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  • 7 solutions how to hide a gas column or fit it into the interior
  • Features of repair and design of a kitchen with a gas column

Yes, and requires careful handling. In this article, we will explain what can be done with this useful, but not simple device, and how to plan the renovation and design of a kitchen with a gas stove without sacrificing storage reserves, beauty of the interior, your wallet and security. And here you will find a selection of 40 interior photos from which you can draw a lot of useful ideas.

7 solutions, how to hide a gas column or organically fit it into the interior

Solution 1. Transfer to the corridor

Transfer the gas column to the corridor is justified when the kitchen is very small and there is a catastrophic lack of storage space. However, the implementation of this idea is rather troublesome and is possible only if the following requirements are met:

  • The corridor must be wide - the distance between the front wall of the enclosure of the installed column and the opposite wall must be at least 1 m;
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  • The ceiling height of the corridor should be at least 2.25 m, and the volume of the room is allowed from 7.5 m3;
  • In the corridor there should be a ventilation duct and a chimney with a diameter of 125 mm;
  • The wall on which the column will be installed should be capital.

Keep in mind that the transfer of the gas column should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the SNiP and almost always only after coordination with the gas and housing services.

Solution 2. Transfer within the kitchen

The idea of ​​transferring a column to the corridor is radical and not always possible, but transfer within the kitchen is quite feasible. Often this solution helps to more conveniently organize the workspace or hide the device where it is least visible. Below the photo shows a photo of the kitchen interior in the Khrushchev with a gas column in the corner.

The easiest way to coordinate the transfer of the gas column at a distance of not more than 1.5 meters from the "native" place on the same wall. It is important that the column is not placed above the slab.

Transferring a column to a greater distance will officially be considered no longer a transfer, but a replacement and laying of new gas lines, so legitimization will be much more complicated and longer.

Solution 3. Installing into an

cabinet Installing a gas stove in a locker is the best, but not always legal way to disguise a gas stove. In some cities it is allowed and actively practiced, in others it is strictly prohibited. To avoid fines or, even worse, accidents, develop a project for the installation, then be sure to consult with the local gas service and get official permission.

How to hide a gas column in the kitchen cabinet correctly and safely?

  • The gas column with an open combustion chamber must be hidden in a false cabinet without top and bottom; the side walls of the cabinet must be at least 15 cm away from the side walls of the device. It is desirable to make the facade lattice, as in the photo example below. All these requirements are needed for ventilation, creating the right traction and your safety.

By the way, in this way you can hide a gas column not in a false cabinet, but. .. in a false hood. An example of such a disguise, you can see in the next photo slider.

  • A geyser with a closed combustion chamber is easier to build in - the cabinet can have a bottom and top, side walls mounted close to the device, and a solid door.

  • It is desirable that the gas column was installed at about the same level as the wall cabinets.

Solution 4. Design of facades and apron in white

Most gas water heaters have metal cases in white. Why not take advantage of this? After all, having decorated the kitchen apron and the fronts of the headset with white, you will kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Create a background in which the gas water heater, the meter and the standpipe will simply "dissolve" and will be almost imperceptible regardless of their location;
  2. At the expense of white color you visually increase a small space and make it lighter.

Thus, you will not have to complicate, increase the cost and delay the kitchen renovation and the design of the headset, and the device itself will always be available for those.service. Perhaps it is this way of integrating the water heater into the interior is the easiest and, at the same time, effective. By the way, care for white surfaces, contrary to myths, is as simple as for surfaces of any other color. Moreover, light shades are much more practical than dark ones( if we are not talking about fabrics) and visually make the interior more tidy. Below the photo shows an example of a white kitchen design in a Khrushchev with a gas stove, which itself is part of the headset.

And here is an example of a gas column disguise against a white wall.

  • Gas column in the interior of the kitchen with white walls in the house of the old foundation
  • Gas column in the interior of the kitchen with white walls in the house of the old foundation

See also material: Design and repair of the kitchen in Khrushchev - 13 tried and tested solutions.

However, it is not necessary to arrange the walls and the apron in white. In order for the appliance to be organically inscribed in the interior, it is sufficient to support it with other white elements, for example, an extractor hood and an oven, as in this design project of a kitchen in the style of country music.

