Fresh air vent on the plastic windows: installation, device types

Installing the hermetic window designs deteriorating the indoor climate: humidity rises, there is a lack of oxygen and air stuffiness. The problem can be easily solved by placing the air inlet for plastic windows - the device normalizes natural ventilation and stabilizes airflow.

We'll show you how to choose the right ventilator for fresh air supply in the room with plastic window boxes. We have described in detail proven popular models of devices. For independent house masters, we provide detailed mounting instructions.

The content of the article:

  • Do I need to put the supply valve?
  • The principle of operation of the supply valve
  • Which valve to choose?
    • Types of ventilators by type
    • Ways to control the window "pritochnikom"
    • Selection of the main characteristics of the valve
    • Browse popular models of ventilators
  • EXAMPLE mounting ventilator with perforations
    • Preparatory work
    • List of necessary tools
    • Stepwise progress of the installation and mounting
  • EXAMPLE valve installation without milling
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Do I need to put the supply valve?

The basis of a normal room climate - an effective venting system.

Air must constantly circulate - contaminated with excess carbon dioxide is removed through the hood, and a net supplied from the outside.

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Prerequisites for installing supply valve

Installation of plastic windows in addition to compelling advantages brings to house a number of disadvantages associated with the rules of operation of residential premises

Leaks and violation of ventilation

Sealingly surrounding casement and window frame eliminates heat loss, but it disrupts the normal flow of air and prevents natural ventilation

supply valve view of the plastic frame on the street side

Eliminate excessive tightness disadvantages help tools ventilation. It is a mechanical system of forced or affordable air inlet

Exterior view from the room unit

Setting the supply valve will cost significantly less than the organization of the ventilation system. The exterior and interior of the valve virtually invisible

The specifics of pritochnika

Fully pritochnikom used mainly in summer. In the autumn-winter-spring period the air flow metering device to control the flow

The open valve from the supply air device

The presence of the supply valve does not hamper the operation and care for the plastic window

Fresh air valve on a wooden frame

Appliances for supply of fresh air put not only on the windows, but also for new models of wooden structures, equipped with seals

Installation on a plastic window

Pritochnik itself costs about four times cheaper than installing it. However, this procedure can be easily cope on their own

Prerequisites for installing supply valve

Prerequisites for installing supply valve

Leaks and violation of ventilation

Leaks and violation of ventilation

supply valve view of the plastic frame on the street side

supply valve view of the plastic frame on the street side

Exterior view from the room unit

Exterior view from the room unit

The specifics of pritochnika

The specifics of pritochnika

The open valve from the supply air device

The open valve from the supply air device

Fresh air valve on a wooden frame

Fresh air valve on a wooden frame

Installation on a plastic window

Installation on a plastic window

In the design of Soviet-built homes paid special attention to the exhaust duct and air supply ducts are not settled in. Supply of fresh air occurs naturally - through the slits in the wooden window frames.

Air exchange in the room

The normal velocity of the air in a building or apartment - 0.15 m / s. A significant increase in the rate provokes a draft, and lowering stop ventilation

Metal and plastic counterparts are equipped with airbags in the doors and frames, sealed double-glazed windows and seals on the perimeter.

Modern designs isolate premises from the street noise and retain heat but paralyze the normal operation of the ventilation. As a result, the climate is deteriorating - the air becomes stale, the humidity increases, people feel a lack of oxygen, there is black mold.

room ventilation

Older imperfect design effectively cope with the problem of providing sufficient air, even in winter. Lack of wooden frames - poor sound and heat insulation

An attempt to restore the circulation of air by opening the window in ventilation mode can not be considered a good solution for the following reasons:

  • pros "plastic" are reduced to zero - insulation space efficiency is reduced;
  • ventilation only works when the window is open, which is especially difficult to organize during the cold season or during windy weather;
  • air flow uneven and uncontrolled - there are drafts.

Some manufacturers of window systems take into account the effects of full containment and improved metal-plastic constructions.

Lack of ventilation

Violation of air adversely affects the health and livelihoods of people. The windows appear condensate, slopes and walls covered with mold - the concentration of toxic substances increases

Special ventilation accessories:

  • ventilated profiles;
  • opening limiters;
  • Breathable partially seals;
  • glazing beads with the regulating valve.

