How much milk does a goat give per day?

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video Beginner breeders who decide to start domestic goats are always concerned with a lot of questions. Among them one of the first places is taken by the problem: “How much milk does a goat give per day? And are there any ways to maintain high milk yield for as long as possible? ”

Under the influence of the changing hormonal background, the production of milk begins in the newly born goats. It has everything necessary for raising the younger generation of animals, and goat's milk benefits not only kids, but also people. Since it is much more valuable and easier to digest than cow, interest in dairy breeds of domestic goats is growing year by year.

How much milk does a goat give per day?

Lactation in goats begins immediately after the birth of babies and lasts from 5 to 9 months. The duration of this period, as well as how much milk a goat gives per day, depends on many factors. First of all, this is an animal belonging to a particular breed. Milk goats, such as the Zaanen, White Russian or Toggenburg breeds, supply their owners with milk for 8–11 months a year. And to the question: "How much milk does a goat give per day?" Livestock breeders that grow purebred stock speak confidently about 5-6 liters.

Unfortunately, the owners of most goats, usually grazing near rural houses, cannot boast of such yields. But their pet with a proper course gives 2-3 liters of milk per day, and no more than half a year are fed.

In addition to belonging to a dairy breed of a goat, age, diet, milking methods and number of milkings affect its milk yield.

When does a goat start to give milk?

Goats dairy breeds begin to actively milk immediately after the birth of kids. Young animals are kept separately, and milk for it stands out from the total milk yield. This method is based on the fact that the milk yield of animals more than cover the needs of the kids, and the remaining milk can be immediately sent to the person’s table.

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The rest of the goats live with the kids. When does a goat start to give milk for human needs in this case? Milking is started only after the kids reach the age of 3-4 months, when the need for breast milk disappears. And this applies only to adults, well-fed, healthy queens.

Some breeds of goat meat and downy direction produce so little milk that only young animals can feed it, so they are not milked.

How many times a day to milk a goat?

Usually goats are milked twice a day, and then, when the volume begins to decline, only morning milking is carried out. The peak milk yield is in the first 4–5 months of lactation. At this time, some practice three times a day, which only increases the amount of milk collected. If the answer to the burning question: “How much milk does a goat give per day?” Is not encouraging, the breeder should not give up.

Above all, we must not forget that in addition to age and breed factors, the amount of milk produced is affected by feeding goats, caring for them and even the attitude of the host. Receiving all this in full, even the simplest goats can compete with those contained in the breeding farms.

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How to feed a goat to increase milk yield?

The first thing that determines the yield of domestic livestock, its condition and health, is feeding. What to feed a goat to increase milk yield? During lactation, it is most important that the diet was complete, balanced and nutritious. Therefore, dairy goats in the conditions of a personal compound can be offered:

  • any vegetable crops, tubers and roots from the vegetable garden, which are pre-washed and cut for the convenience of animals;
  • young branches and dry brooms prepared in advance, if we are talking about feeding animals in the cold season;
  • turnips and root crops, increasing milk production;
  • cereals, which may include barley, wheat, oats;
  • non-coarse hay with the inclusion of chamomile, clover and other legumes that were cut during the flowering period.

Goats should definitely get enough clean drinking water, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements that cover all the costs of the body.

If the animals suffer from a lack of moisture and a deficiency of important micro and macro elements, not only will the milk yield fall, but also the health of the livestock will deteriorate noticeably. If goats get fodder, some livestock keepers feed more goats to increase their yield, with emphasis on nutritional value of the feed, and not on its balance. This may have the opposite effect. Goats gain weight, and the amount of milk falls.

How to milk a goat?

Goat's high milk production is not only a genetic predisposition, but also the result of the breeder's hard work. To animals showed the best possible result, at the beginning of lactation from distribute.

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How to fan a goat? Understand as a combination:

  • good nutrition, contributing to the production of milk;
  • udder massage, activating blood circulation in the tissues;
  • milking up to 3-4 times per day, preparing the goat for this procedure.

How to milk a goat? From the knowledge of the correct answer to this question depends on the milk yield and the quality of milk. First of all, it should be still at the stage of stripping to teach the goat that the milker will come at the same time.

But how many times do they milk a goat a day? The animals themselves will prompt the optimal mode. Three times a day milking is acceptable for dairy breeds, and some are enough once to give up all the accumulated milk.

Before commencing milking, the udder is massaged so that the process does not disturb the animal, and then washed with warm water. When the udder is dried with a clean towel, you can begin to work.

There are several ways to milk a goat. Video, how to milk a goat, will provide invaluable assistance to novice goats, preparing for the first milk yield.

Each breeder chooses a convenient method for himself, but at the same time, it is necessary to remember the general rules. Movement milker should be confident, smooth and soft. A goat should feel good about her. You need to give all the milk to a drop, otherwise there is a risk of not only reducing milk production, but also the development of mastitis. When the work is finished, the milker should again massage the udder, wipe it with a dry towel and treat the nipples with petroleum jelly.

Milking Goats - Video

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