Rating of the quietest refrigerators according to customer reviews

  • How does a refrigerator work and what does it make noise in?
  • How to check the noise level of the refrigerator?
  • Ranking of the most quiet and high-quality refrigerators in 2018

Household appliances created to help us and facilitate our lives. To do some household chores less complicated and painstaking. It is difficult for modern man to imagine his life without a washing machine or vacuum cleaner, but without a refrigerator it is impossible at all! Storage of food and cooked dishes is the main task of this device, but often we expect from it and something else - stable and quiet operation. It is about the noise that occurs in the process of cooling and freezing foods in the refrigerator, and will be discussed in this article. So, if you are puzzled by the question of how to choose a silent refrigerator, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a rating of the quietest models of refrigerators 2017-2018 year according to customer reviews!

How does a refrigerator work and what makes it noise?

  1. As it is known, in the refrigerator the main “employee” is the refrigerant - freon. First, it in the evaporator goes to the gaseous state and absorbs heat, and then, under the action of high pressure, is pumped by the compressor into the condenser and gives off heat, cooling and turning into a liquid. The compressor in the refrigerator is the main source of noise, it is he who pumps the freon vapor from the evaporator to the condenser. Therefore, it is worthwhile to clarify in the store how noisy the model of the refrigerator you like will be.
  2. Besides the compressor, freon itself, flowing from a gaseous state into a liquid one and vice versa, also produces a slight noise. Experienced consultants in hardware stores advise after buying and installing the refrigerator to let it settle - so that the air bubbles that form when shaken can stand and burst. Otherwise, you risk to hear the whole symphony of gurgling, babbling and other sounds.
  3. Also, absolutely all refrigerators are equipped with a relay that controls the operation of the compressor. Sometimes, you will hear quiet clicks - when the relay switches and starts or stops the compressor.
  4. If your refrigerator is equipped with a No Frost system or it has the ability to remove unpleasant odors from the chamber, then the device has a fan. And that means that it also makes noise during work. If you have a studio apartment or a refrigerator standing not far from the bedroom - think about what is more important to you - restful sleep or no need to defrost your “cold” assistant occasionally? Of course, has the quietest refrigerators with the “no-frost” system in our top list, but you should understand that they still emit more noise during operation.


If the noise level for you is one of the defining criteria - pay attention to the models with two compressors. Due to the fact that they have to work on a smaller volume - they also make a little noise, although they are switched on more often.

How to check the noise level of the refrigerator?

Still in the store, at the stage of choosing the optimal model of the refrigerator, do not hesitate to look into the instruction manual. Look for the energy label - on it at the bottom will be the desired indicator of the instrument operation noise. It is measured in decibels. According to the standards and GOST, compression refrigerators can not make noise more than 53 dB.On average, good and reliable units from a reputable manufacturer make noise within 35 - 44 dB.This noise can be compared to a quiet conversation in a low voice or the ticking of a wall clock.(See also: Which embedded refrigerator is better - 2018 rating)

But, you should understand that the declared parameters are determined on the reference model in special conditions. Your device may make some noise or just make other sounds, in comparison with similar models. The build quality and installation of each refrigerator significantly affect its performance.

Still, we did some research and put together a list of the most high-quality refrigerators, which are distinguished by lower noise levels and an optimal combination of technical characteristics and capabilities. The decisive role was played by reviews of buyers who have already tested these models at home. If you want to know which refrigerators will not interfere with your rest and will not annoy with incomprehensible sounds - we present you the top 10 most silent refrigerators according to the 2018 rating.

Rating of the most quiet and high-quality refrigerators in 2018

Consider the quietest refrigerators in several categories - single and dual-compressor, as well as models with the No Frost system. We also give a list of refrigerators in ascending order of the average price tag.(See also: Rating of the best two-chamber refrigerators according to customer reviews)

Silent single-compressor refrigerators

Indesit BIA 18 S

A stand-alone two-chamber refrigerator with a democratic price tag and a pleasant appearance. The noise level is 39 dB.The advantages are convenient glass shelves that are easy to clean, well-thought-out organization of the internal space( freshness zone, shelves on the door, etc.), long-term preservation of low temperatures during a power outage. The total volume of the refrigerating chamber is 318 liters, the control is electromechanical, and the A-class of energy consumption. In general - a simple and practical device for unpretentious consumers.

