Simple secrets of dressing fox skins at home

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DIY plastic bottle tubes

DIY plastic bottle tubesWith Your Own Hands

Craftsmen have come up with a lot of options for using plastic bottles from the simplest decorative to practical, able to make life easier and save from unnecessary expenses. Many already know how...

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How to care for the lawn: useful tips

How to care for the lawn: useful tipsWith Your Own Hands

Content 1 After winter 2 Lawn bald spot 3 Fertilizer (top dressing) of the lawn 4 Lawn mowing Being the owner of a lawn is not always easy to care for him, especially if you do not know how to...

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DIY decorate the mirror

DIY decorate the mirrorWith Your Own Hands

Content 1 Wood frame 2 Paper decor 3 Bathroom mirror decor 4 Mosaic decor 5 Mirror with lace You can decorate a mirror of any shape with your own hands from improvised materials. These are all...

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