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The name high-tech comes from the English word “high technology” or “high technology”.This phrase is called the modern trend in design and architecture, characterized by minimalism in the details and the spirit of industrialization. This style is one of the most popular today, and thousands of designers all over the world design objects in it.

Modern style can not be confused with others. It is distinguished by the presence of straight lines, rough shapes and restrained colors. Chrome-plated metal, cables, various geometric structures, vertical supports for plants - all this creates its own special atmosphere.

High-tech garden

The first thing that catches your eye is a large amount of free space. Color beds are few, mostly dominated by shrubs and low trees. The tracks are usually tiled or stoned. They turn sharp corners and form a strict geometric shape.

In addition to the paths, the rest of the garden( for example, reservoirs, grounds, beds) also have mostly the shape of a triangle, a circle, a square, a spiral, and other shapes.


Vegetation is homogeneous. Here you will not find a variety of varieties and types of planting. Shorn bushes, lawns on inclined planes and extensive paved areas prevail.

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Together with the lawns, ground cover plants are used to give the garden zones geometric shape and uniformity. Thanks to competent seating, appear different in color, smooth surface areas. Variants of such plants:

  • pahizander;
  • cuff;
  • hoof dog;
  • Loosestrife Montapeous Aurea.

Large trees may be present, however, their location must be carefully planned. Like everything else, they are subject to a single plan and can not be located chaotically.

Some designers create entire walls of low bushes trimmed with waves, and lay paths between them. This idea looks fresh and beautiful, however, delivers unnecessary trouble for pruning.


From the color palette, low-key white, gray, and green colors, sometimes blue, are most often used. Rarely, black and orange inserts are used to emphasize specific areas.

Built mainly in ivory and white coffee, without excessive color. As you have already noticed, the variety of shades and bright colors is completely not peculiar to the high-tech style.

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Galvanized containers are often installed for plants, arranged in a clear sequence. Garden areas can be separated by metal cables and crossbars on which urban objects are located, for example, large fans.

Techno-yard materials are used modern, some can be costly, however, they are durable and will last for many years. The main types of all 4:

  • stone;
  • glass:
  • precious woods;
  • metal.

Often put metal chairs and tables, or made of perfectly smooth wood panels. The hidden illumination of wide steps, and also lamps from thick glass dug into the ground, looks beautiful.

Often do zoning by changing the level. For example, “floors” laid out with large flat tiles decorated with bushes on the sides, and steps leading upwards to a higher level where several trees are located.


In addition to modern materials, minimalist design and strictly selected vegetation, accessories play an important role. Since the garden "high tech" implies the use of cutting-edge technology, the selection of accessories should be given maximum attention.

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Consider in detail the lighting. Large round lamps made of frosted white glass look very advantageous.

Furniture made of steel is one of the most recognizable features inherent in high-tech style.

The main rule for all accessories - they must be modern and fashionable. The more gadgets your techno park will contain, the better. For example, the system of "smart home", or intelligent lighting. Creative gazebos made of precious wood or concrete, swimming pools and fountains - all this will emphasize the uniqueness and status of your site.

If you do not have experience in landscape design, then to create a project for a technological garden, it is best to contact a professional. Due to the complexity of design, the need to think through every detail and follow the geometry of all forms, it will be problematic for a beginner to take into account all aspects. However, invested time and funds will eventually allow you to create a real masterpiece of engineering and technical thought at your country site.

Ideas for the creation of a modern garden design - video

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