Fireplaces for apartments, houses, cottages - tips and tricks

A wood-burning fireplace in a country house or a bio-fireplace for an apartment, a summer house, bought in a shop or made by hand is a source of living fire that has always been associated with warmth and comfort. As the old adage goes, one can look at the fire endlessly: it pacifies, fascinates, creates a special atmosphere.

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Biofireplace, photo:

Fireplaces have always served a person as a source of heat, but today they are increasingly being used as an interior item, an object for contemplation. If you are the owner of a private or holiday home, you can safely install a classic wood-burning fireplace that will perform several functions at the same time. But what if you live in an apartment, and the desire to have your own hearth is so great? There is a way out - biofireplace, eco-friendly, safely equipped, not requiring approval and permission from representatives of relevant authorities.

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Bio-fireplace - what is it?

This is a fundamentally new phenomenon in interior design. This design technique allows you to bring the atmosphere and charm of a living fire, even in the most modest in size room. A fireplace can be installed anywhere, you will not need additional installation of flue systems, it runs on a special fuel that does not emit harmful substances, smoke and soot. Cases( portals) of such fireplaces are made of a wide variety of materials, so you can always choose the design that will look harmonious in your interior.

Glass, precious woods, marble, wild stone, granite, ceramics, and metal are most often used to decorate biofireplaces. Biofireplaces for the home are wall-mounted, built-in, floor and even desktop( mini-versions).Their shape can also be any: square, round, flask-shaped, in the form of a pyramid or some other geometric figure. The room in which such a fireplace is installed should be periodically ventilated, since oxygen is burned during its operation.

The advantages of biofireplaces:

  • economical;
  • many useful features;
  • do not require special care;
  • wide selection of models and sizes;
  • easy installation;
  • does not require a permit for installation and operation;
  • the ability to move the device to any place;
  • does not require a chimney.

Also in customer reviews, air humidification in the room is mentioned, because water vapor is released during the burning of biofuels. Relatively low price, especially in comparison with wood analogues, is also a kind of advantage.

Bio-fireplaces - disadvantages:

  • device is not suitable for heating;
  • need to monitor the amount of fuel;
  • alcohol odor;
  • fuel price.

This type of fireplace is rather for contemplation, and not for space heating, since the heat generated by it is insignificant. Nobody canceled the observance of safety rules - it is a source of fire, therefore it is undesirable to leave children and pets alone in the room where the biofire fireplace works. A slight smell of alcohol is present, especially when kindling a fireplace. The cost of a liter of fuel varies from 180 to 300 rubles. But, despite the listed nuances, today more and more people are eager to purchase a biofire fireplace, and the reviews on the relevant forums and online stores are optimistic. Among my friends there are also happy owners of this wonderful device, and some have made it personally, but this will be discussed later. I will cite here( see below) a few reviews from the owners.

In addition to reviews, I want to add that such a unit can have a variety of dimensions.

Today you can purchase any biofireplace, the dimensions of which will be tailored to your individual measurements. Also, the model range of ready-made devices of all sizes and shapes: corner, wall, floor, built-in, desktop is also incredibly wide. Let's look at each of the options in more detail.

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Biofireplaces for the home, which are

The range of biofireplaces of all sizes and shapes: corner, wall, floor, built-in, desktop, is incredibly wide. Let's look at each of the options in more detail.

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Built-in biofireplaces

These models are considered to be among the most popular, they can be rectangular, round, closed glass-ceramic screen or open. The case of such devices is made of steel, designed to interact with high temperatures. At will such biofireplaces can be established not only in a wall, but also in pieces of furniture( for example, in a table).Quite often in the pictures you can see the biofireplace under the TV - it looks beautiful, practical, the device performs its functions and does not take place in the room. TV is most often located in the living room, all family members gather there, so the fireplace is constantly visible.