To ensure the flow of air through the previously installed air inlet box is used.

Breathability through PVC windows

Due to the ventilation valve ventilation in the room is carried out without heat loss. The device protects the room from penetration of dust and noise (+)

The principle of operation of the supply valve

In fact, the supply valve - a gap with a flap in the window construction. Vent is part of the natural ventilation.

The device works by the difference between the pressures inside and outside the premises. For the effective functioning of the "pritochnika" need a valid ventilation.

the valve device

In the hot season, to circulate the air flow need to enable mechanical ventilation. Extractor hood accelerate the flow of fresh air

Standard equipment ventilation valve for plastic windows:

  1. air intake - an external part of a device mounted on the outside of the frame. The intake unit has a grille against insects and visor, which prevents the ingress of rain and snow.
  2. Through the slit - telescopic channel through which the airflow passes. Element cuts into the window frame.
  3. inside - installed inside the premises. Exhaust unit equipped with a nozzle, valve adjustment capacity and filter.

Outside air enters the air inlet opening, moves along the telescopic channel and exits through the nozzle. Further, under the action of the convective flow from the radiator air rushes to the ceiling and warmed.

air circulation

The heated air is omitted in the living area at some distance from the window, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the room

Generally regulations on construction installation of plastic windows in houses are not equipped with mechanical ventilation, must be accompanied by modernization of ventilation. For example, the installation of the wall of the supply valveWith features that encourage you to read.

Which valve to choose?

To select the optimal model of the ventilator for the installation of plastic windows is necessary to determine its mode of installation and the type of adjustment. The quality of the device depends on the manufacturer, and the efficiency of the technical characteristics of the device.

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The cost of an argument in the choice pritochnika

A strong reference point in the selection of the supply valve is its price. However, be aware that the products from a responsible manufacturer are not cheap

The shape of the window and the installation location

Equally important is the shape of the window and to the planned installation place

installation features and complexity of work

For those who want to install the valve with his own often plays a decisive role the complexity of the installation work

Efficiency and regulation

Along with previous arguments, the device must take into account the efficiency and capabilities of the supplied air flow control

The cost of an argument in the choice pritochnika

The cost of an argument in the choice pritochnika

The shape of the window and the installation location

The shape of the window and the installation location

installation features and complexity of work

installation features and complexity of work

Efficiency and regulation

Efficiency and regulation

Types of ventilators by type

Air inlet valves for PVC windows on design features fall into three main groups:

  • seamed;
  • gap;
  • overhead.

seamed model

Mikroprovetrivaniya premises in this case at the expense of the slots in the frame. The window can be equipped with such a device without dismounting the glazing.

Pros rebate valves:

  • reasonable price;
  • preservation of heat and sound insulation qualities of the window;
  • simplicity and speed of installation;
  • possibility of automation.

Minus - low bandwidth (up to 5 m³ / h). To increase the air supply, experts recommend installing two valves per box.

seam valve

Seam "pritochniki" are often equipped with moisture sensors. Preference should be given to models which drive the sensor is removed from the air duct - it ensures precise operation of the valve

Slit climatic device

Fresh air is supplied through slit whose width 17-40 cm and height - 12-16 mm. The valve has an inlet and a control unit. Advanced models consist of a single universal box.

Advantages slot models:

  • Sufficient bandwidth (about 20 cubic meters / hour);
  • protection from external factors;
  • possibility of installation without removal of the glazing.

Disadvantage - the complexity of the installation of bi-block models that require milling of the window unit. This negative deprived cheaper analogues. Simple "pritochniki 'provide air flow through the space between sash and frame.

air supply

To install, simply enough to remove the ventilator of the staff of the seal on the frame and place the valve in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

Overhead valve model

Such valves on the principle of action is similar to slit models. The main advantage of the device - high efficiency (up to 100 cubic meters / hour). "Pritochniki" are placed in blind and opened the windows. However, the installation is carried out before the installation of double-glazed window.

Surface-type devices are commonly used in industrial and office buildings, the installation of the house or apartment is not practical. In addition, such valves passed the street noise and degrade the insulation box.

