11 best self-pollinated cucumber varieties for the Leningrad region

Cucumbers are considered one of the most common vegetables in Russia. This culture is different thermophilic. Therefore, when growing cucumbers, one should adhere to the basic rules for growing vegetables using varieties suitable for a particular region of the Russian Federation. Today we consider what the best self-pollinated cucumbers for growing in the Leningrad region.


  • Top self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers for the Leningrad region
  • varieties for greenhouses
    • Eric
    • Yuventa
    • Our Dasha
    • Emelja
    • Zozulya
    • Tchaikovsky
  • To open ground
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    • Openwork
    • Athos
    • Claudius

Top self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers for the Leningrad region

The climate in the Leningrad region is Atlantic-continental, cold and humid. Especially cold in the east of the region. In July, on average, the temperature in the region warms to 18 degrees. For this reason, cucumbers in this area are grown mainly in greenhouses.

Planting is carried out necessarily seedlings.

If cucumbers are grown in open areas, then they should be planted as at the end of May, not earlier than .To collect a rich harvest, it is recommended that enrich the soil with nitrogen .

A solution of chicken manure is excellent as a fertilizer:

  1. Dilute 1 kg of dry manure in 5-7 liters of water.
  2. Leave to infuse for 3-5 days.
  3. After diluting the separated mixture with 10-15 liters of water.

The obtained fertilizer should be fed cucumbers every 2-3 weeks .

Chicken dung solution as a fertilizer

An important aspect in the cultivation of cucumbers in the Leningrad region is the selection of the variety. It is recommended for planting to choose domestic seeds, rather than foreign producers, since such seeds are checked in our climatic conditions .In addition, it is recommended to buy already proven seed brands in specialized stores, and not from private individuals.

The should be preferred to the hybrid species, since the latter are more resistant to various diseases, as well as to a cold climate.

Next, we consider the most common self-pollinated, recommended for breeding in greenhouses and open areas in the Leningrad region.

Varieties for greenhouses

It is possible to plant cucumbers in the Leningrad region both in capital from polycarbonate, film greenhouses and in hotbeds.

Consider further which varieties of cucumbers are considered the best for growing in greenhouse conditions in the Leningrad region.


This medium early hybrid is usually used for breeding in film greenhouses on private homesteads. This grade of is disease resistant .

The main characteristics of the form:

  1. The fruits are cylindrical in shape with broad tubercles, delicate skin and covered with black spikes.
  2. Zelentsy reach up to 12 cm in length.
  3. The cucumber usually weighs 110-120 g .
  4. The flesh is not bitter, dense.
  5. Bushes are vigorous plants. The length can reach up to 3.5 m.

Cucumbers are perfectly preserved and transported. Planting is carried out by in May .If the soil is well heated, this species brings a stable rich harvest.



Mid-season hybrid with good taste. Used for cultivation in the winter-spring period.

Characteristic features of the culture:

  • main stem grows to a length of 1.5 m, not very branched;
  • cylindrical cucumbers, up to 27 cm long;
  • greenhouse weight is usually 220-280g .

This variety is resistant to root or root rot .


Our Dasha

Mid-season species are used for breeding in the spring-summer period in greenhouses with film coating without heating.

Main characteristics:

  • long-greens, cylindrical, covered with large tubercles;
  • is medium density, crunchy, not bitter;
  • fruit weight approximately 90 grams ;
  • bushes weakly branching, vigorous.

This grade of is resistant to short-term lowering of the temperature of , as well as to many diseases.

Our Dasha


This early-growing hybrid has a high yield and is resistant to diseases.

It is used for cultivation in greenhouses with heating, and in film. Fruits have high taste. Zelentsy reach up to 15 cm in length and weigh on average 130-170g .



A fairly popular hybrid, is characterized by good yield and disease resistance .Zelentsy Zozuli come in medium or large sizes. Mass of cucumber is usually 280 grams. Shrubs srednevetvistye. The fruits are well preserved.



Early hybrid. Zelentsy covered with black spikes, as well as small pimples. This culture is grown both in film and in glazed greenhouses.

In addition to the above-mentioned cucumbers in the Leningrad Region, the following varieties will be suitable for growing in greenhouses;.Gardening rules are different in different parts of the region, for example, in the south and north.

Cultivation of cucumbers in open areas in the northeastern part of the region is considered an inefficient method.

In the southern and central part of the region, this type of vegetable is possible. Consider the most common varieties of cucumbers that gardeners use for growing on open ground in the territory of the Leningrad region.


It is an early ripe hybrid with good taste. A significant part of Zelentsov is formed on the main scourge, which allows you to collect fruits strictly on weekends .This is considered an important advantage for a large number of summer residents and gardeners.

Main characteristics:

  • The fruits are cylindrical, not long.
  • The weight of cucumber is usually 90 g .

Zelentsy is widely used in canning, pickles, as well as raw.


Fast & Furious

Considered to be one of the earliest ripening hybrid varieties. The plant will appreciate the harvest after 38 days .

Product specifications:

  • fruit is a dark green color cylindrical shape;
  • Zelentsy not large in size, up to 12 cm in length.
Fast and the Furious


This hybrid is characterized by a long fruiting season. Approximately after 40 days plant gives the first crop.

The variety is highly resistant to many diseases. Shrub srednevetvisty. Cereals are small in size, up to 11 cm long.



This mid-season, high-yielding hybrid is grown both in greenhouse conditions and in open areas.

Main characteristics:

  • Zelentsy is dark green in color, with small tubercles.
  • Variety bears small cucumbers up to 9 cm in length.

Crunchy Cucumbers. They are widely used both in fresh form and in canning.



This plant is characterized by a rapid growth of , as well as resistance to most diseases. The fruits of the culture are cylindrical, externally covered with black spikes up to 10 cm in length.

For the cultivation of cucumbers on open ground, in addition to the varieties listed above, the following varieties are used in the Leningrad Region: Elegant, Cascade, Hector, Nugget and others.

Because of the climatic features in the Leningrad Region, growing cucumbers is not very easy. To collect a rich harvest it is very important to select varieties recommended for this region. On the territory of the Leningrad region, cucumbers are grown mainly in greenhouse conditions, and not in open areas.

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