Solution 5. Painting the column to match the wall / facade

If you do not want to adjust the design of the kitchen under the gas column, then do the opposite and adapt it to the interior. To do this, simply paint the case to match the background( walls, apron), to match the facades, or to any color accents that are in the kitchen. The principle of operation is simple: first, the body should be oiled a little, then covered with a primer and let it dry;and then apply paint, or rather heat-resistant enamel from a can or with the aid of a spray gun in a couple of layers. Thanks to the sprayer, the paint will lay down evenly, and no one will ever guess that the painting is not factory-made. By the way, there are a great many shades of heat-resistant enamels, and you can choose the one you need.

Solution 6.

column decoration The geyser will not spoil the interior if it is skillfully decorated. For example, you can decorate the body of the water heater with vinyl stickers, decoupage or artistic painting. You can also buy a column with a ready-made pattern from the manufacturer. The main thing is to approach the choice of design of the column responsibly - it should be combined with the color scheme of the kitchen and fit it in style. In this case, the interior itself should be decorated with restraint and mostly in neutral colors. Otherwise, the decorated column will only spoil the look of the kitchen, it will look coarse and make you feel a mess.

Solution 7. Interior design in “rustic” or industrial style

Fans of country styles( country, provence, rustic, Russian country style, etc.), as well as loft and industrial style, have no reason to worry about the appearance of engineering communications. Indeed, in such interiors, a gas heater, a meter, pipes and risers should not be hidden, but, on the contrary, used as an interior decoration and an authentic attribute of a rustic / industrial setting. For better effect, the column can be artificially aged.

  • Small kitchen with gas stove in country style
  • Small kitchen with gas stove in country style
  • Small kitchen with gas stove in country style
  • Small kitchen with gas stove in country style

Repair and design kitchen with gas stove

Plan design and repairkitchens with a gas stove need to look at the fire safety rules, the requirements of ventilation and ergonomics. Here are some important tips that will help you arrange your workspace in the best possible way.

  1. If you are equipping a kitchen from scratch, then it is advisable to think about the location of the gas column, the layout and interior design before renovating and buying furniture. Then you will have more room for maneuver and fewer problems. For example, you can move a column, change it to a more modern or appropriate model for a future setting, improve ventilation and chimney at the same time, adjust the color scheme of the interior to fit the column, etc.
  2. It is advisable to purchase a kitchen set to order regardless of whether you plan to build a water heaterin the closet or not. This will allow you to build a headset without errors and use every centimeter with advantage.
  3. Can I install a suspended ceiling in the kitchen with a gas water heater? It is possible if the height of the room with the installed canvas will be not less than 2.25 m, and there will be at least 8 cm from the opening of the chimney to the ceiling. At the same time, it is desirable to equip the chimney not with an aluminum corrugated pipe that heats up very much, but with a sandwich withthermal insulation layer. So the ceiling will not be damaged by heat( from the products of combustion leaving the chimney) and will not become an obstacle to traction. If necessary, the chimney hole can be lowered slightly.
  4. Walls in the kitchen with a gas column should not be trimmed with wallpaper or plastic panels( at least near the column), since these materials can deteriorate / melt under the influence of heat. Ideally, the walls should simply be plastered, painted or decorated with ceramic tiles( see photo).

Compact kitchen with gas stove and walls lined with ceramic tiles

  1. In the kitchen with a gas column, you always need a constant inflow of fresh air( 50-90 cubic meters per hour).This is necessary both for your safety and for the stability of the combustion unit. Therefore, when installing plastic windows, select those that have the function of micro-ventilation, that is, special accessories that allow opening windows with micropits from 3 to 7 mm. Both in winter and summer, kitchen windows with a gas stove should be opened in this mode. If wooden windows are planned or already installed in the kitchen, then the question of passive ventilation will be solved by itself due to their natural microglobes. The main thing is not to overdo it with waterproofing, window seals and insulation.
  2. For even more efficient air supply, built-in ventilation valves embedded in the wall, for example, Kiv-125 or KPV-125, will help. It is advisable to take care of their installation before repairs, so as not to spoil the finish.
  3. In the kitchen with a gas column, both the supply and exhaust systems should work balanced. Therefore, it is necessary to invite professional ventilators to check the chimney and the ventilation duct. If necessary, they need to be put in order. And, of course, when arranging the kitchen, do not make the roughest and, unfortunately, a common mistake - do not cover the ventilation channel with either drywall boxes, wallpaper, or furniture.
  4. And the last piece of advice - “in any incomprehensible situation”, consult with the gas service and act in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.
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