Effective folk remedies for the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes

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Colorado beetle - one of the worstopponents of every gardener. Vegetable growers process tubers and potato plants with various chemicals several times throughout the growing season, but they often fail to achieve the expected results. Insects continue to destroy plants, and the crop from frequent spraying accumulates a lot of toxic substances. Therefore, many people prefer to use only folk remedies to protect potatoes from insects.

The complex of preventive actions

Fighting potato pest will be much more effective if it is carried out throughout the year, and not limited to the growing season of the crop. It is important to constantly create on your site adverse conditions for the development and reproduction of insects. For each season there is a certain set of preventive actions.

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Good to scare away the pests fresh or rotted leaves of walnut. In the autumn they need to be scattered throughout the site, and then dig up the garden. Plowing the land on the eve of the cooling will destroy a significant part of the insects that did not have enough time to go deep enough in preparation for wintering. Throughout the winter, the bed must be evenly scatter wood ash, which has a detrimental effect on leaf beetles and enriches the soil with useful vitamins( phosphorus, potassium).

In the spring, before the emergence of shoots, in glass jars( 0.5 -1 l) you need to put a few pieces of raw potatoes or its skin. Vessels must be buried flush with the ground surface, evenly distributing them throughout the bed. Periodically it is necessary to check such traps and destroy the pests caught in them. It is possible to lure and collect insects by this method after harvesting.

During the growing season it is necessary to periodically inspect the tops, and in time to make manual assembly and destruction of pests. In addition to the pests themselves, it is necessary to remove their larvae. And if the beetles on the potatoes are visible quite well, then sometimes it is not easy to detect eggs. Insects usually debug them on the inside of the leaves.

Newborn babies are much more dangerous than old individuals. They are able to destroy a large area of ​​plants in just one day. Therefore, it is important to prevent their occurrence as much as possible.

Protecting potatoes by dusting

This old folk remedy for the Colorado potato beetle with frequent use can have a very positive result. Scattering of tops and inter-rows received the second name - “dry wrestling”, which includes the following methods:

  • Sanding leaves with overgrown wood ash at the rate of 10 kg per one hundred parts. The most effective is pine and birch ash.
  • Cornmeal, when interacting with moisture, tends to increase in volume. Getting into the insect's stomach, it begins to swell strongly, which causes its death.
  • Goodly scares leaf beetles from the smell of fresh pine or birch sawdust scattered between the rows.
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It is recommended to scatter tops in early morning on dew-wetted leaves or immediately after the rain. Many summer residents, in search of new solutions, use cement and gypsum plaster to protect potatoes.

It is not the amount of materials used that is decisive for dusting, but the frequency of the procedure!

Spraying potatoes with infusions and decoctions

There is a wide variety of solutions for the preparation of which natural raw materials are used. Processing potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle with such infusions will help to significantly reduce its livestock in the garden.

Raw materials The required amount per 10 liters of water. Preparation method Notes
Walnut leaves 1 kg Pour with boiling water, stand under the lid for a week
White acacia bark 1 kg 15 dry with the cider and dry your hands and have a clean layer on the tree.
Onion Husk 300 g Fill with hot water, leave under pressure for a day
Dandelion and horsetail grass 200 g of each component Boil for 15 minutes, then the product is suitable for use immediately after cooling the math, 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 15 0 0:00 Each page boil for 15 minutes, the product is suitable for use immediately after the installation, the After the cooling, the math 20), 20), 20), 20) each component boil for 15 minutes, the product is suitable for use immediately after the installation, 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 15 0 0:00 Each page boil for 15 minutes, the product is suitable for use immediately after the installation of the math 100;l per 10 l of water
Wormwood bitter 300 g Mix with one glass of wood ash, pour hot water, leave for three hours
Garlic 200 g Chop the bulbs and arrows thoroughly, add warm water and warm the water and pour the warm water 200 g Grind the bulbs and arrows and add warm water and warm the water and add warm water and warm the water and add warm water and heat up and add warm water and heat the water and add warm water and add warm water and heat the water.ai_smilenpowder. The extract is diluted in proportion 1: 2
Bitter pepper 100 g Boil for 2 hours, apply immediately after cooling
Celandine 500 - 1000 g Freshly cut leaves and stems that are in the 10 and 10, and 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10, the 10, and the 10, and the 10, and 10 and 10, after the 10 and 10, after the 10, the 10, the 10, and 10, after the 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10also: Ways of dealing with the whitefly in the garden, the greenhouse

How and how to spray potatoes is a very personal matter for each vegetable grower. Many gardeners add sunflower oil, vinegar, mustard and other specific ingredients to their solutions. Regardless of the composition, there are a number of rules and recommendations for the treatment of garden crops with liquid preparations:

  • Any of the solutions must be filtered before use in order to avoid clogging of the spray nozzle.
  • Spraying should be carried out in calm weather in the early morning or in the evening( from exposure to sunlight, the drugs quickly lose their insecticidal properties).
  • Adding a solution of soap or laundry detergent improves its adhesion to the leaf surface.
  • Despite the natural origin of the components of the used means, it is necessary to work with it while observing all safety measures.

Very effective for processing potatoes from the Colorado potato beetles is a tool that is based on their own. Approximately half a liter jar of insects should be placed in 10 liters of water, covered with a lid. After 5-7 days, the solution will be saturated with the necessary toxins, and the "rodents" will settle on the bottom of the pot. A liter of this insecticide is diluted with two liters of water.

Spraying potatoes with undiluted infusion can burn the tops!

Neighbors, who do not tolerate "striped"

The Colorado potato beetles have well-developed smelling receptors, so they do not like to dwell in areas where strong odors predominate. To create such conditions in their garden, some growers alternate potato rows with planting other crops. Among the most "unloved" pest - onions, garlic, beans and beans. Some plants produce a sharp aroma only during flowering. They decided to upset the potato plantations around the perimeter. Calendula, coriander, violet and hemp have good deterrent properties. True, the cultivation of the latter is prohibited by law.

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Features of pest control

Colorado leaf beetles are very thermophilic, prefer to lay their larvae on areas well lit and warmed by the sun. It is noticed that in shady places the tops are devoured by insects much less. Ambiguously pest applies to different varieties of potatoes. First of all, beetles eat bushes of early cultures, the leaves and stems of which are usually not powerful enough.

In order to get rid of beetles on potatoes, it is desirable to use several methods overnight. A pest tends to adapt to certain drugs and conditions; therefore, it cannot be limited to one specific method, how effective it would be.

Wrestling will be much more effective if you destroy insects not only in your own area, but also in the largest possible radius from it. Therefore, in such matters it is important to interact with the owners of neighboring sites, share knowledge and experience, look for common solutions on how to get rid of bugs on potatoes, and carry out all “anti-Korado” operations in one time frame.

How to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle by folk remedies - video

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