Buy strawberry seedlings - planting, caring for seedlings

I must say, the success of a good harvest depends on the quality of strawberry seedlings or its seedlings, which you plant on your plot, planting a garden strawberry bed. Therefore, the purchase of seedlings, planting care should be given great attention. You can buy strawberry seedlings or strawberries can grow yourself. Here we consider the first option. What seedlings should I buy? What should they look like?

  • How to buy strawberry seedlings, how to choose
  • Planting seedlings - how to plant strawberries so that it would take root?
  • When planting seedlings, strawberry seedlings
  • Soil for strawberries
  • How to choose a place for strawberry seedlings
Strawberries( strawberries) one year

We used to call strawberries a strawberry, its correct botanical name is garden large-fruited strawberries. But I will use both of these names, let the botanists not be offended at me.

So, you decided to lay a garden strawberry bed. I advise you not to save on the purchase of strawberry seedlings. Do not urge you to buy something that is more expensive. Of course not. Carefully look at what you are going to buy.

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How to buy seedlings of strawberries, how to choose

Most often on the market they sell seedlings or seedlings of strawberries( strawberries) with an open root system. But you do not know when they were dug out of the ground. The roots could dry up, and before the sale were moistened with water. It all depends on the decency of the seller. Having planted such seedling of wild strawberry, you will see that not all plant began. That is, saving did not work, but on the contrary, not only money was lost, but also the mood. So how to understand the seedlings, buy a strawberry seedlings so that it caught on. How to plant strawberries?

The strawberry bush is well developed

A good strawberry plant should have at least 3 leaves - one in its infancy and two well developed. It is desirable that the strawberry seedlings were with a lump of wet earth. Then you can hope that she will take root.

There is another good option - to purchase seedlings or strawberry seedlings, which when you dig out of the ground. Prepare a box or other container where you will put the dug strawberry bushes. Pour a little earth on the bottom, moisten it, carefully spread the seedlings on top. This is a guarantee of one hundred percent survival.

Strawberry bush before planting

It is best to buy seedlings of strawberries in cups or containers in specialized stores for gardeners. Usually it is one-year saplings. The roots must be at least 5 cm long, and the bushes must have at least 2-3 well-developed leaves. Of course, the leaves of strawberry seedlings should be healthy looking, not lethargic, without damage, without any stains. When choosing seedlings, pay attention that the strawberries have well-developed leaves, as well as a healthy central bud.

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Planting seedlings - how to plant strawberries so that it would take root?

It all depends on what kind of seedlings, or rather, in what form you purchased it:

  • if it is in a plastic cup, then pour it abundantly an hour or two before disembarking;
  • if you bought strawberry saplings in a peat pot, then immerse them together with the pot for 1-1.5 minutes in water so that the pot is completely wet;
  • if you brought home bushes with an open root system, then they must be kept in a solution of NV-101( 3 drops per 1 liter of water).

Let's consider how to plant strawberries, or rather seedlings or seedlings correctly.

Remove the clod of earth with its roots from the cup. Pay attention to the length of the roots. Most often, the roots occupy the entire volume, and at the bottom of the glass, along the walls they twist in a spiral. These roots will not develop further during transplantation. They will die out sooner or later. But the plant will spend forces on this process, so they should be cut off, leaving a length of no more than 5-8 cm. Rinse the roots in water before cutting. Cut also the dead roots, they will be a yellowish-brown color.

That is, I do not advise you to plant strawberry seedlings together with a lump of earth. The roots there will be twisted-twisted - they must be carefully straightened, bruised, shortened, removed the inanimate, half rotten. Maintain roots of seedlings in the growth stimulator HB-101 solution or Heteroauxin( Kornevin) solution. A few minutes is enough while you prepare the hole for planting strawberries.

Place the strawberry plant in the hole, straighten the roots. Beforehand, at the bottom of the hole, pour a small hillock about 5-6 cm high. Here you should “put on” a bush of seedlings on this hillock, spreading the roots on its cone so that they are directed downwards. Sprinkle earth roots, hold the "heart" bush. The “heart” is the place from which the leaves grow. It should remain above the ground. It can not be deepened, otherwise it will rot, and the bush of strawberries will die. But the roots should not be visible, otherwise the bush just dries.

