Yellowing the leaves of an eggplant - the causes and measures to combat it

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current crop of eggplant we are not particularly pleased - almost all landing were with yellow leaves, which affected the fruit themselves. Tell me why eggplants turn yellow and what should be done in this case? Is there any way to prevent yellowing?

Much to the regret of summer residents, vegetable beds often bring not only joy, but also additional care, especially as regards eggplant - beautiful purple fruits like no one else are sensitive to negative factors. One of the most common problems when growing blue is the yellowing of foliage. The once large, juicy and green leaves become yellow, gradually fade and fall off. If time does not take measures to save and eliminate the problem, it can result in a complete defeat of the bush and its death, and hence the loss of the crop.

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The reasons why eggplant leaves turn yellow can be several, and it is necessary to start active actions only after they have been precisely determined.

So, the foliage of powerful eggplant bushes can turn yellow due to:

  • lack of nutrients;
  • fungal disease;
  • pest damage;
  • climate change;
  • improper watering.

Lack of power

In order for large fruits to ripen on the bushes, eggplants need a complete and balanced diet, so it is important to feed them regularly and in a timely manner. With a shortage of trace elements in the soil, the roots of the plant begin to "pull" them out of the aboveground part of the bush, which leads to discoloration of the leaves and their color yellow.

With a lack of nitrogen, the lower leaves turn yellow, and the lack of potassium is manifested by the yellowing of the edges of the leaf plate.

To restore the balance of nutrients, eggplants should be fed with complex( but necessarily nitrogen-containing) preparations or else foliar application of potash fertilizers.

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Yellowing due to

disease If the lower leaves become pale, gradually begin to turn yellow, wither and fall, the reason for this is a dangerous fungal disease - fusarium wilt. Without treatment, the shoots gradually fade. The cause of the disease is a fungus located on the seeds or in the soil, and hot weather contributes to its active development.

As soon as the first signs of the disease were noticed, all massively affected bushes should be removed, and the rest should be treated with Fundazole.

For the prevention of the disease, before sowing, it is necessary to soak the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate, not to plant seedlings on the beds after the solanaceous crops, and just before planting in each well, make Trichodermine.

Eggplant pests

In dry and hot weather, plants can also be attacked by a spider mite. When there are several pests, they are imperceptible, but after reproduction black dots appear on the back of the leaves, and then the foliage turns yellow.

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It is necessary to get rid of insects immediately by processing planting Aktellik or Confidor. Not bad for them act and folk remedies, such as garlic or onion infusion.

Other causes

Yellowing on the leaves of eggplant may also result from:

  • sudden temperature changes( at night - cold, in the afternoon - hot);
  • prolonged period of rain;
  • lack of or excessive lighting;
  • irregular watering( in contact with drops on the leaves).

For the blue ones to grow well, it is necessary for them to take a bright and protected from the wind place on the site, as well as to properly care for them.

Why eggplant leaves turn yellow - video

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