TV, and many are wonderingwhy and what to doifbad shows the TV?

Factors affecting the image

  • the TV setup did not work properly;
  • mismatch of the technical characteristics of the device to the transmitted signal range;
  • adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain or fog;
  • litter of the communication channel by other sources.

Carrying out preventive works on the TV channel

Sometimes there are cases when the signal on the channel disappears for a certain time (most often for a period in a few hours), in order to perform a number of technical manipulations on maintenance equipment. In the case where other channels are functioning in the normal mode, then you need to wait a while and the broadcast itself will resume. In some cases, during the prophylaxis, a special screen saver can be displayed on the screen, which serves to signal the performance of these works.

It is worth noting that the image may be absent in the event of a breakdown on the part of your cameraman. In order to make sure that there is no signal, it is necessary to contact the neighbors connected to the same operator. In the case where the problem between you and the neighbor is the same and does not pass for a long time, you need to contact the operator through phone, or personally pay a visit to the office in order to check the status of your personal account or to learn about the possible repair on line.

Possible antenna problems

Most people in our country use rather old radio signal receivers. These receivers during bad weather conditions such as blizzard, rain and nebula start to catch badly the signal and you may have problems with sound and image. In order to level these factors, you simply need to install the antenna in a more powerful way.

In addition to the above factors, a damaged antenna can also cause problems with the image. This can be caused by a strong wind or hail. Danger also causes accumulation of snow, which could remain on the surface of the device and unable to withstand its weight to deform.

In the absence of visible damage, the antenna could change its position in space and turn to the other side. This can occur as a result of poor-quality installation or the use of improper fixing devices.

Interference during reception of a signal

Most often, residents of dachas are facing this problem, rather than urban apartments. Many people complain that it does not work properly on TV. And it happens because of the property of the radio signal to scatter in space, as city transmitters are most often located in large cities, and the signal does not go well over long distances. To solve this problem, it is necessary to replace the receiver with a more powerful one or raise itantennaif possible for a couple of meters. It is necessary to abandon the antennas, which are installed directly on the body of the TV, because they simply can not provide the necessary signal.

Residents of high-rise buildings face this trouble in the case of illegal interference in the telecommunications system. Often, the installation of new equipment leads to the cluttering of the air, and the signal simply does not reach. Installation of allantennasand satellite dishes must be produced only when agreed with the supervisory authorities. In the absence of this permit, you can request the dismantling of this equipment by contacting the courts.

Malfunction of wire or fastening

One can distinguish cases when the TV is poorly displayed due to the lack of a tight contact between the wire and the receiver's inlet hole installed in the device. Due to wind gusts or other causes, contact may periodically retreat, after which the image starts to flounder or a gray-black ripple appears on the screen. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the wire from the connector and check it integrity for the presence of oxidation, in case of detection of the latter, perform a sweep, then return its in place. In the event that you have installed several devices in the room, you need to inspect the adapter, since it is often mounted incorrectly and could eventually move away.

After you have made all the fastening checks, you must examine the cable itself for visible damage. Sometimes pets with their teeth and claws destroy the whole structure of the cable. It is strictly forbidden to hang any objects on the cable or to conduct its wiring with large bending angles, this can lead to an internal cable break that you will not be able to notice visually. If the cable is not in the entrance, but outside, then it must be firmly fixed on the facade of the building, because during weather, he can start hanging out and catching on to something, then break, especially if he has a significant length.

Incorrect device settings

This problem manifests itself in the absence of most TV channels and spontaneously changes the position of the channels on your device. To configure the device in this case should be exclusively a specialist, since this process is quite time consuming and requires special knowledge. If you receive TV services from a private operator, you can contact the support service and they will send you a person.

In rare cases, interference may occur if the signal is excessive.

Hardware failure of the TV

It is worthwhile to focus your attention on this point, in case your device has become poorly displayed the picture is unexpected for you, and during the channel switching process no visible changes. This problem is especially acute in the old technique, but in some cases the models of new TVs subject to it, stopping normally to display the picture and output the sound after a short time operation. Most often this problem is associated with a failed converter, which is necessary to convert the signal into a low-frequency converter. Less often is the receiver, which is responsible for the reception. To subordinate these details on your own is unlikely to work, so the best option for you will be the replacement of the details-for the new one. If the equipment is under warranty, you can contact the service center, which will carry out diagnostics and find out the cause of the failure. If the marriage is factory-made, you will most likely replace everything for free.


In this article we have consideredwhy and what to doifpoorly shows TV,studied all possible causes and options for their elimination and discussed all the nuances associated with this issue.

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