How to choose a water-heater: what is better + top brands

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Agree, nice when the tap is always flowing hot water, regardless of its filing municipal utility companies. disruptions problem will help solve the instantaneous water heater installation. But the diversity of offerings on the market is amazing, and you want to buy the best model, and do not know which to prefer?

We show you how to choose a water-heater with the required specifications. We explain how to pick it up, taking into account the operating conditions. Denote what capabilities must be fitted with equipment to suit individual user needs.

The article describes the main criteria for selecting the optimal model is a rating of the most popular water heaters. Accompanied by photographs and useful videorekomendatsii, which will help determine the best protochnikom.

The content of the article:

  • Design and operation principle
  • The electric model is better gas?
  • Differences between free-flow and pressure devices
  • Features a selection of the flow model
    • Criterion # 1 - power and performance parameters
    • Criterion # 2 - control types and modes
    • Criterion # 3 - availability of additional options
  • instagram viewer
  • Features wall mounting
  • Rating known manufacturers
    • Location # 1 - Stiebel Eltron
    • Location # 2 - AEG
    • Place # 3 - Electrolux
    • Place # 4 - Atmor
    • Location # 5 - Timberk
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Design and operation principle

instantaneous water heater device is different complexity: in a metal or plastic casing is enclosed a small water tank equipped with heating elements or coils.

In fiscal instruments usually 1-2 PETN which have a weak spot: heating elements fast "overgrow" scum. Positive thing - they are easy to replace.

Less scale is formed in devices with helix housed inside a copper tube. The disadvantage of this device - a negative reaction to the bubbles and air pockets. If the equipment fails, a replacement will be costly.

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Instantaneous water heater

Instantaneous water heaters is preferably set in the kitchen, where they are doing a fine job with the preparation of the required volume of water

Hardware flow type in the bathroom

To install in the bathroom are not suitable for all flow-through heaters due to the limited capacity of

Heater flow type on the wall

The main disadvantage of the heater running category is the lack of storage capacity. Units for bathrooms usually because of this rather cumbersome

Compact model water heater

Compact versions are only suitable for the organization of sinks, they are set directly in front of the draw-off point over / under sink

Protochnik for heating the water in the shower

The heater flow type processes water only during the period of flow through the instrument during its flow

Powerful protochnik multiple points

The usual standard power protochnik bad copes with the delivery of water at the same time in two or more points. This is the main disadvantage of operation

Uniform heating water protochnikom

Weighty advantage of the flow of the device is that during operation it heats evenly as much water as necessary to the consumer

Compact protochnik vulnerable to the formation of limescale

Due to the nature of the work flow devices often suffer from scaling. Appeared in deposits decrease the pressure and performance equipment

Instantaneous water heater

Instantaneous water heater

Hardware flow type in the bathroom

Hardware flow type in the bathroom

Heater flow type on the wall

Heater flow type on the wall

Compact model water heater

Compact model water heater

Protochnik for heating the water in the shower

Protochnik for heating the water in the shower

Powerful protochnik multiple points

Powerful protochnik multiple points

Uniform heating water protochnikom

Uniform heating water protochnikom

Compact protochnik vulnerable to the formation of limescale

Compact protochnik vulnerable to the formation of limescale

heating principle is simple: cold water is fed into the tank comes into contact with hot elements, is heated and out since the desired temperature parameters (average + 40 ° C to + 60 ° C).

For the installation of compact equipment needs fixing kit, eyeliner running water and electric cable.

Scheme instantaneous water heater

Schematic representation of the flow of domestic electric device with an electronic control unit, wherein the heating water by means of copper PETN

Powerful equipment rated at several points the draw requires good flow and high pressure. non-pressure-type devices that operate on low pressure sufficiently can serve only one crane.

For this reason they initially set "custom" devices - gander or flexible hose with diffuser.

The heating process occurs instantly, and therefore requires no wait when accumulate a certain amount of hot water. Electricity is spent only during operation.

Place mounting vodonagrevaetelya

Unlike analog accumulative, instantaneous water heater takes up little space. Usually it is fixed on the wall around the draw-off point (shells or showering) in a vertical position

If we compare the model with the cumulative flow, the following advantages can be identified:

  • space-saving, compact size (important for rooms with a deficit of free space);
  • ability to set both near the crane (minimizing heat loss), and in a separate room (applies to power devices);
  • amount of water used is not limited;
  • interval power consumption (only during the active period);
  • beautiful sleek design;
  • low cost.

