Instructions for use of herbicide Titus for potatoes

The Titus herbicide is a drug that controls the complexes of a dicotyledonous annual weed and any cereals in fields planted with corn, potatoes or tomatoes. The tool penetrates leaf surfaces with maximum speed and blocks the further separation of unwanted cells. It should be noted that the growth of weeds stops almost immediately after the end of the application of the herbicide. The drug is characterized by a very long duration, fast and safe decomposition inside the soil, as well as the absence of any harm to the environment.

Table of Contents

  • Why do we need herbicides
  • Use on potatoes
  • Manual
    • How to prepare a working solution?
    • Effect of the drug
    • Spectrum of action
  • Safety of use
  • Flow rates
    • Tomatoes
    • Corn
    • Potato
  • Analogs

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  • Analogs
  • Many owners inadvertently refuse to use such chemicals in their small area, considers the method more suitable for large agricultural organizations or farms. However, experienced specialists and gardeners have long noted a significant advantage of herbicides over the so-called weeding, as they are estimated by highly skilled people in this field are able to increase the total yield of the crop by almost 70%: while the figure does not depend on the size of the plot.

    Application on potatoes

    Spreading herbicides on potatoes on the field

    It is necessary to spray the seedlings only after their hilling has been carried out. It is also necessary to take into account the recommended height of potatoes: it should not be below 5 centimeters or exceed a numerical value of 20 centimeters.

    Herbicide carries absolutely no danger to any of the selected potato varieties.


    According to the instructions, the recommended amount of funds should be calculated based on the time of its application and, directly, the type of weed plants themselves. The solution needs to be prepared only before the application itself, for which the spray tanks half are filled with clean, without any impurities, water into which the granules of the preparation are dipped, after which the entire solution is thoroughly mixed and not exposed to direct use or any other effect for 15 minutes.

    Water-soluble granules of the preparation Titus

    How to prepare a working solution?

    The water-soluble herbicide package should be lowered into the amount of water indicated on the package, without opening, and leave until the herbicide is completely dissolved. After that, in the spray tank should be poured simple clean water and turn on the mixer, gradually adding the right amount of Titus. Then you need to stop the mixer, add a portion of clean water and start it again.

    The effect of the drug

    The result of the action of the herbicide Titus

    In most cases, means penetrates through the leaf surface of the plants directly into the root system , stopping the production of vital enzymes and interrupting the synthesis carried out with the help of plant amino acids. In this connection, there is a cessation of the growth of the number of formed plant cells, as well as the effective destruction of the rhizomes of the latter.

    action spectrum

    1. Dicotyledones annual and perennial:
    • wild poppies
    • Blindweed
    • sunflowers
    • buttercups
    • chamomile
    • field mint
    • radish mustard weed
    sensitivity to the drug Titus
    1. Cereals perennial and annual:
    • timothy grass
    • wheatgrass creeping
    • oats
    • millet
    • foxtail

    Safety of use

    Herbicide, to the relief of many gardeners, has an extremely low toxicity index, without having any negative effects on animals and humans. From the point of view of environmental safety, Titus is one of the most environmentally friendly means, is characterized by increased biodegradation, and therefore any subsequent culture can be used without any restrictions.

    Consumption rates


    Experts recommend using 0.05 kg of funds per 1 hectare .In this case, the consumption rates of the solutions should exceed 300 liters.


    Experts recommend applying 0.04 kg of herbicide per hectare. The solution consumption rates should not exceed the mark in 500 liters.


    Post-harvest processing of potatoes with the Titus herbicide after hilling

    As in the case of tomatoes, recommended amount of the drug is 0.05 kg per hectare. The consumption rate of the solutions themselves is absolutely the same as with the two previous cultures.


    Preparation name Is an analogue of Titus or not Features
    Hurricane Yes Provides the ability to get rid of even the re-emergence of weeds;safe for insects;also applies to urban infrastructure.
    Dual Gold Yes Extremely economical;introduction of the solution occurs in the soil soil;processing is carried out before germination.
    Prima Yes Can be used even at low temperatures;copes with overgrown weeds;different wide spectrum of action.
    Granstar Yes Does not require much consumption to achieve the desired effect;has a wide scope;can even be made using air transport.
    Nurel D No Perfectly copes with protecting crops from unwanted insects;differs in almost instant action;has high moisture resistance.
    Prima donna Yes Perfectly combined with other drugs;different selective action;safe for all living organisms.
    Euroleading Yes Valid regardless of precipitation;requires minimal cost;it is easy to make.
    Butizan Yes Does not require additional processing conditions;effectively fights with a large number of weeds;does not pose a threat to mammals and insects.
    Centurion Yes Effective in all climatic conditions;it has a low flow rate;fixed on the desired plant.
    Stompe Yes Has a wide spectrum of action;is a selective agent;affects plants for at least about 2 months.
    Stellar Yes Only one treatment per season is enough to achieve the desired effect;characterized by a long period of protective action;effectively fights with various weeds.
    Mikal No Safe for people and animals;different selectivity of action;prevents fungal diseases of plants.
    Miura Yes Effective at all stages of plant development;enough one-time processing to achieve the desired effect;different wide spectrum of action.
    Strobe No Low price;implies a good impact rate;spraying is allowed at any stage of growth of the desired plants.

    In order to protect yourself from fakes and save time and money, it is best to buy packs of the Titus herbicide from specialty stores or reliable Internet sites. Immediately prior to the purchase, it is recommended to ensure that the required certificates are available: only such drugs are able to guarantee effectiveness in combating unwanted weeds.

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