The robot cleaner iLife v7s: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the model + comparison with competitors

Advances in technology and automation of the usual home appliances make it possible to get rid of the tedious household chores. Previously, smart devices exorbitant cost money and were virtually inaccessible to ordinary consumers, but now the situation has changed.

Perfect budget option for stand-alone cleaning the house is a robot vacuum cleaner iLife v7s Chinese brand Chuwi.

The content of the article:

  • Packaging and robotic equipment
  • Design features of the robot cleaner
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner v7s in
    • The functionality of the device
    • Technical characteristics of the robot
    • Basic cleaning regimes
  • Pros and cons of the model
  • Comparison with the main competitors
    • Competitor # 1 - Panda X900 Wet Clean
    • Competitor # 2 - Genio Profi 240
    • Competitor # 3 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Packaging and robotic equipment

Equipment with artificial intelligence learned to do many manufacturers. A worthy representative of this kind of technology is the iLife v7s.

In order to avoid any damage during transit Chuwi company packs smart vacuum cleaner in two cardboard boxes.

Packing robot iLife v7s
The outer box is made of a dense material, which protects the device from possible mechanical damage. Inner packaging equipped with special trays in which all the details of the compartments are securely fixed

The average cost of models on the market - about 12 500-13 000. With such a low price equipment equipment is quite impressive.

It includes:

  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • station to recharge the battery;
  • control and network adapter;
  • containers for water and dust collection;
  • replacement mop-head and side brush;
  • Two additional HEPA-filter;
  • brush for cleaning the working elements;
  • two napkins made of microfiber;
  • instructions have been translated into several languages.

Devices, limiting the space for a vacuum cleaner, is not supplied. If necessary, to buy separately. It should be noted that the role of artificial barriers can perform ordinary chairs.

The design of the robot cleaner
The product released an enjoyable stylish design. The glossy surface of the front portion is framed in color shade cream powder, side elements and edging painted white and black tone

Design features of the robot cleaner

The housing is made of high quality durable plastic. Compact size, round shape, reminiscent of the puck, and beveled lower bounds allows the robot to successfully overcome various obstacles.

The robot cleaner iLife v7s: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the model + comparison with competitors
The complete robotic cleaner two plastic containers: blue is for water used when performing the wet cleaning, the dark - the dust. Both box equipped with handles for convenience extract

In the center of the upper block is a touch button. It is equipped with LED indication informing about the different nuances of the workers:

  • flashing orange - is an active battery charging process;
  • flashing green - the device performs the selected mode;
  • Continuous red - emergency;
  • continuous orange - critically low charge;
  • solid green - made cleaning.

In order to gain access to the containers, just open the lid with the key. The water tank is made of blue plastic dust receptacle - a transparent material with a dark shade. Both containers can be easily removed for further cleaning using a special pen.

On each side of the vacuum cleaner has a plastic bumper sensor system, power supply connector. Floor infrared sensors, toggle switch, and comprising a shut-off device, the side brush are provided in the lower plane.

Movement is provided by the rotary roller and two driven wheels with rubberized protectors, through which the device can cope with obstacles in height and 2 cm.

Location central turbo brush
Central quick- turbo brush differs original design. It V-shaped rows of alternating silicone and pile inserts, which greatly improves the efficiency of collecting fine specks

there are mounting a napkin, necessary for wet cleaning next to the roller. Li-ion battery capacity of 2600 mAh is located in a separate compartment near the contact group. The battery can be easily removed by loosening only one screw.

How to wash a floor robot iLife v7s:

Control the device through the easiest remote control, powered by two AAA batteries. Applying one of the ten buttons control device, you can run the machine, adjust the direction of movement, to set the process to pause, plan on cleaning hours, include the desired mode.