The disadvantages include regular expenses on electricity costs: the water heater (or the larger family) often turns on, the higher the electric bill.

Driving device for mounting one two mixers

Driving device for mounting one two mixers. When you are choosing to be guided by the capacity of the device. If it is not enough, the device can serve only one tap at a time (max - tap and shower)

Another shortcoming concerns the installation conditions. Capacity for water heaters 7-8 kW and above require reliable three-phase electrical network, high-quality copper wiring and the appropriate protection.

masking heater

The presence of built-in furniture in the room makes it possible to hide the wall protochnik in one of the wall cabinets. Mandatory requirement - easy access to the body control unit and significant sites for maintenance

The electric model is better gas?

In urban apartments to choose between two types of devices is not necessary, because it is usually used with electric, safer models.

The exception is flat, where geysers are installed even in equipment rooms, at the time at home. This refers to the "Khrushchev", "Stalinka" and some types of prefabricated houses built in the 60-70s of the last century.

Driving device geyser

Scheme gas column device. A necessary condition for its operation - water pressure of at least 0,25-0,33 atm (approximately 1.5-2 l / min), otherwise the heating elements will not turn

In suburban homes heating water often comes with a powerful outdoor boiler, but some people prefer the habit to use a gas stove.

Its use is appropriate heating with a stove or in a warm climate, which does not require the installation of equipment for heating.

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Practical application of the gas column

Wall flow type gas heaters, i.e. geysers, mounted in apartments and houses area of ​​150 m²

The room for the gas equipment

Gas heaters should not be installed in rooms without direct communication with the street if they are not organized supply and exhaust ventilation

Flue gas equipment

Flue gas flue gas appliances equipped facing in obschedomovoy vent or street

Connecting geyser

The gas column is connected to the cold water supply line and a gas supply branch, extending from a centralized network, the gas tank or gas cylinder

Practical application of the gas column

Practical application of the gas column

The room for the gas equipment

The room for the gas equipment

Flue gas equipment

Flue gas equipment

Connecting geyser

Connecting geyser

Considered safer electrical protochniki, Although their operation is more expensive use of gas columns. In addition, when gas heating is required hood and proper ventilation, otherwise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning gases appear. Plus it considered savings, as prices for gas are lower than for electricity.

In the homes of old buildings is not possible to use a powerful tool for electrical type (above 3.5 kW), so you have to do or weak cylinder, or gas column. Thus, if there is a choice, consider the condition of the electrical network and ventilation, water pressure, fuel costs (electricity or gas).

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Electric flow heater indoors

In the electrical flow heaters no installation restrictions. They do not need a boiler room and ventilation organized

Electrical connection point

When installing in areas with unstable and high-humidity use waterproof sockets

Compliance with electrical safety measures

The main disadvantage of the electric protochnikov that wiring is damaged, they become a serious threat

Simple wiring diagram

Wiring of the electric heater is extremely simple, it is connected only to the water supply and to the power supply

Electric flow heater indoors

Electric flow heater indoors

Electrical connection point

Electrical connection point

Compliance with electrical safety measures

Compliance with electrical safety measures

Simple wiring diagram

Simple wiring diagram

landmark selecting a water heater Please have a look in the article devoted to these issues.

Differences between free-flow and pressure devices

Unlike non-pressure device that the pressure inside it is less than atmospheric pressure while the water heater is always feeling the pressure of the water main.

Gravity-flow device from the tap water pressure protection valve mounted on the inlet. Models of this type have a low power (6.2 kW) did not provide sufficient water and heat are used most often in cottages or houses temporary residence.

free-flow water heater

Pressure-free models are designed for servicing a single point, so equipped with a watering can, a tap or faucet + shower set. The load is low and rewiring more reliable is not required

Pressure device has no attachments and is a small boiler with an input and output. One device can simultaneously connect to multiple analysis points.

Their power is sufficient to provide hot water and the kitchen sink, and shower, and a couple of taps. There are 2 categories of pressure devices - single-phase (3-12 kW) and three-phase (3-30 kW).

Place of installation of the pressure cylinder

Place of installation of the pressure cylinder - under the sink, on the wall or in a cabinet. It is able to maintain a predetermined water temperature and has an automatic on / off function

Cons pressure device - the higher price and increased power consumption, but in the period off the hot water in a city apartment, which is home to a large family, can not do without it.

Features a selection of the flow model

Due to the diverse requirements of users and the high demand for water-heating devices, the market is filled with models with different specifications.

To decide which of the instantaneous water heater provided better and more suitable particularly for you pay attention to criteria such as capacity, performance and availability of additional functions.

