Panels for the kitchen - ideas and instructions

  • Basic themes of kitchen panels
  • Kitchen panels in decoupage techniquemeeting with friends. How to make the most favorite place in the house more comfortable, without spending extra money, and even give a new life to stray wine corks, buttons, yellowed books? Decorate the wall by hanging a hand-made mural on it! Moreover, such a wall decoration does not require possession of the skills of a decorator.

    The main themes of kitchen panels

    Wall panels for the kitchen - this is a thematic decoration that allows you to create an accent in the interior or divide the space into functional areas.

    Theme decoration should match the style of the room. For country style, Provence and classics, it can be paintings depicting rural life, still lifes of fruits, vegetables, panels using spices, cereals, dried fruits, flowers, herbarium.

    However, for a classic kitchen, there are also suitable panels that are not difficult to do with your own hands.

    Stylish graphic panels in an elegant, simple or minimalist frame will fit into the interior in a modern style.

    And for the Scandinavian interior, home-made paintings are suitable in bright or contrasting frames with letters, words, sparkles, bows, butterflies, animals. You can make such panels with the help of nails, threads, metal buttons, sparkles, rhinestones, buttons, seashells, stones, newspapers and magazine pages.

    For the loft - stylish panels in retro style from newspapers, chalk wallpapers, old posters, yellowed pages of books, old boards and wine jams.

    Loft-style interior letters can be put on the Internet, or you can do it yourself.

    The winning images will be three-dimensional images, suitable for the subject of ceramic tiles used for lining.

    Decoupage Kitchen Panels

    Do-it-yourself decoupage panel is a real author's work, it will decorate your kitchen for as long as you want.

    To make such a decoration on the wall, you will need:

    • Fiberboard;
    • Glue - PVA and for decoupage;
    • Rice paper( napkins);
    • Egg shell;
    • Soil, brush;
    • Sponge;
    • File;
    • Acrylic paints - to bring contours.

    As for the works, they are carried out in several stages with interruptions. A primer is applied to the hardboard with a sponge - a thin layer to dry out faster. Then you need to make an egg crackle, that is, an imitation of bulk vintage texture. For this, the shell is crushed into small pieces and applied to the surface of the hardboard.

    Important! Before use, the shell should be cleaned from the inner film. It is also undesirable to use those parts where there is a factory stamp.

    The entire surface of the base is pasted over with pieces of shell, so that small gaps remain between them. After the glue dries, the surface will need to be primed. To draw an image, use paper with the selected fragment( still life, for example).The secret to creating a picture is simple - the paper is placed on the file "face", poured over with water, applied to the primed blank. The paper is leveled, the file is removed, after which the dried image is covered with glue for decoupage.

    Using a special napkin or rice paper, you can make a wide variety of panels - and they will look on the wall as amazing author paintings.

    Kitchen panels from scrap materials - applications and installations

    A Provence-style kitchen can perfectly decorate a textile panel created using the patchwork technique. By the way, such a decoration can be practical - for example, it is quite possible to supplement a “picture” of fabric with roomy pockets where various kitchen trifles can fit.

    If you like the use of improvised means, then it is possible to make a picture with your own hands from what is stored in your kitchen cabinet:

    • Fragrant oriental spices;
    • Coffee Beans;
    • Beans;
    • Macaroni;
    • Tea Leaves;
    • Bay Leaf;
    • Cinnamon Sticks;
    • Orange Peel;
    • Croup( by the way, any kind of cereal can be used - from semolina to pea);
    • Nuts;
    • Even from bagels and bagels!

    Appropriate( and even old) materials like:

    • Paper origami figures;
    • Nails;
    • Old boards( as a base);
    • Pieces of cloth, buttons, yarn, rhinestones;
    • Bottle caps;
    • Fridge Magnets;
    • Wine Corks;
    • Maps of the native country or region;
    • Magazines and newspapers, yellowed books and atlases;
    • And much more.

    Such a panel will fully demonstrate your creative imagination in the design of the kitchen and will become an original decoration of a kitchen apron. As for the manufacturing process, everything is very simple:

    1. Dense cardboard covered with high-quality sackcloth.
    2. The base material canvas is tightly pressed onto the cardboard with the help of decorative nails.
    3. Compositional elements are laid out on the front side, for example, cereals.
    4. All materials are firmly fixed with glue.
    5. To hang a picture on the wall, you will need a durable cord, but you can also use a magnet if the decoration is to be placed on a metal surface.

    For the kitchen, you can make and luxurious installation - for example, from unnecessary cutlery. It is better if such panels will be in harmony with the design of the apron - for this, original stickers will do. Or you can make several pictures of the same type.

    Such a picture with your own hands will look extraordinary in any room - the main thing is to choose the right instrument layout and color scheme. As a basis for the plot, bright dense fabric is most often chosen, and the framed is a painted wooden frame. Unnecessary knives, forks, spoons are placed on top of the fabric - they need to be cleaned, degreased and painted over to create a stark contrast with the background.

    Experienced needlewomen have long known that wine corks do not need to be thrown away, because you can make such stylish and functional wall decorations from them.

    Got a lot of magazines and newspapers? Is your library full of old books with yellowed pages? Then you will like the ideas of making paper panels.

    A panel using flowers and plants is simple and beautiful! This accessory can decorate the kitchen in the style of classic, Provence, Chebbi chic, country.

    With the help of lace, paint and canvas, you can create an elegant picture.

    Other techniques for creating panels - mosaic and embroidery

    If you do not want to use cereals or decorate the wall with spoons, then you can use traditional techniques - especially since their realization with your own hands requires a minimum of skills and tools.

    The most beautiful kitchen pictures on the wall are obtained with the help of embroidery - cross, ribbons, beads. There are many "kitchen" motifs - from still lifes to ethnic ornaments, including flowers, dishes, products. Working on embroidery with your own hands will take a little more time than a picture made of paper, but the result will be amazing.

    There is only one thing - it is undesirable to use embroidery for the design of a kitchen apron, it is better to hang it on the wall near the dining table. And do not forget to close the picture with glass, otherwise the canvas will get dirty very quickly.

    Many ideas with your own hands can be implemented using mosaic. The resulting paintings can duplicate images on the kitchen apron tile, and can decorate the wall as a self-contained work of art. The materials for this creativity can serve as rhinestones, glass, broken tiles, eggshell or grits, sequins and so on. Mosaic is laid out on thick paper or cardboard with glue applied on top. Then all lined items are varnished for durability.

    Very modern kitchen is revived here such panels of buttons. It is very easy to make them, and lonely buttons that are a pity to throw away will find a worthy place on the wall.

    Making kitchen panels is a pleasant and exciting process, allowing us to look at familiar things from a non-standard angle. We wish you creative success!

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