Remote control robot vacuum cleaner
The display shows the clock, as well as the time for which the scheduled cleaning start. The maximum distance from the remote signal receiving - 4 m

Robotic vacuum cleaner v7s in

Robot excels on flat and smooth surfaces. He playfully picks up rubbish on the tile, the parquet floor and linoleum. Judging by the reviews, it is easy to handle and carpeted with a short nap. However, for a period of wet cleaning is necessary to remove them.

The functionality of the device

With sufficient battery level device runs through Clean button or receiving the commands from the remote control. When the vacuum cleaner close to the object instantly trigger sensors on the bumper, signaling to him an obstacle.

The system robot sensors
Sophisticated navigation system gives the robot the ability to go around without any problems along the way interior, legs of chairs, tables and other furniture, to prevent falls from height

In operating the process are not excluded moments at which the robot happens to be in a position makes it difficult to further move. In such cases, it turns off the brush and retreats by renting back, and then tries to pass the obstacle again.

If extricate themselves from the trap fails, the master unit delivers the sound and light signals. While waiting for help, he remains motionless.

After the exhaustion of energy reserves V7S returns to base. Since the robot finds her on the infrared beam, the device should be placed in the line of sight. Otherwise, the device will not have time to get to it.

Charging the robot on the basis of the parking
After reaching a critically low level in the vacuum cleaner is about 20 minutes searches docking station. On a full charge recovery takes 4:00

Technical characteristics of the robot

A key advantage of the model - association functions wet and dry in a single device.

According to information provided by the manufacturer, the battery life from one the total charge of 2-2.5 hours in dry cleaning and to 2 hours and 40 minutes under wet wiping floor. This is enough to fully remove the two other rooms in the apartment average area of ​​about 75 square meters. m.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with modern HEPA-filter. Unlike conventional it delays the smallest particles of dust that settle on the art of furniture and floor coverings. This is especially important for the apartments with windows facing directly on the roadway.

Technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaner
Technical features and built-in features iLife v7s instrument enough to organize a full-fledged autonomous cleaning accumulated dust and debris apartment

A detailed review of the technical parameters and design features:

The model has an average noise level does not exceed 55 dB. In wet wiping mode in which no air intake, the level is significantly reduced.

Power 22 W allows the vacuum cleaner to collect the relatively large debris and small specks.

Basic cleaning regimes

Select specific programs and set the desired settings for the robot is only possible with the remote control.

A total of five different models modes are provided:

  1. Auto. Robot independently analyzes the situation and selects the optimum mode. After that, he moves between chaotic and noisy, depending on the circumstances change the settings.
  2. On schedule. Vacuum cleaner travels with the docking station and begins to clean up even if no host, focusing on them a predetermined time. the timer settings are made up to 15 minutes.
  3. Surface. Cleaning is done with a focus on the field in the corners and along the walls.
  4. Local. The machine cleans the room dotted, focusing on the most contaminated areas. The stains cleaning mode Spot iLife v7s travels spirally.
  5. Manual. All movements are adjusted remote control. At the same time an opportunity to force sending a robot to the recharging base.

Dry cleaning robot makes himself, cycling for this turbovalik central and side brush, which is well collect rubbish, wool and hair. The dark compartment container set with an increased volume to 500 ml, more mode is selected.

Cleaning appliance parts
About once a week, or before wet cleaning will need to spend 5-10 minutes on the care for the details: empty and clean the dust from the trash, clean the brush, the drum and the housing

To clean the floor you need to replace the bag with a reservoir filled with water, and set on top of the bottom of the turbo brush mop by inserting it into the allotted slots. On the surface of the plate is fastened cloth with Velcro.

After turning on the cleaner liquid from a tank is supplied to the cloth by dropping circuit constantly keeping it slightly wet. On large area volume of 450 ml is not sufficient. In such a case would have to shut down the equipment, remove the container and add the missing amount of liquid.

This type of treatment requires constant monitoring by the user. Implement it in stand-alone mode, you can not.