Criterion # 1 - power and performance parameters

Power is a critical criterion which affects the amount of hot water, heated for a certain period of time. If you need to quickly take a shower or make dinner, enough device with low power that can be heated 3-5 liters of water per minute.

Heating is carried out quickly, in just 20-25 seconds. At higher requirements we recommend to look at the more powerful models.

Table hot water requirements

Using the table, you can determine the need for hot water for his family. The calculation takes the number of family members and the number of delivery points

you can use the conventional formula for calculating power:

P = Q x (t1 - t2) X 0.073,


  • P (W) - power;
  • Q (l / min) - flow of hot water;
  • t1 (° C) - the required hot water temperature;
  • t2 (° C) - the water temperature in the water;
  • 0,073 - correction factor.

To produce complex calculations, check the manufacturer's recommendations - there is usually stated purpose of the heater.

For example, device power up to 8 kW recommend installing the cottages, where there is no need for constant heating. Average temperature of 40-50 ° C is sufficient to rapidly wash or wash a few dishes.

If you want to buy a serious instrument for the continuous maintenance of your house or apartment, consider a model with capacity not less than 20 kW. When choosing a place and try to take into account the installation of water pumping points.

If the shower and sink are located next to the wall, can be mounted one product, far from each other - have to buy two low-power device or a more powerful pressure water heater.

Water heater Kospel EPJ 3.5 Optimus

Model for questioning - instantaneous electric water heater Kospel EPJ 3.5 Optimus. Power - 5.5 kW; voltage - 220 V; Performance - 2.7 l / min (at 30 ° C); thermal protection and equipped with a crane rVodonagrevatel Kospel EPJ 3.5 Optimusassekatelem

A few words about the weakest model that does not exceed the capacity of 3-4 kW. They are designed primarily for the use during the warm period, when the average water temperature in the 18-20 ° C backbone.

If you want to take a hot shower in winter (just at a time when accidents occur frequently), select a model with capacity of 6 kW and higher.

Power and performance apparatus shown in the data sheet products, as well as the price tags in the explanatory descriptions. On Internet sites stores exact data can be found in the section "Specifications".

Criterion # 2 - control types and modes

Despite the simplicity of construction of the flow control model type are divided into two categories:

  • hydraulic;
  • e.

Hydraulic (or mechanical) control It is characteristic of all models of budget class. Usually it is presented in the form of the tap changer. Some models do not have the ability to control the temperature or pressure of water.

Water Heater Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 S

The budget model for temporary use Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 S 3.5 kW power with hydraulic control and three modes of operation. According to reviews, it is suitable for occasional use in a city apartment. Cold water from a well in the country heat device of this type could not

control principle is as follows. Levers or button located in an accessible place on the body, the stem is actuated. Depending on the position of the rod can vary the water pressure as a consequence - and temperature.

The main drawback of this type of models contained in the absence of precise adjustment and maintaining continuous operation. If the water pressure in the pipeline is weak, the unit may not turn on at all.

Via electronic mechanismmanagement You can set the desired maximum water pressure or heating.

Embedded microprocessors and sensors respond to pressure differences and temperature changing parameters according to the selected mode. By using different modes you can choose the optimal parameters to conserve power.

Water Heater Stiebel Eltron DHE

The three-phase instantaneous water heater Stiebel Eltron DHE pressure type with electronic power regulation and the water flow. Touch control, smooth adjustment of temperature from +20 ° C to +60 ° C, the indication on the LCD display

Lack of models with electronic control - the high price, the main advantage - the ability to select the desired mode (maximum, minimum, economical).

Mechanical control is acceptable when the device is set to serve one a shower or a sink - any time you can use the switch and change the settings. Electronic control well in those cases where one pressure cylinder serves several draw-off points.

Criterion # 3 - availability of additional options

The design of low-end models easy, because they do not have extra features, but the electronics equipment more expensive models makes the user's life more comfortable.

When choosing a look for features such as:

  • several modes of power;
  • indication on and heating;
  • overheat protection;
  • limitation temperature (maximum and minimum);
  • protection from hard water;
  • protection from scale;
  • a check valve;
  • programming function.

These characteristics peculiar to middle-class model worth 15-20 thousand. rub. In expensive instruments can be found more interesting, highly directional options. For example, AEG brand many articles suitable for connecting the solar - heating the inlet to +60 ° C.


