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Almost everyone knows the spectacular and undemanding beauty of cosme, the cultivation of which is accessible to everyone. The main thing to understand when plant unpretentious flower. This common annual can be found almost everywhere. It is used for landscaping not only the house adjoining areas, but also urban lawns and flowerbeds. Even the name of the plant is translated from Latin as "decoration".Cosme flowers, their planting, care and photos are very often discussed on thematic forums. So, how and when to plant a cosme?

Timing and technology of sowing

You can grow cosmey on your own plot both by direct sowing of seeds in open ground and through seedlings. In the first case, it will bloom in July, in the second - in June. To better understand when planting a crop when growing from seeds about a plant, you need to know the following:

  1. The plant is thermophilic, but it is able to withstand a little frost.
  2. Germination takes about 2 weeks.
  3. The optimum temperature for seed application is 12-15 °.

Taking into account all the above factors, it can be concluded that the sowing of seeds in open ground can be done in early May. For its placement, open sunny areas with rather fertile and well-drained soils are best suited.

When choosing a place, you also need to ensure that it is protected from the direct effects of cold northerly winds.

It is in these conditions that the plant will reveal its full potential to the fullest extent and will delight with abundant flowering until the most frost. So we learned when to plant a cosme in the open ground when growing from seed, and what is the time for seedling?

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With a seedling method of cultivation, the sowing of the seeds of cosmee begin in the second half of March. They are just slightly pressed into the loose nutrient soil, then watered. At a temperature of 18 to 20 ° shoots appear within 10 days. At first, sprouts do not require any special care. When real leaflets appear on seedlings, they dive into larger containers or individual cups. To prevent the plants from stretching, the temperature is reduced to 16-18 ° C.

To avoid the time-consuming picking process, sowing can immediately be carried out in cups of several seeds.

Cultivation of seed from seed when sown directly in open ground does not present any particular difficulties. Seeds are sown in pre-prepared ridges. At the same time, the nesting method of sowing is used, that is, the seeds are distributed over the soil surface by nests in several pieces. After that, they just clap their hands lightly.

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Cultivation and care

Planting and care for a cosmea in open ground has its own characteristics. When the seedling method of growing to planting young plants begin in the second half of May. Put them in small holes at a distance of 30 cm from each other. After planting, the plants are watered abundantly.

Tall Cosme varieties require support. Install them best after landing.

When plants reach a height of half a meter, pinch their heads. This technique contributes to a better tillering and plentiful flowering.

Cosmetic care also includes timely watering, loosening the soil and applying additional fertilizing. Also, do not forget about the timely removal of weeds. Watering should be no more than once a week. Its powerful root system perfectly removes moisture even from the deepest soil layers.

To prevent the formation of a soil crust, the surface of the soil is loosened after each watering. To save time, loosening can be combined with weeding. Timely dressing will significantly improve the appearance of plants and increase the flowering abundance.

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The first time fertilizers are applied two weeks after transplanting. For this purpose, use of universal mineral complexes. The second time in the budding phase, the third - during flowering.

With a strong growth of bushes, you can cut them. It will give the plants a more compact look. Pruned overgrown bushes should be no more than 30 cm, while in the area of ​​pruning must fall already faded inflorescences.

Cosmea is so not demanding and sustainable plant that it is almost never damaged by pests and diseases. The main threat to its seedlings are only slugs. It is easy to destroy them, you just need to spill special preparations between the rows. With a small number of pests they can be collected manually.

Planting and caring for cosme flowers is a snap. This culture reproduces itself excellently by self-seeding, having planted it once on your plot, for many years you will enjoy its spectacular, abundant and long flowering.

Sowing cosme - video

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