Liebherr ST 3306

A high-quality, carefully assembled and very quiet refrigerator. The noise level is up to 40 dB, as the owners note, the work noise is heard only if you put your ear to the wall of the device. This model is able to keep low temperatures with the power off for about 24 hours. It is favorably distinguished by high freezing capacity - up to 6 kilograms per day, electronic reliable control, the presence of an internal display and temperature display, as well as the ability to outweigh the doors. The volume of the internal space of 312 liters, glass shelves, the location of the freezer at the top, A + energy consumption class. At the cost - the reliable, durable and convenient unit.

Siemens KG36VXL20

This model is distinguished by the absence of any serious flaws and complaints from users. But all the owners of this model note a convenient internal arrangement of shelves and trays, practical superfrost and supercooling modes, which make it possible to put even warm dishes in the refrigeration chamber, temperature indication, sufficiently high freezing power( about 4.5 kg / day), economical consumptionelectricity. Noise level at work - 40 dB.The Siemens trademark, as always, is pleased with the high quality of the assembly and finishing of the device, wide functionality and long stable life of the refrigerator.

Zanussi ZBB 928441 S

A solid, reliable and convenient refrigerator from the category of built-in appliances. The noise level is 36 dB.The total volume of 277 liters, electromechanical control, A + class of energy consumption. The manufacturer equipped the model with removable glass shelves with a safe edge, two half-size transparent boxes for fresh vegetables and fruits, and LED lighting for the interior of the device. Those who have such a fridge adorning the kitchen unanimously claim that the appliance is able to work for many years without stopping and fails in hot weather or during power outages.

Silent two-compressor refrigerators

ATLANT XM 6024-031

Silent, durable , functional and at the same time - an inexpensive refrigerator with a freezer of Belarusian production. The noise level during the operation of compressors is 38 - 40 dB.This model is characterized by large capacity( chamber volume 367 l), high freezing capacity( up to 15 kg / s), long-term preservation of cold in the chamber( up to 17 hours).There is a function of super-freezing and the ability to outweigh the door, and also, with the doors open for a long time, the sound indication is turned on. In general, this is a simple, roomy and high-quality refrigerator for home use.

Indesit DF 4180 W

Slightly noisier device, compared with the rest, but it is notable for high strength and durability of work. Noise level - up to 42 dB.The volume of chambers 302l, per day freezes up to 15 kg of products, and for about 12 hours it is able to maintain low temperatures with electricity turned off. The super-freezing function, electromechanical control, and the ability to outweigh the door make using this cooler more convenient. It is easy to take care of the device, it will serve for a long time and without fail.

Bosch KGS39XW20

Good, beautiful and reliable model with high capacity. Spaciousness - 351 l, noisiness - up to 40 dB, freezing power - up to 9 kg, 22 hours of cold preservation in stand-alone mode. Electronic control will allow the owner to accurately set the required temperature, there are functions of super-freezing and rapid cooling, as well as an audible indication of an unclosed door. There is also a large compartment for fruits and vegetables, a small box with protection against temperature drops and a chrome-plated bottle holder.

Quiet refrigerators with the No Frost system.

BEKO CN 327120

A quiet, practical and fairly compact refrigerator for the needs of a small family of 3-4 people. The noise level from one compressor is up to 40 dB.There is a zone of freshness, a quick freeze function, and even an anti-bacterial coating inside the chambers of the refrigerator to prevent the reproduction of harmful bacteria. You can outweigh the doors if necessary, freeze about 5 kg of products per day and keep the device turned off for up to 18 hours without harm to the products inside.

Samsung RL-59 GYBMG

Popular refrigerator model from a reputable manufacturer. The noise level is 38.5 dB.The main distinguishing features - А + energy consumption class, 374 l - chamber volume, freshness zone, functions of superfrost and supercooling, indicators of open doors and temperature rises. Competent organization of shelves and trays inside the refrigerator, nice design, durable materials - all this can not but rejoice the owner of such a device.


Really silent Japanese-quality refrigerator and created using the most modern technologies. The noise level is extremely reduced - only 23 dB.For the compression unit is a record figure. Also available - an ice generator, a spacious camera-zero, sound indicators, functions of super-freezing and rapid cooling, convenient and accurate electronic control. Now you know exactly which refrigerator is the quietest, and also a convenient and productive refrigerator. This model will delight you with impeccable work, although for silence, the reliability of the and the functionality will have to be paid a rather tangible amount.

Now you know how to choose a silent refrigerator, based on our rating of the quietest models of 2017-2018.We tried to share with you everything that we knew ourselves. We are pleased to be useful to our readers and help them with the choice of home appliances for a comfortable and well-equipped life. Good and useful purchases to you and to new discussions!

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