The stream model AEG DDLE LCD and the ability to adjust the power from 18 kW to 24 kW. Additional functions: changing the color of the display when the temperature reaches 42,5 ° C from blue to red, the ECO option douche

The German company Stiebel Eltron has been issuing model in which besides the already familiar child lock (Rare protection specifically for water heaters), there is a set of useful tools, including 4 modes of contrast soul.

Criteria for selection of the gas column in accordance with the water flow and personal requirements listed here.

Features wall mounting

Instantaneous water heaters installed in a convenient place for the management, most of the wall near the sink or shower. For fastening the panels to the concrete or brick walls using dowels, a gypsum board (not recommended) - Special tools such as "moles". Positioning the product should be in accordance with the instructions, can not be rotated.

Degree of protection

If the water heating unit had planned to install about delivery point, ie, in the bathroom or in combination bathroom, make sure that the degree of protection was not lower than IPX4

Electrical connection must be carried out through RCDEspecially if the manufacturer does not provide the protective function of automatic shutdown.

Three-core copper wire stretch of the total flap from the ground, and then set or a differential switch or circuit breaker.

Scheme mounting instantaneous water heater

Scheme mounting instantaneous water heater: 1 - a pipe with cold water; 2 - valve (mixer); 3 - valves; 4 - Kit + filter check valve; 5 - RCD; 6 - the switch box

The supply pipes for pressure water heater better equip ball valves - for assembly / disassembly convenience. Remember that the free-flow device has only one nozzle - for connection of cold water.

More rules installation protochnikov you can find in the presented to your attention the article.

Rating known manufacturers

The main criteria on which there is evaluation of products well-known manufacturers - the quality of the warranty period, standard features, there are additional options, a variety of models.

product price can not be ignored, since each manufacturer has a range of low, medium and high price category.

Location # 1 - Stiebel Eltron

The German company Stiebel Eltron, producing flawless technique with a warranty of 3 years. It is known to release powerful pressure water heaters with a set of additional functions. Easy to install and easy to operate, many convenient modes, temperature and pressure - outstanding quality plus German reliability.

Model Stiebel Eltron DHB-E 13 SLi

Model Stiebel Eltron DHB-E SLi 13 for wall mounting. Power - 13 kW, protection class IP 25, electronic control, emergency stop function

Location # 2 - AEG

The German manufacturer AEG, proven excellent output quality. Devices are long and fall into a service center for repair is extremely rare.

In Russia, it has become a popular line of single-phase devices in a series of "mini", compact and economical.

Instantaneous water heater AEG MTD 570

Instantaneous water heater AEG MTD 570 cool design. Power 5.7 kW; Performance - 2.9 l / min; by hydraulic control temperature adjustment is performed

Place # 3 - Electrolux

The Swedish company Electrolux, known for a variety of models of middle segment.

Compact but powerful enough devices are cheaper than German analogues by the use in the construction of less durable materials. Most of the products made in China.

Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic

Flow model Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic power of 5.7 kW with an electron-mechanical control. Equipped with an automatic on / off function, the maximum heating temperature - +50 ° C

Place # 4 - Atmor

Israeli stamp Atmor, producing budget device for home and garden. Compact devices with mechanical control have multiple modes of operation, well streamlined automation and protection from overheating.

Model Atmor Basic

Atmor Basic model for the soul. It has three modes - a heating power kW 2/3/5 present temperature control (maximum - +50 ° C), indication, complete fixing kit and a shower nozzle with the flexible hose

Location # 5 - Timberk

The Swedish company Timberk, producing several series of low-cost flow-through water heaters. Primalux and Watermaster popular ruler. The devices are not demanding of the water pressure, has a compact and modern design.

Model Timberk Primalux WHEL-7

Model Timberk Primalux WHEL-7 capacity of 6.5 kW, intended for a shower. Productivity - 4.5 l / min; water protection class - IPX4; It has three power levels and fine filter

These models are popular in Russia, and available in an assortment of many online stores. Prices may vary depending on the exchange rate and the marketing concept to sell the company.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Some useful tips presented in the videos, will help you make the right choice.

Subtleties selection flow-type water heater are discussed in the following video:

Useful information about the design and function of instantaneous water heaters:

Options for power calculation:

Series Overview Watermaster brand Timberk:

As you can see, the choice is quite wide instantaneous water heaters. Before buying, decide to capacity, consider the model from different vendors, ask about the presence of additional options and purchase a device that best meet your needs.

If you have questions - contact the sales assistant and study the instructions carefully.

Comment, please, we submitted to the consideration of the material in the block, located below. Here you can ask questions and share experiences in the selection and operation of the instantaneous water heater.

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