Best Electric Meat Grinders for Home Use

  • What do we pay attention to when choosing a grinder?
  • Which meat grinder is the best in quality in 2018?

Meat grinder - simple, but productive assistant in the kitchen. With it you can save a lot of time spent in the kitchen, and at the same time - constantly rejoice the household with delicious culinary masterpieces. Cutlets, zrazy, meatballs, sausages, homemade noodles, and even biscuits and citrus juice are easy to prepare with this device. But it is important to know how to choose an electric meat grinder - the 2017-2018 rating of the year and a review of the best models are required to be read before going to the store or to the selling site.

The modern market of small household appliances for the kitchen can turn the head of the most demanding customer with a wide variety of brands and models. Permanent advertising does not help with the choice, but only confuses. But together, we will figure out what to look for in order for the purchased electric meat grinder to become your assistant. As always, we prepared a rating for the quality of the meat grinders for 2017-2018, and also carefully studied the technical characteristics of the most top models of different brands. We are glad to share the results!

What do we pay attention to when choosing a grinder?

A simple household meat grinder, as the name implies, is designed to chop meat. More precisely, make stuffing. A special spiral-shaped screw mechanism twists the pieces of meat into the device, where the sharp steel knives are first crushed and then the product is pushed through the metal membrane. It's simple. Previously, such devices were manual, and modern meat grinders are powered by the engine and are powered by electricity.

And now let's look at the basic parameters and characteristics of electromeat grinders that will help you with choosing the best model for your home.

  1. Power and Performance. The more powerful the device, the faster it will cope with the task - the processing of meat and other products. Usually, the power of the meat grinder can be from 500 to 1500 watts. At the same time, low-end models with power up to 800 watts grind 1 kg of meat per minute of time.1000-watt models per minute already process 1.5 kg of meat, it is easy to grind hard and sinewy meat with cartilage and tendons. As a rule, such meat grinders have an optimum ratio of price and quality, and are perfect for the needs of an ordinary family.
  2. Material. The body of the electric meat grinder is made of plastic or metal. The first material is used in low-cost models. Steel appliances belong to a higher price segment. As a rule, such models take up more space, make more noise, but also cope with work many times faster.
  3. Motor Protection. In modern electric meat grinders there is an engine. If pieces of meat or sinew hit it, then the rotation occurs “under force”, and this damages the engine. In such a situation, the protection is triggered - the sleeve bursts and blocks the operation of the motor. However, after such an emergency stop, the device will have to be repaired. More sophisticated models are equipped with the technology of breaking the electric circuit - in this case, the meat grinder simply turns off. After you eliminate the interference - the device can be used again.
  4. Modes of operation - as a rule, most of the electric meat grinders have two main modes of operation - one speed and reverse. More powerful models - 1500 watts and more do not need reverse.
  5. Package. In all models there must be several perforated discs for different, in size, pieces of minced meat. Also, trays are required for the supply of products - plastic or steel. And pushers. The best household meat grinder will allow you to process not only meat for stuffing, but also to grind and shred vegetables, stuff sausages and squeeze out juice from citrus fruits. To do this, complete with the device are various nozzles. Depending on your culinary claims, you can choose an electric grinder with any set of accessories.

If these indicators did not help you to make a choice, then we suggest reading the rating of meat grinders for quality.

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Which meat grinder is the best in quality in 2018?

We compiled our top-list of the highest-quality electric meat grinders, guided by positive customer reviews and online shopping statistics on sales of a particular model. So let's find out which meat grinder is better?

Moulinex HV8 ME 626

Begin our rating of the most budget option - model HV8 ME 626. A credible brand, compact and stylish device. According to reviews of housewives, this meat grinder is easily disassembled and has high power - easily copes with thick and tough pieces of meat. Performance - 2.6 kg / min, power - 800 watts. Included is nozzles: a grater, for shredders, for kebba and of course there is a compartment for storing nozzles.

Panasonic MK-MG1300WTQ

This meat grinder is slightly more expensive, but also affordable. Easy to operate, economical and reliable. Power - only 200 watts, but this is enough to process an impressive amount of products in your kitchen in a short time - 1.2 kg / min.

Bosch MFW 66020

This model is deservedly takes the next line of our rating. I would especially like to note that this model with an optimal ratio of price and quality. German pedantry allowed us to create a truly high-quality and modern device for comfortable and productive work. The model is made of durable plastic, which makes it light and easy. Power - 600 watts per minute, such a meat grinder easily processes 1.5-2 kg of meat. Steady, quiet, has perforated discs for minced meat and nozzles for sausages and kebbe - burgers with filling.

Kenwood MG-354

This popular electric meat grinder from a reputable brand takes its place in our rating in the category - price and quality. The Internet is replete with positive reviews about this model. Such a high estimate is quite understandable - the device per minute grinds about 2 kg of meat, has a wide selection of nozzles in the set - for grater, shredding, making sausages and sausages. Also, the manufacturer took care of the protection of the engine and added a reverse system. Users have noted the durability, compactness and versatility of the Kenwood meat grinder combined with a simple design.

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Bosch MFW 68660

If you want to buy a multifunctional meat grinder - get ready to fork out. But in return, you get a super-powerful and reliable assistant - an electric meat grinder, which grinds meat for mincemeat, and sours and squeezes vegetables. It has a stylish and durable case, rubber feet anti-slip, engine lock with significant overloads. Included - nozzles for graters, shredders, squeezing juice and cooking kebbe. With this device you can get minced meat of various consistencies, chop cabbage in a few seconds, chop nuts for salad or baking, drink a glass of fresh juice. A minute of work will allow you to process 3-4 kg of meat. All internal mechanisms are made of durable metal, a thin and sharp knife with self-sharpening blades will serve for a long time and flawlessly.

Moulinex HV9 ME740

Super powerful, stylish and high quality.1000 watts, reverse system, blocking protection. The declared productivity is as much as 5 kg of meat per minute of work. The main advantage is multitasking. With this meat grinder, you will easily rub, chop or dice any vegetables, and also - prepare a mass of minced meat of the desired grain size - smaller, as for meatballs, or larger - for minced meatballs, for example. Additional advantages include - self-sharpening knife, a convenient compartment for storing nozzles. The device turned out productive, reliable and convenient in use.

Gorenje MG 2500 TJW

This electric meat grinder can be considered the most versatile. According to users, it can easily replace a food processor. Judge for yourself - power - 850 watts, 2-3 kg / min., And in the configuration - membranes for minced meat, 3 different nozzles for graters, the ability to cook sausages or cut cookies. An additional plus is squeezing juice from tomatoes. Time of continuous work reaches 10 minutes. Add to this the high build quality, well-thought-out technical specifications and an impeccable manufacturer's reputation.

Philips HR2743

Last in rating - the best high-performance model of the highest category. For a minute, he will finish with 4-4.5 kg of meat, and he will also grind and grind vegetables, help to cook sausages and meatballs with filling. An authoritative manufacturer decided to please the housewives with an interesting accessory for cleaning the grill for stuffing - just insert the disk into the device and wash it under the tap - no additional effort is required. The meat feed chamber can be opened and cleaned without problems, which is very convenient. The advantages include a long power cord, motor protection against overheating, stability and presentability. In general, it is a powerful and stable meat grinder for a large family and a large volume of blanks.

We have reviewed the TOP 8 of the best meat grinders, we also learned about the important details that determine a good device, regardless of the brand name of the manufacturer. How to choose an electric meat grinder - 2017-2018 rating of the year - an article for those who want to understand the device and the criteria for choosing their purchases. Now you can make a great choice and buy a good meat grinder for your culinary experiments. Good luck, dear reader!

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