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Water is urgently needed at their summer cottage - to water the garden, take a shower, prepare food, wash dishes andmuch more. But, unfortunately, far from all the houses have a central water supply, and because of this, a number of difficulties arise associated with long hikes to the nearest column or well. Save time and provide comfort in the country can, if you make water in the country. This procedure does not require special knowledge and skills and power for independent execution. This will require relatively inexpensive pumping equipment and access to a water source.

Preparing for water supply of summer cottages

Water supply of summer cottages with your own hands is a process in which many factors must be taken into account in order to ensure the flow of water to a house of good quality and without interruption. It is necessary to decide whether the water supply will work in the winter season or not, how much water will be needed per day, for what purposes it will be used. Ideally, the house water supply system should be designed together with the building itself in order to take into account all the design features and establish a convenient water supply system.

Unfortunately, many houses did not rely on water to be spent in them, therefore, it remains to make changes already in finished buildings. The task is complicated if there is no well or water well within reach. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of time and money on their construction.

In the event that a well is still available, it is necessary to ensure the quality of its water and its replenishment. If the inflow of water is insufficient, you can try to make the well deeper. Next we determine where the pumping equipment will be installed, and if it is superficial, then we allocate a small room for it. For all items of equipment can serve as a dedicated barn or shed.

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Selection of a pump

Depending on many factors, the type and power of the pump is selected. So, for water supply cottages in winter and summer will need a variety of pumps.

By type of location, the following pumps are distinguished:

  • Submersible pump. It is installed directly in the well. Its advantage is that it does not make noise in the house and does not occupy space. However, this type of pump is not applicable in the winter season.
  • Surface pump. The more common type, can be used both in summer and in winter. It is located at some distance from the well and is connected to it by means of a water pipe.
  • Pumping station for country houses. These stations can be completely non-volatile. The stations can be diesel or petrol, operate when the internal combustion engine is turned on.

Choosing a source of water supply

Choosing a source of water supply should be done taking into account the groundwater level, water quality and other factors. You can consult with neighbors who already have running water, are they satisfied with the purity of their water.

The most common sources of water supply are:

  • Well. The most ancient and most convenient way to deliver water to your home, as you can make water supply from the well with your own hands without the help of professionals. It is necessary to purchase only concrete rings, and you can dig a well yourself. In addition, in the absence of electricity and the impossibility of the pump, you can get water from the well with a bucket. Other sources of water supply can not boast of such dignity. The negative point of using wells is the possibility of various contaminants coming from the upper soil layers. But with this drawback, careful isolation of the gaps between concrete rings will help.
  • Water supply for the summer house from the well “to the sand”.In the absence of groundwater, or their insufficient amount at a depth of up to 15 m, it is customary to punch wells. The method of drilling a well "dry" is characterized by the fact that with it water comes from the uppermost layers of the aquifer system. This water is quite well filtered with loam on top, so it is suitable for drinking and cooking. These wells are drilled at a depth of 10 to 50 meters, it is recommended to use the classical methods of finding water, sinceduring machine drilling it is possible to skip a layer of water. Unfortunately, these wells are not durable, becausefilters are clogged with sand and water sources are running out. Depending on the characteristics of a particular area of ​​winter, the service life of wells can vary from 5 to 20 years.
  • Artesian well. This type of drilling differs from the previous one in its greater depth; it can reach more than 1000m. Usually, artesian wells are not used for their own needs, sinceThis is quite an expensive way to extract water and requires coordination with government agencies. It makes sense to drill such wells by combining the efforts of several neighbors. During artesian drilling, water is extracted from layers of limestone, where it is the most pure and quality. The service life of the well can reach well performance, and be up to 50 years.
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Water supply for winter

If you need to use water supply in winter, first thing is to dig a trench from the garden to the water source. The depth of the trench should not be less than 1.5-2 m. Depending on the characteristics of land freezing in the region. It is possible to drive pipes and higher with mandatory thermal insulation. It is necessary to make a small bias throughout the length towards the well. In the second ring of the well is cut a hole corresponding to the size of the selected pipe. Pipes can be steel, plastic, PVC, etc., the main thing is that they do not crack under the action of frost.

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Winter water supply from a well with a high level of groundwater involves placing the intake pipe at a height of 30-40 cm from the bottom. At the end of the pipe a cleaning filter is installed so that the soil is not absorbed with the water. It is necessary to carefully isolate the place of penetration of the pipe into the ring of the well and fill the trench with sand first and with the soil on top.

When installing pumping equipment, it is necessary to ensure the temperature inside the extension, the room or a separate room where it will be located, not lower than 2 degrees of heat. Before the pump itself is mounted a tap to drain the water and a coarse filter. After passing the pump, the water is filtered in the fine cleaning device and enters the collector of cold water. From the collector water is distributed between consumers.

Water supply in a private house or at the cottage is a prerequisite for normal human life and quality care of the garden and garden plot. The level of modern technologies allows to provide water supply on its own with minimal costs. At the same time, the purity of the water directly depends on the correct implementation of all stages of construction and the quality of the equipment used.

Water supply at the cottage from the well( video)

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