Ways to control the window "pritochnikom"

Regardless of the valve device for plastic windows ventilation intensity can be constant or adjustable. Optimal microclimate parameters will be achieved by using the ventilator with the possibility of regulation, which can be automatic or manual.

Operation of the automatic valve is based on one principle:

  1. Stabilization of the air supply for the pressure difference between the room and the preview. The owner specifies the allowable range of air inflow, which is supported by the device under different atmospheric conditions.
  2. Controlled air circulation via sensor polyamide. Valve passage cross section is increased by excess moisture, while achieving optimum performance microclimate - decreases.

Less automated devices - the high cost. In addition, in some models, it is impossible to completely block ventilation.

humidity controlled drive

The basis of the humidity controlled drive of the principle of natural law: with decreasing humidity matter narrowed, while increasing - lengthened

Adjusting the air flow occurs in a mechanical device by changing the position of the valve or shutter.

Manual mode setting allows you to choose the time to ventilate the room. This method is more rough - unconsciously, man alone can prevent the emergence of drafts and hypothermia room.

Selection of the main characteristics of the valve

When choosing a vent, special attention should be paid to the following parameters:

№1 - Performance range

Size index depends on the pressure drop across the outlet and inlet, and also from "pritochnika" flow section. In assessing the models should take into account that the technical characteristics of the bandwidth is always specified with reference to the pressure difference.

It is not necessary that a device with a capacity of 15 cubic meters. m / h at 10 Pa will pass more air flow than with analogue indicator - 12 m³ / hr at 5 Pa.

Breathability through the valve

Normal room air per valves provide bandwidth 20-35 m³ / h at a static pressure of 10 Pa

№2 - Providing sound insulation

Most plastic windows have a record of sound insulation - 30-35 dB. Ventilation device must match such characteristics that the noise level in the room remained unchanged after valve installation.

№3 - Operating temperature

After venting device located outside the water vapor. In winter, it is fraught with a full de-icing and equipment failure.

In modern systems use the principle of the "thermal break" - between metal inner and outer part of the plastic insert is located.

№4 - Adjustable

For residential premises is not desirable to choose the device without the possibility of ventilation control. Constantly there is a need to change the intensity or completely block the vent.

It should be remembered that the window pritochnik is only a supplement to the ventilation system of the apartment. If it does not work, it is required recover ducts. For information on how measures are being taken to restore, be sure to read our proposed article.

Browse popular models of ventilators

On the market there are a lot of ventilation valves of models from different manufacturers. As with every industry, there are some leaders: Aereco, Air-Box, Helios, Vents and Siegenia.

performance valves

Valves company Aereco series ENA2 and Helios product manufacturer with letter designation «S» are characterized by high sound insulation (+)

Aereco (France) proposed various modifications ventilators. Automatic valves are equipped with a sensor V8 and work on the principle gigroregulirovaniya. The sensor-actuator is located on the side of the air flow.

valve Aereco

Aereco Ventilation valves for decorating plastic windows are available in several colors: white, teak, beech and gray. Separately, you can buy visors for better acoustic protection

Popular models Aereco:

  • ENA2 - it is available in three different performance variations. Material - plastic, the maximum range capacity - 35 cubic meters... M / h, the sound insulation - 37 dB.
  • EMM - the main difference from previous products - the outer movable unit.
  • EMF - lack gigroregulirovaniya system. Model equipped with a manual switch modes.

Air-Box (Russia) produces plastic "pritochniki" manual control. The main advantage of models - easy installation, drawback - the lack of automatic control of humidity level.

Valve Air-Box

As standard, Air-Box valves no outdoor units. Narrow plastic casing is installed only inside rooms on the sash frame

series Air-Box:

  • Standart - the valve is installed without Milling. The main purpose of the valve - to prevent the occurrence of condensation on the windows of PVC. The volume of supply air - 4.8 m³ / h with a pressure drop of 10 Pa, insulation - 32 dB.
  • Comfort - there are two ways to install. Inset into the frame of the ventilator improves its performance from 31 to 42 m³ / h. Pritochnik can be used in any rotary and swing-out designs.
  • Comfort S - assembly only are milled holes. Special Feature - two-way direction of the air flow, providing better ventilation of the room. Performance valve - 40-42 m³ / h.

