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I have long dreamed of making a really beautiful flower bed in a country house. But do not want to spend on leaving a lot of time. It would be great to arrange everything so that the flowers will delight the whole family from May to September. Is it possible? If yes, then tell me some schemes flower beds and flowerbeds blooming all summer made with your own hands, please!

The task is quite complicated. You need to be quite an experienced florist to arrange a flower bed that can bloom for four to five months without additional replanting of new plants. However, it is possible. Moreover, it is possible to carry out our plans in different ways - use one long-flowering plant or several varieties, each of which blooms for a month or two.

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The main thing here is to choose the right flower bed patterns and flower beds that bloom all summer with their own hands and pick the right flowers.

Select the shape and size of the

. Begin by choosing the size. It depends primarily on the size of your site, as well as how much effort you are willing to spend on caring for a flower bed. Of course, a large flowerbed looks very beautiful. But do not forget - it will have to be watered and weeded from weeds. In addition, because of the large size of the care is complicated. Sometimes the best solution is a device of two or three medium beds, and not one large one.

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The form depends solely on your wishes. It can be a standard square, a trapezoid, a circle, an oval, or a heart, a cross, or something else. Of course, the more complex the form, the more labor will have to be invested in the flower bed.

In the center of a new flower bed, flowers should be planted with the longest stems, closer to the edges - with medium ones, and crawling along the perimeter can be allowed. Then in a few months you will see a flower bed in all its glory.

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We present to your attention several options for the design of a flower bed.

Choosing colors

It is equally important to choose the right flowers. The simplest solution is to plant in a bed of plants that bloom during the warm season. A good choice would be the night violet, iberis, dwarf viola, nemofila and others.

You can also successfully combine plants that bloom in different months:

  • From May to June: daffodil, tulip, crocus;
  • From June to July: iris, carnation, cornflowers, peony;
  • From July to August: bell, petunia, chamomile, marigolds;
  • From August to September: aster, stonecrop, chrysanthemum.

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