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By the beginning of the new summer season, jars of last year's jams often remain on the shelves of the refrigerator. Do not rush to get rid of it, because you can make wine from jam, already lost its taste and aroma. Instead of tasteless sweetness, you get a full-fledged product - a pleasant home-made wine that will warm and delight the household. Share a simple recipe for homemade wine from jam.

A simple, traditional way of making

wine. It is necessary to prepare:

  • a jar with a capacity of 3 liters;
  • filtering gauze and funnel;
  • glove purchased at a pharmacy or water seal;

Jam wine cans must be sterilized with the utmost care. Wash them with soda, then fill with boiling water or apply another method convenient for you.


  • 1 liter of old jam;
  • 1 liter of boiled chilled water;
  • 10 to 150 g of raisins or fresh grapes;

Sugar can be added if the jam is sour. When, on the contrary, sweetened, you need to add water. Connoisseurs have determined that the optimal sugar content in the wort should not be higher than 20%.

Raisins or grapes are taken only unwashed! Otherwise, yeast fungi that live on their surface will disappear. Do not use raisins, packaged in bags, prepared for immediate use.

This recipe for homemade wine from jam does not provide for the use of dry yeast, with them you will get a completely different drink. The fermenting element in our guide is raisins or grapes.

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Preparation technology

The process of making wine from jam can be divided into two main stages.the first one includes the primary fermentation, and the second includes filtering the beverage and settling it to obtain strength and transparency.

Stage 1

Fill a three-liter jar or bottle with jam, water and berries( raisins or fresh), stir until smooth. Fresh berries crush. Cover the jar with gauze and place in a dark and warm( at least 20 - 25 degrees) place. If you can not reliably protect from light, wrap the jar with a thick cloth.

You can use last year's homemade billet of any berries and fruits, preferably not to mix them, so that the wine has a certain taste.

Hold for five days, daily mixing with a wooden spoon with a long handle. If after 20 hours or earlier there are signs of fermentation:( sour smell, foam, hiss), then the process of making wine from old jam is normal.

After five days, it is time to intervene: separate the floating pulp( dense, undissolved particles), filter the liquid through gauze folded in several layers and pour into a clean jar, also thoroughly sterilized. Make sure that at least 25% of the volume in the jar remains free; this space is necessary for the foam and carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.

Wear a rubber glove firmly on the neck of the jar, having previously punctured one of her fingers. If the farm has a water seal, use it to make wine from jam at home.

In order not to break the tightness of the contents of the jar, tie the neck tightly over the glove.

What should I do if the glove has not pouted over 4 days? Check whether the necessary conditions are met: the temperature in the room where the drink is ripe, the hermetic closing of the can. It may be safer to close up the rubber and glass joints with dough.

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Stage 2

We leave the jar alone for a long time: from 30 to 60 days, again in warmth and darkness, we monitor the condition of the rubber glove. When she finally wilts( or, accordingly, the water seal “calms down”), the fermentation is over. The drink brightened, a precipitate fell to the bottom.

Carefully drain the resulting wine, without affecting the sediment, for this it is better to use a flexible tube, from a set to a medical drip. If it tastes sour, add some sugar. Now you can pour the liquid into clean bottles, seal tightly and put into the refrigerator. As a result, we obtain the strength of the drink from 10 to 13 degrees.

You can pour it into glasses after 2 - 3 months. If sediment appears during ripening, the wine should be re-poured into a new container. The precipitate is able to give a bitter taste. This wine will retain its quality for 2 - 3 years when stored in the cold.

The method described above is also suitable if jam is fermented. We repeat the same operations with the soured mass, we keep the same proportions with respect to boiled water and raisins. The only difference is that 1 cup of sugar is added. At the end of the fermentation process, the drink is also given time to mature in the refrigerator. But practice shows that keeping it in a cool place will have a little longer, at least 3 months.

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How to quickly make wine from home-made jam

For the impatient, let's give a “palliative” version of the wine recipe from jam. At 1 liter of the old product is taken in 2 times more water: 2 - 2, 3 liters., A handful of raisins. But decisive is the addition of 10 g of dry yeast.

Preparation technology:

  1. Combine water with jam and bring to a boil. This mixture should be very sweet.
  2. The cooled liquid must be filtered, filtering through gauze, poured into a large bottle.
  3. Dissolve the yeast in a small volume of the mixture and keep in heat for about 20 minutes. After that, add them to the main volume and mix thoroughly. The bottle should be filled approximately on "hangers", and not to the eyeballs.
  4. Now you need a water stopper with a hose dipped in a water bottle. This device set to where it is dark and warm( at least 25 degrees).

After 2 - 3 days the fermentation continues, the movement of bubbles of carbon dioxide can be observed. A week later, the wine can already be tasted, it should be sweet and sour and a little fizzy. It remains to be freed from sediment - pour into clean bottles, adding to each several raisins, and send to the fridge. Only for one - two days. Then you can treat yourself. Minus one - the wine prepared in this way will not long retain its qualities.

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