TOP 8 best hair clippers by user reviews

  • What type of clipper to give preference
  • Rating of the best manufacturersas a person who wants to get a haircut at home, you have thought about which brand and which functionality to prefer, whether it is an ordinary machine or a device equipped with a trimmer. We have prepared for you a top that will help you figure out which hair clipper is better according to the 2017-2018 rating of the year.

    What type of clipper to give preference to

    The clipper is a universal device for cutting hair on the head, as well as an indispensable assistant for men, it copes well with the task of caring for a mustache and beard, but for more fine work in this direction is intended special devices"Trimmers", with their help, you can create a gorgeous beard, without resorting to the services of masters in specialized salons. When choosing and buying this kind of equipment, you need to pay attention to the following:

    • must be clearly defined what the device will be used for, models are presented on the market, all-rounders that are suitable both for smoothing beards and for ordinary purposes, that is, ordinary hair cutting. If the device is necessary for you solely for the care of the beard, we recommend to sharpen your eyes on the trimmer;
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    • The second important parameter is the power of the device, the higher this figure is, the smoother the stroke of the machine during the shearing process, and accordingly it will pull out the minimum amount of hair;
    • blades, in most models they are made of stainless steel with titanium, less often with carbon coating. Better, and accordingly more expensive models have ceramic knives;
    • when choosing a device, it is necessary to examine its delivery set, which should include the minimum number of nozzles, that is, at least 5 pieces. The variation in blade height regulation should range from 0.5 to 40mm;
    • besides everything, it is necessary to decide which power option will be more convenient for you, purely battery option, only wired, or combined, is up to you.

    Rating of the best manufacturers

    The widest choice of models is presented by the following manufacturers: BaByliss, Philips, Panasonic and Moser. The most interesting is that Philips and Panasonic occupy the dominant market niche. These manufacturers are engaged in the production of multifunctional devices for haircuts, equipping them with all sorts of functionality, keeping the price tag at a fairly acceptable level. However, choosing among the budget device, people prefer the Chinese brand Polaris. At the same time, all sorts of salons and hairdressers give their preference to the German company Moser and its units. Moser devices are credited with extensive functionality, and high-quality parts ensure a long service life, securing all the advantages of the device to an excellent level of assembly. Instead of an ordinary vibration motor, they use a rotary engine, thanks to which the device practically does not vibrate during operation.

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    Clippers of the lower price category

    Polaris PHC 2501

    Is an available version of the unit for hair cutting, and ranks third in our top haircut machines since 2018. Among all representatives ofthis price niche, this unit has the most affordable price for most buyers, but not the lowest performance. The power of this device is made over the network with an ordinary cable. Because of this, you have the opportunity to cut hair from 0.8 to 20 millimeters long. Together with the device, only 1 per attachment is supplied, but this is not a minus, because the device itself has the ability to set the length of the haircut in 6 positions, which will allow you to adjust the length as you need.

    On the positive side, users of the Internet attributed ease of operation, compact dimensions and a fairly small weight. And that's not all, the package bundle is quite extensive, and includes the necessary tools and consumables, thanks to which you can maintain the machine, namely, a brush and oil. Thanks to a wide knife, 45 mm, you will cut off a wide area of ​​hair at a time. The blades are made of high quality material, and the sharpening is done on a level, thanks to which it can serve you for a long time. However, some users believe that the delivery set in the form of the 1st nozzle and the inconvenient grip of the handle is a significant disadvantage.

    Philips QC5125

    The second position of our rating list is the machine for everyday, home use of Philips QC5125.Among its competitors, it is equipped with a very interesting, and you can say a very thoughtful process of knives. Its design is made in such a way that the cutting surface does not require lubrication, which greatly simplifies the care of the unit. There is no integrated battery in the device, power is supplied due to the cable connected to the 220V mains.

    Users take advantage of well-executed ergonomics, long power cables, and low cost. Due to its design, the cutting surface self-sharpens in the process. For the selection of the required length, the knives are adjustable and can take one of eleven working positions. Significant disadvantages can be considered a small motor power and brittle guide nozzles, apparently they are made of low-quality material.

    Panasonic ER131

    The first place among the available hair clippers is rightfully occupied by the Panasonic ER131.This model is equipped with an engine that accelerates to 6300 rpm, which ensures a smooth shearing. The length of the cut hair can be adjusted from 3 to 12 mm. The device has a capacious battery capable of providing 40 minutes of battery life. The device can be powered directly from the mains. The set in addition to the cleaning kit provides 2 nozzles for cutting.