Renson (Belgium) produces forced ventilation slot type Aerovent. The valve is equipped with a filter and a mosquito net. Manual control provided with a cord - operation is carried out in two modes: a "closed" and "open up".

Valve Renson Aerovent

Main characteristics Renson Aerovent: body material - aluminum, air flow - 21 m³ / h at 10 Pa, soundproofing - 33-42 dB

EXAMPLE mounting ventilator with perforations

Valve perforation is desirable to mount the top of the window. The complexity of the work lies in the need for milling frame - can not do without special equipment and skills to work with a power tool.

Preparatory work

Planning valve sidebar, you must consider some points:

  • installation of ventilation devices to perform better in the off-leaf;
  • Installation is carried out in the warmer months;
  • with sawing holes need to work carefully, so as not to damage the seal on the leaf.

The flap is removed from the loop, is set in an inclined or vertical position.

Removing window fittings

With the frame removed part of the fitting piping (shears and corner transmission), removable mounting plates - they can interfere with milling

List of necessary tools

For the installation of "pritochnika" will need:

  • electric drill and the drill (diameter - 5 mm and 10 mm);
  • Fine-grained file;
  • jigsaws;
  • template to mark the holes;
  • silicone sealant.

Prepare a groove obtained without a template, but it is easier to work with. Make a template can be independently made of plywood or hardboard.

Stepwise progress of the installation and mounting

The whole process of installation of the supply valve is divided into several stages:

Step 1. Marking. In vertical projection wear pattern and mark the point of connection of the device.

Step 2. Milling sash. Large diameter drill to drill several holes in a row and to connect them with the jigsaw. Repeat the operation on the frames overlap.

leaf milling

Window chamber open during milling, the sealant should fill - this will prevent the ingress of moisture and the occurrence of air flow at the whistling

Step 3. Installing the mounting plate and the valve. The back side of the strap handle sealer, attach the item to the leaf and secure with screws.

installation of the valve

The indoor unit of the ventilating device mounted to the frame and snap fasteners on the bar. Check evenness and durability of the valve arrangement

Step 4. Installation of the visor. On the outer side of the frame to fix the protective visor screws. The junction between the parts be sealed. When installing, it is desirable to use the insurance.

Step 5. Completion of the installation. Fitting harness set back in place and hang the flap hinge. Put on the ventilation device ventilation mode.

EXAMPLE valve installation without milling

Installation of ventilation flaps without perforation takes a bit of time and requires no special skills.

Of the tools you will need:

  • stationery knife;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • line.

Necessary components of the valve are supplied with "pritochnikom".

Standard kit includes:

  • valve;
  • one long and two short seal;
  • plug for a fixing device;
  • self-tapping screws.

First you need to determine the location of the valve placement and mark it with a pencil. Optimally - to set the device in the center of the leaf.

Marking a valve

If the flap is too narrow, the "pritochnik" should shift slightly to the side, so that the valve is not closed the window fittings

In marked points with a sharp knife to make incisions and remove the seal from the groove.

To install the valve in an open groove to place the fastening anchors - one in the middle and two at the edges. Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape and attach the unit in position.

Fixing the valve

The valve is attached to the profile screws that are screwed into the fixed dowels through the holes "pritochnika". Instead of a standard seal set small set of seals

On the frame is also necessary to replace the seal on a narrower, so that the valve could permit air flow. The amendments will not affect the performance of the leaf.

Adjusting the air flow

At the end you should adjust the valve by changing the position of the engine. Right position - the largest inflow of air, the left - the gap closure

If the installation of the supply device in the plastic window has not led to the expected results, ventilation in the apartment It requires a major upgrade. To check out the ways to ensure regular apartments fresh air.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Footage will help to better understand the technology of the installation of different types of dampers.

Video # 1. Mounting slit valve without milling of the window frame:

Video # 2. Technology tie-supply valve:

The vents are not substitutes for air-conditioning systems, which refresh and change the room temperature mode. At the same time, "pritochniki" - a great alternative to open windows and doors. Driving the valve assembly under the force of any handyman.

We are interested in your opinion and your stories about the handwritten pritochnikov installation of plastic windows. Please write comments in the box located below. Here, ask questions, post a photo with the acquired units or installation steps.

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