How to choose a desktop electric oven for home

  • Advantages of a desktop electric oven
  • Criteria for choosing a mini-oven
  • The main functions of a mini-oven
  • Additional functions
  • Choosing power
  • A brief summary of

In a small city apartment or dormitory, or for seasonal holiday accommodation, you need to find a tool. An excellent way out can be a tabletop oven, which, if necessary, will completely replace the usual stove with a built-in oven.

Externally, the desktop oven is similar to a microwave, but functionally they are completely different.

Advantages of a desktop electric oven

  1. Compact size. There is a mini oven with a volume of only 6 liters. Such a unit is especially convenient in small rooms where you need to save space. But there are also large desktop ovens that are as good as built-in appliances - up to 50 liters( for comparison, an oven of a standard kitchen stove has a volume from 40 to 50 liters).
  2. Mobility. It is easy to take such a mini-stove with you when you travel to your country house, put it in a closet or refrigerator, and store it on a balcony or in a storage room.
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  3. Combination with hob. There are models with one, two or three rings of different size and power, located on the top cover of an electric oven. This combined oven significantly saves kitchen space.
  4. Sustainability. Unlike the gas counterpart, an electric tabletop oven leaves no burning products that can spoil the taste of the finished dish.
  5. Easy cleaning. Enamelled non-stick surface of the mini-oven is resistant to burning and is easy to clean with any detergent. Most models are additionally equipped with the function of pyrolytic or hydrolysis purification, there is an oven with grease-absorbing filter.

Criteria for choosing a mini-oven

When choosing a mini-oven, first of all you should pay attention to its power and size. It should be noted that fast and a lot of food can be prepared only in electric or large ovens. It is possible to bake baked goods and pizza, baking any products, stewing and stewing, cooking grilled chicken.

The power of the oven also directly depends on the size - the larger the size, the more powerful the oven( from 600 to 3200 W).But a large and powerful unit becomes less mobile - moving and transporting a large stove will be much harder, and it will also take up more space in the kitchen. There are also models with microwave function.

Current models of desktop mini-cabinets are equipped with more than 10 heating modes, such as upper or lower heat, uniform heating on all sides, intensive heating, defrosting and other modes.

In addition, you should pay attention to the set of necessary functions. The more functions the unit has, the better, but the price of a fully equipped electric oven will be significantly higher.

The main functions of the mini-oven

  1. Timer - gives a signal about the end of cooking, in more complex models he turns off the mini-oven.
  2. Convection - forced air circulation inside the oven, allowing dishes to be baked evenly.
  3. The grill is a heat element( Ten), due to which a ruddy crust is created.
  4. Spit is a rotating pin that provides even grilling of large pieces of meat on all sides.
  5. Defrost Function - allows you to prepare frozen foods without first defrosting, namely, by gradually increasing the heating temperature in the mini-oven.
  6. Brazier - used on some models with a removable lid, turning the stove into an electric brazier.
  7. Boiling control - maintains the set temperature at the selected level and, if necessary, automatically lowers it, preventing the dishes from boiling out.
  8. Self-cleaning function - it can be hydrolytic or pyrolytic. However, neither one nor the other will replace, but only facilitate the manual cleaning of the oven.

Depending on the set of functions and the manufacturer, the price of an electric table oven varies from 1,200 rubles to 35,000 rubles.

Additional Functions

In addition to the usual set of functions, an electric mini-oven can be equipped with additional features that are not all interesting, but can provide additional comfort and safety.

For example, such a function as an indicator of residual heat protects the hostess from burns, showing that the oven is still hot. The indicator turns off when the oven cools to 60 degrees.

The built-in metal detector detects metal dishes inside the cabinet - if it is not there, it becomes impossible to turn on the oven. If you have such a function, you should ask the seller about the possibility of its disconnection, because otherwise you will not be able to prepare dishes on a heat-resistant glass pan or in ceramic pots.

The built-in appliances and the design feature of the mini-oven are important for comfort and safety. Tight-fitting oven door and the presence of several heat-insulating glass prevent the outflow of heat to the outside, and therefore allow you to cook dishes much faster.

Many electric ovens are heated not only inside, but also heat the space around them - this must be taken into account and before buying buy from the seller how this model is insulated. It is desirable to have retractable telescopic rails that allow you to safely remove hot trays from the oven.

The function of memorizing the cooking mode allows you to simply select a program recorded once in the memory of the oven, without setting new parameters each time. Especially this function is convenient for those dishes that are prepared daily.

Choosing power

Undoubtedly, a high-power oven will prepare the dish much faster than a more compact, but less powerful unit. But at the same time, a powerful oven will consume more energy.

Therefore, each customer must decide for himself what is more important for him - short-term and intensive power consumption, or a longer cooking process with an economical consumption of electricity.

Manufacturers label their products according to the energy consumption class: class A is considered the most economical, and products labeled with the C sign are considered the most energy-consuming. On average, an electric oven consumes from 2 to 4 kW.In rural areas or at the cottage, the supplied voltage is sometimes insufficient, in which case it is better to purchase a mini-oven of small capacity.

Summary of

When choosing a desktop electric oven, you should pay attention to the multifunctional units of average power from a reputable manufacturer. This tabletop oven will replace a large amount of kitchen appliances, which will save space and money.

To confirm the quality of the selected product, you should ask the seller about the quality certificate and warranty obligations of the manufacturer. The choice is yours!

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