All ways to connect the tablet to the TV

All ways to connect the tablet to the TV


Modern tablet computers provide their owners with a lot of unique opportunities, acting as not only a device for high-speed Internet access, working in a variety of programs and watching movies in high quality, but also as a full-fledged gaming console. To bring the work with the device to a new level, it will be useful to learn how to connect the tablet to the TV. This will allow the latter to "escape" from their corps and fully "spread their wings" on the TV screen. But for this, the user must master the simple subtleties of this procedure, stock up the necessary cords and, if necessary, adapters for them.


  • 1What you need to connect the tablet to your TV
  • 2HDMI is the best way to connect two devices
    • 2.1Connection example on video
  • 3Connection via a composite RCA cable ("tulip")
  • 4Wi-Fi
  • 5USB
  • 6Functional converter
    • 6.1Learn more about your device on video.

What you need to connect the tablet to your TV

First, you need to find out if your gadget supports this feature. If so, ask what connectors will connect, whether the necessary cables are included with the device and whether it is possible to do without adapters. For those who are not well versed in the different types of connection, let's dwell on each one in more detail.

To begin with, a list of currently available methods:

  1. Using the HDMI interface;
  2. With the help of composite (RCA) cable, called "tulip
  3. Wifi wireless network;
  4. Through the USB connector (mini USB);
  5. Using a device that converts different types of signal - converter.

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities, which means that almost any model is capable of this. The only difference is for what purposes do you plan to combine these two devices: either to transfer video and audio information (for watching movies and launch games), or to use the tablet as a drive, information from which will be available to the TV and read unilaterally.

Let's consider the features of each of the above five methods in more detail.

HDMI is the best way to connect two devices


Why the best? Because the HDMI interface:

  • Allows you to transfer image and sound (including, and stereo) with just one cable. Thanks to this you can get rid of the need to "hang" the telly with a lot of cords and adapters;
  • Uses a digital signal transmission format, due to which its highest quality is achieved;
  • It is present in most modern TVs, as it is very popular among users.
  • Increasingly found on tablets of different manufacturers;
  • Supports "display mirroring" technology, in which the TV "copies" everything that happens on the tablet's display;
  • Allows you to configure the connection in one or two clicks (often without them at all).

To connect it, connect one end of the same cable to the tablet and the other end to the TV. After that the automatic adjustment of the transmission of video and audio signals will follow. In case this did not happen, visit the settings menu of both devices and select:

  • in the TV as the source (input, input, source ...) of the signal the HDMI port (if there are several, do not make a mistake with the number);
  • in the tablet PC as an output (output) - HDMI.

If your tablet has only "mini-HDMI" or "micro-HDMI you can connect through a cable that has a plug of this sample on one end or use an adapter.

Connection example on video

Connection via a composite RCA cable ("tulip")

The TV does not have HDMI connectors? Then the composite cable or, as it is also called, the "tulip" will be able to connect the tablet to such a TV. Let the connection via RCA use the analog type of signal transmission (because of what the picture quality "lags" a little), let for transmission images and sound, separate cables are needed, but absolutely all modern (and not so) multimedia devices have the ability to connect such way.

Use the HDMI-RCA converter, which, on the one hand, needs to connect an HDMI-HDMI cable (its other end "Go" to the tablet), and on the other - three cables of the "tulip" type (one yellow for video signal transmission and red and white for sound). The latter need to be connected to special connectors on the TV, given the color of the plugs.


This high-tech connection method will be the best solution for users who have a "smart" TV equipped with a built-in wifi adapter. Today there are two ways to create a working system "tablet-TV" through wifi:

  • Technology Wifi Direct;
  • Organization of work with the help of third-party programs (selected individually for your equipment).

If your TV supports Wifi Direct technology, you can trust her connection: this method is the most high-quality and reliable, which is the preferred method.

Go to the wireless network settings on the tablet, where you will find and run Wifi. After some time after the successful launch of the function, go to the TV menu, where you also look for the "Network" tab, and already in it - Wifi Direct. After activating this connection, wait until the automatic configuration of both devices is complete, after which the connection will be established and they will earn "in unison".

Another way is to find and install a suitable software for these purposes. It is necessary to find an application that meets all the requirements of the operating system, which is controlled by the tablet. Only in this case will it be guaranteed its correct operation, and the connection will not torment you permanently. Install the program and follow the instructions of the settings wizard, after which the tablet will "tell" the TV about its readiness, and they will start working together.



  • Make sure that both devices are connected to the same wifi network;
  • Verify that UPnP is active (used to automatically detect new devices);
  • make sure that the network screens do not block traffic between both devices.


Alas, the manufacturers of tablets still have not figured out how to connect the tablet to a TV via USB so way to use it as an additional display for watching movies and launching applications. But it's not so sad.


Even if the technology "display mirroring" ("zaraklivanie" screen) is not possible to implement via USB, it does not interfere connect the tablet as a data storage device (flash drive, roughly speaking) that the TV will use as a source signal.

By connecting both devices with a cable, you can use the TV interface to manage media files that the tablet stores in its memory. This method will make it possible to turn a gadget into a home cinema repository, a movie from which you can always get it quickly for viewing. The connection can also turn the TV into an improvised presentation board.

Functional converter

Above, we described the basic, most common ways of connecting the tablet to a TV. However, it happens that one of the devices does not have the necessary connector. This is where the functional converter comes in handy, which lets through different types of signals, "tailoring" them to your needs. For example, using it, you can convert a digital signal from an HDMI connector to an analog one that is compatible with a VGA input. Converters are specially designed to solve similar tasks, and in most cases successfully manage them, you just need to know what to choose for a particular type of signal (connector, interface).

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Learn more about your device on video.

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