    The advantages of the device include relatively small among competitors, quiet operation, as well as high-quality attachment nozzles. Despite the low cost, the device cover is made of high quality plastic that can survive several falls. In order to adjust the length of the haircut, you just need to simply replace the nozzle with another one. The weak points of this machine are attributed to a low-power indicator and the absence of any charging indicator.

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    Medium-price clippers

    Panasonic ER1410

    This model is a typical device for its average price, it has a sufficient number of advantages and deserves attention. The first thing you should pay attention to is that the device is powerful enough, having a small size, the rotation speed is seven thousand revolutions per minute. This allows, without spending a lot of time, to carry out high-quality haircut. The machine is also wireless, which is its main advantage, as with all this it charges very quickly and holds a charge of more than eighty minutes of continuous work. The downside is that this unit for a haircut has only three nozzles, designed to perform light haircuts, but for most people it is quite acceptable.

    Based on the feedback received, people are quite pleased with this device. Everyone likes the quality of knives, the design and portability of the device. The disadvantages are considered poor equipment. The price is quite worthy of attention for such a device - on average from three thousand to three thousand two hundred rubles.

    Braun HC 5030

    Next on our list of hair clippers of average price policy is a model from the popular firm Brown. A unique distinctive feature of this device is its ability not only to perform its main tasks, but also to level it. The device has the Memory SafetyLock feature, which is able to remember the last action, which ensures a very quick return to work. The most important distinctive ability of the machine is a large number of installations are long, both adjustable on the machine itself, and with the help of nozzles, which are in abundance.

    All impressions of using the device are mostly positive. The machine is made of quality material, has a beautiful modern design and is easy to operate. The package bundle also suits the customers, as it has everything to service the device. The downside is through-too large vibration and the lack of a storage case. The price is the same as the previous model, so this particular model is a bit more popular.

    Panasonic ER508

    In this list, the honorary leading position staked out a model from a Japanese manufacturer. Compared with the two previous devices, it has the lowest price( from 2,000 to 2,300 rubles), but at the same time it is equipped with better performance and higher quality. The device can be connected both to the network and to operate from the battery, the battery life is approximately sixty minutes of active use. The downside is a very long recharge - about twelve hours. The length of the sheared hair is adjustable, it is performed either by means of mounting attachments or by means of adjusting the cutting surface. The length variations are from three to forty millimeters. There is also the possibility of cleaning with liquid, which is very convenient when servicing the device.

    Judging by the reviews, users are very satisfied with the quality and reliability, fairly quiet operation and battery power. I also really like the package bundle, which includes, in addition to the usual attachments, hair filing tips. The disadvantages include the absence of a case and a bulky charger. This device is worth buying for home use.

    Rating of the best professional clippers

    Philips HC7460

    The second place in this list is taken by the Dutch manufacturer, which has performed well on the market. The device is equipped with all the modern features with excellent features. A striking example is the battery, which, after charging, is able to function for one hour. There are sixty different modes of adjustment of the length of the haircut, performed by means of three nozzles and a regulator near the cutting surface.

    The public opinion about this device is extremely positive in its majority. It stands out a very good build, stable operation, efficiency and convenience. The only disadvantage of this device is too much volume in the process of functioning and increased stiffness of the regulators, which are quickly erased. The price of the device is naturally not small, but for such a machine it is not a pity to pay from 4,000 to 4,100 rubles.

    Moser 1884-0050

    Perhaps the first position among professional hair clippers won an assembly from a German manufacturer. The device is very popular among expensive salons, because it has an incredibly expensive price( 11,000 rubles on average), but at the same time it has excellent technical indicators, elegant functional features and unique design performance. One of the features is the work by means of a rotary engine, which allows almost completely eliminate vibration during operation, and is very durable. The device is endowed with a powerful battery that, when fully charged, is able to function up to seventy-five minutes.

    All the impressions from the use of this device are only positive. The device is reliable, convenient has a high-quality cutting surface and a lot of nozzles that can be adjusted from seven hundredths to twenty-five millimeters, has a beard and mustache trimmer, which proves the device belongs to the professional category. The disadvantages include weak controls and poor ergonomics. The rest of the machine is just the perfect device for hair cutting.


    This article revealed the questions: which hair clipper is better according to the 2017-2018 rating of the year. All presented devices can be purchased at any company store or developer site. Hopefully this article has helped you in deciding which hair clipper to choose.

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