Wet floor cleaning
The device carries a fairly high-quality wet cleaning, but money-dried pieces of dirt and stubborn stains do not count. For such procedures must be much more pressure on the ground than what makes a robot weighing just over 2 kg

Immediately after completion of the process it is recommended to get the tank to prevent leakage. It should also be rinsed plastic tray, removed from the body adhering dirt and moisture prostirnut napkin.

Pros and cons of the model

Those who use a smart assistant iLife v7s at home, leave the network mostly positive feedback about the device.

Among the main advantages are the following:

  1. Versatility at low cost.
  2. The effectiveness of dry cleaning on various types of hard surfaces.
  3. Easy operation and maintenance.
  4. A large number of sensors, providing good cross unit.
  5. Possibility of independent productions to recharge.
  6. The presence of wet wiping options.
  7. Roomy volume containers.

As practice shows, it is also not without drawbacks. Consumers indicate that on the flat surfaces of the robot vacuums almost perfectly, but with cleaning the dirt gathered at the junction of slabs, there are some problems.

vacuum cleaner navigation system
The vacuum cleaner does not know how to build maps and to form a plan premises, therefore, can not remember the route scheme to register and keep track of landmarks trajectory. Also, there is no remote control options via smartphone app

Perhaps the reason is not enough high-quality cleaning hard to reach areas was the lack of a second side brushes for sweeping debris, which is similar to the model of the company iLife A6.

Comparison with the main competitors

For the best design with the best combination of price level of performance and the technical parameters of the smart vacuum cleaner competes many well-known brands. Particularly successful in this regard reached the Chinese and Japanese companies.

The main competitors iLife V7S robot experts call the model Panda X900 Wet Clean, Genio Profi 240 and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Competitor # 1 - Panda X900 Wet Clean

The device is designed not only to the standard dry cleaning, but also copes with polisher features. In its basic configuration provided for restricting device 'virtual wall' and two lateral brushes than could boast viewing figure.

Japanese vacuum cleaner Panda benefits from a decent suction power up to 85 W, surface disinfection UV lamp function and the possibility of recognition of highly contaminated areas.

Devices similar to the robot v7s compact size parameters, high-quality sensor system, several modes resulting cleaning, anti-allergic HEPA-filters, bulk containers.

And customer reviews say that this inexpensive model is perfect for maintaining cleanliness in the house. The compact dimensions allow easy clean up the dust even under the furniture.

Among the few drawbacks is worth noting that it is bad to cope with hair pets and absolutely not suitable for cleaning carpets with long pile.

Competitor # 2 - Genio Profi 240

Quiet in the Chinese Genio has antizaputyvayuschey technology and an advanced navigation system, allowing it to better orient themselves in space.

At the same time it has a worse parameters with respect to battery capacity, the noise, the maximum possible cleaning area coverage - 2000 mA / h, 62 dB and 70 sq. m., respectively.

iLife Model Profi 240 leaves a step behind the quality of the floor wiping. Besides v7s allocated improved structure turbo brush and a separate reservoir for the liquid.

Vacuums Genio works without brushes on energy-efficient motor that handles large areas at no extra charge. Of the minuses models mark wide enough towels and no unit for wet cleaning.

Competitor # 3 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi in its functionality is very similar to v7s. It is also intended for dry and wet cleaning of premises and designed for autonomous operation for 150 minutes, after which it returns to the base.

For work correspond infrared sensors 12, and is controlled using the remote control. Systems support is also provided Mi Home smart home.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner dust bag located on the top rather than the side like similar models. This design makes it possible not to be afraid to scatter debris taking it out of the device.

Members noted that the device copes well with the task, he was not afraid even wool pets. It's a pretty budget model with an excellent set of useful features.

Stylish and functional workaholic iLife v7s headed tops of many of the world rankings, and therefore recognized as the undisputed leader in the budget price segment. Robot perfectly supports purity, laying the routine cleaning procedure, which usually takes a long time for the hosts. Get something better at this price is unlikely.

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