Late terms of planting potatoes: how to get a full harvest

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. The optimum time for planting potatoes is determined according to the principles of the technology used for planting the tubers in the soil. This stage of the process should be given special attention. Its time depends on the method of planting, and directly, the usefulness of the resulting crop. Before the tuber is planted in the ground, it must be germinated. To do this, 14 days before the estimated date of planting potatoes laid out in a single layer in a well-ventilated and lighted place. Whitish parostki cleaned with tubers in advance.

Potatoes ready for planting have thick, green shoots that are not too long or too thin.

In our usual understanding, the landing process consists in the following manipulations:

  • The first person who digs holes in the ground and monitors the measured distance between them.
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  • The second deepens planting material by adding a portion of humus or manure to the wells.
  • The best depth of potato embedding is 13-15 cm.

With this approach, labor resources are saved, and it is also an excellent option for most potato allotments.

Determining the optimal time for planting

potatoes In order to determine the best time for planting, you need to know that not only very early, but also late planting of root vegetables can reduce yields. The optimum temperature for planting tubers is 5 degrees of heat at a depth of 13-15 cm. This contributes to the rapid germination of potatoes, and the green mass of the bush grows faster. When planting potatoes in June, a definite dependence of the yield on the soil temperature is no longer observed. Since, as the relevant observations have shown, planting made in cool soil brings more results than in heated to 12 C. And in June, the ground at the required depth has just that temperature.

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The parost reaches its peak at the moment when the earth is warmed from 3 to 7 C. In our latitude, the last dates for planting potatoes are the middle and the end of May. The earth is already quite warm, but at this time the tubers can be repaired at a shallower depth. Heat is not a deficiency, and the surface of the garden is heated as well as possible.

The earlier the potatoes are planted on the plot, the less should be the depth of its embedment.

If there is rare black earth on a certain dacha, then it is necessary to plant potatoes in late April. In the Southern region - this period is shifted to the beginning of April. There can not be a delay in planting, because even a week delay would face a 30% reduction in yield.

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Important points and nuances of the June potato planting

When for some reason, it was late to plant a vegetable garden, you need to know a few important points, as well as take into account favorable days suitable for planting potatoes in June. Nothing is impossible, but such landing times in our country are usually practiced in the south. If nothing else remains, you should buy early-ripened tubers, which are guaranteed to mature before the cold season. With a warm autumn potatoes manage to give a good harvest. And yet, this type of landing is quite problematic:

  • The first problem is the preservation of full-fledged planting material.
  • Second, the June planting of potatoes, especially if the summer season is very hot, requires protection from drought and sun for each individual bed.
  • And the third, in the middle lane at this time, the Colorado potato beetle is very active, and not only its mature larva, but also adults.

So is it possible to plant potatoes in June? Naturally, but in this case the summer resident will have to tinker a lot to get a good harvest.

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But if planting is needed in order to obtain planting material, then June is the most favorable time. In the specialized literature, this term is called "summer landing".Planting is possible until the end of the month, and grown tubers are harvested in mid-October. Agrotechnical difficulties are the same as for timely planting in the spring. Tuberization lasts from late summer until autumn, but only if the ambient temperature does not fall below + 9C.

Potatoes planted in June should be well watered; this is best done using root irrigation, preferably in the evening. You can organize watering with a hose, just make high row spacing and shift the hose to the high edge of each high row. So that water is not consumed excessively - it is recommended to make a kind of dam out of scrap materials on the lower cut of the bed. If the potato was not sprouted, then it is unnecessary to lose precious time, the increased humidity and heat will do their work and the potato will certainly grow. This will give a chance not only to get a harvest, but also to avoid a massive foray into the Colorado potato beetle.

Summer potato planting dates -

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