Proper cabbage pickups at home

The pickling of cabbage is carried out if the need arises to thin the crops or to provide the seedlings with the necessary nutrients until they are transplanted into open beds.

Table of Contents

  • Need for cabbage seating
  • When can a pick be done?
  • Seating options
  • How to thin out seedlings at home?
    • Preparation
    • Features
    • Rules and Scheme
  • How to care for picked out seedlings?

The need for cabbage seating

When the sprouts form one or two leaves, the seedlings should dive into small containers. This is necessary to improve lighting, expanding the nutritional areas for the roots, and strengthening them.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dive

Perform the event if the seeds are sown early, the first harvest is calculated at the beginning of the summer season, and weather conditions make it impossible to replant the seedlings into unprotected soil. At the same time in the house the plants begin to wither from a lack of nutrients and excessive thickening. There are several other reasons why picking will benefit you:

  • thick crops, which are meant to swoop down later, make it possible to save space on the windowsills;
  • in the process, you can replace the depleted soil composition;
  • when picking, it is easy to remove diseased and weak sprouts;
  • seedlings receive the required amount of light and nutrients, by the time of transplantation into the soil it is growing, developing roots.
However, it should be realized that the benefit can only be obtained from the correct and timely picking procedure, because the plants still get damaged and need additional time to recover.

It turns out that picking delays the development of the seedling. In addition, the root, damaged, begins to form the lobes of the lateral processes, capturing large areas of nutrition. At the same time, the main root is reduced, not allowing the plant to obtain moisture and nutrition, which is why it is necessary to irrigate more often.

Cabbage diving is considered a costly business, not only in cash, but also in time, sometimes the result does not justify the costs.

Schematic representation of a pick

When can I perform a pick?

In the southern areas of cabbage, you can simply sow in the beds. But closer to the north, where the summer is not so long, the seedling method is used to obtain good yields. That is, young shoots of the initial period of their growing season are at home. It helps to artificially extend the warm season, the cabbage grows and ripens fully.

Many gardeners have mastered this method perfectly, but to obtain high-quality seedlings, one should observe the optimal timing of its dive.

The устDколраб и Кап, Кап

Among other things, it is necessary to decide in advance about the lighting of seedlings - to organize their lighting up.

Seedlings before picking

Seating options

Such work can be done in two ways.

The first option - transplant. To facilitate the task, the seedlings are watered a couple of hours before the procedure. After that, the wetted earthen lump is easily removed from the landing tank. This method allows, if necessary, to pinch the main root in order for the plant to form side branches. It is recommended to hold the seedling during transplantation with the leaves, in order not to accidentally damage the thin stem. The method is also good because you can check the results of your work by gently jerking the sapling up by the leaves. If the picking failed, then the plant will come out of the ground without any problems. This means that the soil is not very tight to the stem and roots.

Transfer - the second method of picking seedlings. It is good that the root system of seedlings does not take any damage. Seedlings do not need time to adapt, their development does not stop.

When growing seedlings, many prefer to use cups of paper or polyethylene. In addition, there are also film containers. For this, the film is cut into rectangular stripes, rolled up into tubes, sealed. Tanks without donuts are installed in the landing box tightly, filled with soil composition, compacted.

You can also apply nutritional cubes. To do this, the soil is laid in a box, leveled and compacted. Then, using a plywood sheet, the contents of the landing tank are cut into cubes. In the center of each cube a recess is arranged with a thin wand, where the seedlings will spike.

How to thin out seedlings at home?

Already found that picking seedlings will provide not only new areas for food, but also allow you to update the soil composition. It is recommended to dive only healthy, mature seedlings, rejecting curves that have damage and even small thickenings on the roots.

The plant will receive sufficient nutrition if the volume of the soil composition for this is from 150 to 180 ml.

Preparation of

Cabbage shoots need to be shed well, so that they can be easily removed and root damage is minimal. Naturally, you should prepare pots, cups or cubes in advance, make up the soil mixture. For this, 10 g of potassium chloride and 20 g of superphosphates and ammonium nitrate are added to a bucket of soil. The dimensions of the landing tanks should be “six by six by eight” centimeters.

Features of

When diving, use a small wooden spatula or a teaspoon stalk, carefully picking up a seedling with an earthy bundle and moving it to another place. If the central root is too elongated, you can pinch it. But it will be better if you save it in the whole condition.

Adding feed before picking.

Rules and scheme

The seedling is deepened to the cotyledon leaf that appeared first. This option stimulates the formation of additional roots, increases the nutrition of the germ. Having finished transplanting, seedlings need to be watered, sheltered from direct sunlight for a couple of days, create a temperature regime within ten degrees of heat at night and thirteen in the afternoon.

Seedlings are spiked according to the “six by six” pattern, the depth of the soil layer should be eight centimeters.

How to care for spiked seedlings?

As soon as the sprouts take root and resume development, they can be fed with mullein, diluted with “one to five” water. It is possible to add 3g of superphosphate to this composition per liter or bird droppings diluted 1 to 15. In a couple of weeks, it is permitted to carry out a second feeding with the same mullein infusion. For each liter, add 6 g of superphosphate, 4 - ammonium nitrate, 2 - potassium chloride. On the eve of the landing, it would not be superfluous to perform a similar procedure again.

In warm weather, the containers with seedlings can be taken out to the balcony, tidying up at night in heat. A week before transplantation into the ground, hardening is organized. Do not forget to water, gently loosen the top layer of soil and remove weeds.

If you have fully complied with all the recommendations, then in the future you will have a good harvest of cabbage. It is only necessary to determine for themselves the option of planting cabbage, properly carry out a pick.

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