Planting strawberry seedlings

Water a planted bush, lightly press the ground around it with your palms to remove voids from under the ground - all roots should touch the ground, there should be no airspace around the roots. Sprinkle with loose earth on top.

Strawberry seedlings planted in this way will take root well and will easily endure transplantation.

Sometimes I do not have time to build mounds, unfolding the roots. I dig a hole deeper, fill it up to the top with water, immerse the roots of the shrub in there, holding the plant by the heart. With my other hand I gradually pour earth into the hole with water. Here the most important thing is not to bury the heart of a bush or, conversely, not to pull it out too high.

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When planting seedlings, strawberry saplings

There are two favorable periods for planting strawberries. Spring and autumn. In the Kuban in the spring strawberries are planted in March-April( in the middle zone - in May).Autumn is a good time for this: September-October( in the middle lane - August).Frosts are possible in early spring, so the bed with planted seedlings should be covered with covering material. Properly planted seedlings take root for two weeks. After that, the shelter can be removed.

Now the most important thing is that the seedlings take root, be ready to survive the hot summer or the cold winter.

What do strawberries like? She likes light, loose soil. Its root system is superficial, so it is necessary to loosen the soil very carefully. In the Kuban soil is heavy, black soil. It would be ideal to use mulch on strawberry beds. Then she does not need any loosening. Under the mulch, the land is always loose. Moisture is also well delayed. The berries are always clean, even after the rains.

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Soil for strawberry

Of course, strawberries, like any garden crop, love fertile soil. There are two options to make the soil fertile for it:

  • in preparing the beds,
  • when planting in the hole.

When you lay a strawberry bed, put in organic matter - rotted manure, compost - at the rate of 2-3 buckets per 1 square meter.meter.

You can add organics directly to the well when planting seedlings. Prepare in advance such a mixture:

  • 1 bucket of soil from the garden,
  • 1 compost bucket,
  • 1 horse or cow rotted manure bucket( you can, if there is no manure, mix the compost bucket with 2 liters of Biohumus), 2 glasses of wood ash.

By the way, now granulated organic fertilizer based on poultry, horse, cow manure Orgavit has appeared on the shelves. You can use it if you have tight organic matter, but follow the dosage specified in the instructions.

The holes for planting strawberries - seedlings or seedlings, if you bring organic matter there, should be dug deeper and wider: 25 × 25 × 25 cm. I usually use the ground from the holes for the preparation of the mixture, which I described above.

For the last two years I have been fascinated by siderats. I have a large plot - almost 15 acres. Of these, 1.5-2 weave occupied by strawberries / strawberries, however, she planted with me in small glades scattered throughout the country. Of course, the processing of such an area requires a lot of time and effort. So, I sow around the perimeter of my plot in early spring, as soon as the earth allows, mustard and phacelia. When they throw away the color, I cut the green mass, put it on the beds with strawberries, between the plants. I assure you, this is the best fertilizer for strawberries.

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How to choose a place for strawberry seedlings

What else does strawberry like? She likes a lot of light. Choose a sunny open place for strawberries. Rows are located in the direction of north-south.

Grandma, again you missed the largest

. By the way, I noticed that if strawberry bushes grow in a partially shaded place, for example, under a blind fence, then the berries ripen later, planted in a sunny place. They are larger, but they are few. I still leave these bushes - I love to watch my granddaughter, who “suddenly” finds a berry and begins to “educate” me, that I forgot about this strawberry and, if it were not for her, the strawberry would disappear.

Modern varieties of strawberry( strawberry) form large bushes. When buying seedlings, pay attention to what size an adult plant will be. Therefore, planting seedlings, leave between the plants a distance of 30 to 50 cm, taking into account, of course, the characteristics of the variety, as well as the fact that over time the bush will increase in volume.

Gardeners practice single-row planting, two- or even three-row - with the plants planted in chess order. There is also a carpet planting strawberry garden, when planted bushes, just clearing. But in any case, it is desirable to maintain the distance between the bushes 30-50 cm( taking into account the characteristics of the variety).

Everyone chooses the option that suits him best.

Strawberries, like any plant, need moisture. It is especially necessary for the plants

  • during the period of leaf growth,
  • during the flowering period,
  • during the ripening of
  • berries after harvesting( August, September) - during budding.

And yet, be sure to water the strawberries dry in the fall. By the winter strawberries should go on wet soil.

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