Blinds in the kitchen - everything you need to know before you buy

  • Which roller blinds are and how are they different?
  • How to determine the right size?
  • How not to be mistaken with the material and design?
  • Installation methods

Roller blinds( blinds or shutters) are fabric webs that, thanks to the chain mechanism and retainer( as a blind), are folded up into a roll when lifting, and their length can be adjusted and fixed at any level.

There are also rolshtora with automatic adjustment( due to electric drive).

What are roller blinds and what are the differences?

You can choose the following types of roller blinds in the interior:

  1. Classic, which can be hung both on the wall and in the window opening. In the photo below, standard roller blinds in the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence. Please note that they are installed inside the window opening, not on the wall.

These types of roller blinds are also called open - they are cheaper than cassette, but require a little more frequent cleaning. Their price depends on the size. The width of standard rolls is 50-300 cm, and the length is 100-300 cm.

  1. Cassette( UNI system) - unlike classic roller shutters, cassette models have a plastic box in which the roll of fabric is rolled. Here is what cassette roller blinds look like in the kitchen interior.

Thanks to the box, the curtains rolled up are almost invisible on the window frame, as if there were none. Therefore, you need to choose not only the color of the canvas, but also the color of the cassette. In the next photo you can see how harmoniously the boxes merge with the white plastic and wooden window frame.

Another feature is that the cassette blinds rise and fall along the side guides, because of which the straightened canvas touches the glass very tightly.

Cassette roller blinds of the UNI system are the most expensive of all types of roller shutters and they cost an average of 500 rubles.more expensive than classic and mini curtains.

We recommend installing cassette roller blinds in the kitchen in the case of:

  • if you do not often shade the kitchen;
  • if you often ventilate the kitchen and open the window at an angle;
  • if you combine roller blinds with curtains or tulle.

Installation is performed as follows:

  • At the top of the frame you need to attach a plastic box-cassette. It can be drilled and screwed onto screws or simply glued onto double-sided tape;
  • The fabric roll hides in this cassette, and guides are glued to the bead on the sides of the frame - they will close the gap between the curtain and the frame and fix the fabric on the window so that when it is opened in an inclined position the curtain does not hang down.

Keep in mind that you can choose one of three ways to install cassette rolshtor with your own hands.

  1. Rolshtora type MINI - mini-roller blinds are mounted directly on the sash window, without drilling the frame. These designs can be open and closed and often complement traditional curtains.

The size range of MINI curtains: width 30-160 cm, length 140-180 cm.

To fix the mini-roller shutters, use special velcro or staples. Here is how open, that is, classic small roller blinds in the interior of a modern kitchen.

In spite of the fact that roller blinds in their laconic form are closer to modern styles like Scandinavian and hi-tech, they perfectly fit the neoclassical, modern, fusion and art deco interiors. The main thing - to choose the appropriate material, color and design.

  1. Roller blinds for the kitchen Zebra( Day-night).This is a two-layer curtain consisting of transparent and opaque fabric. The strips of these fabrics alternate, and as they rise and fall, the curtain shifts the strips between them. Thanks to this, you can adjust the degree of illumination of the kitchen.

How to determine the right size?

Before you order roller blinds for the kitchen, you will need to correctly take measurements from the window opening. You need to measure the following values:

  • Overall width, height of the opening;
  • Width, height of window casements;
  • The thickness of the installed beadings;
  • Width / height for each glass separately;
  • The distance between the glasses and handles.

How not to be mistaken with the material and design?

For roller blinds, you can choose fabrics of different composition and density, which are distinguished not only by their decorative properties, but also by their light transmission characteristics. Most often, fabrics for roller blinds are treated with anti-dust and anti-static impregnation, which greatly simplifies their care and service life. This is another reason to choose curtains for the kitchen.

Among the popular materials:

  • Nylon;
  • Polyester;
  • Blended fabrics;
  • Cotton;
  • Flax;
  • Bamboo.

For the interior of the kitchen in the Scandinavian, classical, minimalist or “rustic”( country, Provence, Chebbi chic) ​​style, bamboo, linen, cotton and blended fabrics are perfect. Here's how bamboo curtains can fit into the kitchen's interior.

Photoprints or patterns corresponding to the decorative elements of the interior can be made on the curtain surface. But too complex design is best avoided.

The kitchen with low ceilings is visually stretched shutters in a vertical strip, and the horizontal space will widen the narrow space.

White roller blinds are suitable for a small, narrow or dark kitchen. However, this color is universal for any kitchen, for each style and color scheme of the kitchen.

It is necessary to hang translucent curtains, if you only need to slightly diffuse the light, and in order to completely close the room from the light, choose a dense matter or even blackout.

In the photo below you can see that the natural light in the kitchen is dimmed, and due to the beige color of the fabric, the kitchen has become “warmer”.

If the kitchen windows are located on the north side, gold, orange, yellow or cream tones are preferred.

Window facing south? It is necessary to hang roller blinds from purple, gray, pearl, blue or green fabric.

Choosing the color of the kitchen rolshtor, focus on the color of the furnishings and furniture( apron, floor, walls, sets, dining group), or the color of kitchen textiles and decor( tablecloths, upholstery of chairs, pillows, etc.).

Want to make the interior truly harmonious? It is important to take into account the color of the walls - if it is discreet and concise, the curtains can be made in bright or contrasting shades. But keep in mind that contrasts are not suitable for every kitchen. If you are not afraid of dark curtains, and the decoration is not replete with pictures and color, then you can make the curtains with a color accent, as shown in this photo.

It is recommended to combine roller blinds with curtains, tulle or lambrequin for all “rustic” styles and variations of the classics.

How to install

How to fix roller blinds with our own hands, we have already described earlier. This can be done with or without drilling, using self-tapping screws or double-sided tape.

  • It is better to mount large and heavy curtains with drilling using self-tapping screws;
  • Cassette-type mini-curtains can be glued to velcro tape, and the side guides can be glued to ordinary double-sided tape; for classic mini-curtains, cap brackets can be used.

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For more information on how to hang roller blinds for the kitchen with your own hands, see the following video:

And in the next video you can learn more about how to make measurements and make a hands-on installation of cassette roller blinds:

do it yourself for only 1 thousand rubles, we recommend to look in this video:

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