How to make beds in the garden without boards?

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I heard on TV about using boards for arranging beautiful and comfortable beds. Unfortunately, this amount of material is not available. Tell me, is it possible to replace them with something and how to make the beds in the garden without boards?

Before every gardener with the arrival of spring, the question arises how to equip the beds so that the crops have all the conditions for development and fruiting. In addition, the correct location of the beds greatly facilitates the care of them.

Recently, high beds, made with a frame made of planks, are gaining popularity. However, not everyone has the opportunity to build them due to the absence or lack of wood material. Do not despair, because there are still many ways to make the garden beds without the use of boards.

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Most often the garden is planned using the following beds:

  • standard;
  • narrow;
  • high.

Standard beds

These beds are located at the same height as the garden, do not protrude above the ground and do not go deep into it. The location of the beds, their width and length depend only on the preferences of the gardener. The distance between the rows is usually done no more than 50 cm in order to gain access to the plants for care. For marking the beds, they stretch the rope or use a special garden marker.

Standard beds are good to do on flat areas, which are evenly illuminated by the sun.

Narrow beds

For arranging narrow beds, only a flat surface with good lighting is suitable. Their feature is a fairly large row spacing( up to 1 m), moreover, the width of the beds themselves is only 45 cm. The narrow beds slightly rise above the soil surface( 20 cm).

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In the place where it is planned to break up the beds, they dig up the ground and apply fertilizer( the aisles themselves are not fertilized):

  • dolomite flour;
  • complex of minerals.

This type of beds is also called the beds according to the Mittlider method - the scientist who invented it. To increase the yield in high beds, he recommended regular watering and fertilizing of industrial production, excluding compost and manure.

High beds( without the use of boards)

For the arrangement of high beds pre-assembled frame with a height of 90 cm and a width of 120 cm, which will be filled with nutrient soil. High bed sizes may vary. The basis of the frame, except boards, are:

  1. Brick or stone. A bed of such material not only looks beautiful, but will stand for many years. The disadvantages of a brick frame include its cost, more time to create, and difficulty in dismantling if necessary.
  2. Vine. The most accessible material that allows you to give the beds different forms, but will not last long. In addition, you still need to learn weaving.
  3. Plastic sheets. Such a frame is easy to give the desired shape, it does not break and will stand for a long time. But some species are not suitable for this purpose because they contain harmful substances in the composition.
  4. Metal. With it, it is easy to mount a portable bed and decorate it with paint. However, such a framework is expensive and will require the services of a welder, as well as additional corrosion protection.
  5. Slate. Quite inexpensive material( you can use the remnants after the repair), easy to assemble, but requires careful handling because of its fragility.
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Stationary beds of slate - video

How to make beds in the garden without boards?

How to make beds in the garden without boards?Homemade

Content of the article: Standard beds Narrow beds High beds( without boards) Stationary beds from slate - video I heard on TV about using boards for a...

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