Similarly, under the TV can be located both floor and mounted version, but it is biofireplaces built in looks more modern. A specially equipped niche is prepared for it, which is covered with( sheathed) materials that are not amenable to burning. Decorative frame is made in the general style of the interior, as a result, the whole design looks harmonious. If the bio fireplace and TV are located close to each other, the heat generated by the fireplace must be taken into account. To the bottom of the TV does not heat up, you can also “deepen” it into the wall or withstand a distance of 1 meter between them.

Biofireplace and TV:

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Floor biofireplace

Convenient in all respects - it can be moved from room to room, change its location in the room. The design of such fireplaces is varied, you can always choose the device with just such an exterior finish, which will be in harmony with the interior of your home. In a word, the floor version includes all the above described characteristics of biofireplaces, only it can be moved around the house at its discretion.

Floor biofireplaces, photo:

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Wall mounted biofireplace

This is an ideal solution for classrooms, offices, small rooms. In principle, a wall mounted fireplace can be placed anywhere, even in the bathroom. It does not take up much space, is often used as a nightlight, the body of such a device is made of heat-resistant materials. Wall-mounted biofireplaces can be of any shape and size. For heavy machines, a secure fit is required.

Wall mounted biofireplaces:

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Tabletop biofireplace

Models of this type - a source of living fire right on your desk or on a shelf. It can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room, it will look appropriate everywhere, and its presence will significantly change the familiar interior. The design of desktop biofireplaces is so diverse that anyone can find an option according to their taste. Acceptable cost of such mobile devices will not cause significant damage to your budget. The small desktop biofireplace will change even the smallest room.

Desktop biofireplaces:

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The device of the biofireplace

In fact, the device of this unit is quite simple - the combustion part and exterior finish. In the furnace part there is a fuel tank - a closed tank into which fuel is poured. This capacity is connected to the nozzle, the larger the combustion part - the more these nozzles. During the evaporation of fuel( the main ingredient of which is ethanol), ethanol vapor enters the nozzle and ignites from the source of fire( in our case it is a special piezo-lighter with a long “nose”).Also in biofireplaces there is a flap( cover slider), which allows you to adjust the force of the flame and extinguish it when needed, in some models it is installed additionally. The volume of the fuel tank depends on the size of the bio fireplace. On average, 1 liter of flammable liquid completely burns out in 2-2.5 or 3 hours.

How does the fireplace work? Initially, a special combustible mixture is poured into the fuel tank( which will be discussed later).Immediately after fueling, it is recommended to light the fireplace, for this you need to use only the corresponding piezo lighters. Matches or ordinary lighters can not be used! During ignition, for the sake of your own safety, deviate from the fuel tank, not always, but sometimes vapors of flammable liquid can trigger a flash. At first, the fire will be blue, but after a couple of minutes it will turn to normal orange. With the help of the valve you can control the power of fire, you can also turn off the heating function - this nuance becomes especially relevant in hot summer. To extinguish the flame before the liquid burns out, use a flame arrester, only with its help you can put out the fire and nothing else!

Remember - in no case can not add flammable liquid during operation of the fireplace! In working condition biofireplace in the interior of and can warm up to + 150 ° C, which is why it is not recommended to put any objects on its body. Also, it is impossible to cool the biofireplace by force, it should cool itself, only after complete cooling you can remove the remnants of the combustion product. During operation of the fireplace, vapors of the fuel liquid are burning, fuel consumption also depends on the strength of the flame( it can be adjusted).By the way, in the presence of a biofireplace with a burner, which has a compartment for aromatherapy, you can periodically organize aromatic sessions at home.

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Fuel for biofireplaces

For refueling the fuel tank, special fuel is used, the main component of which is ethanol, which is essentially pure alcohol. In order to produce a flammable liquid for bio fireplaces, ethanol undergoes a process of denaturation. During burning, the methylated substance forms a steady flame, does not provoke the occurrence of sparks, soot, soot and smoke. It also does not contain toxic compounds, which is why it is called biofuel. The so-called "refueling" for biofireplaces is sold in small canisters of 2, 2.5 or 5-10 liters, for about 1 hour of work of the biofireplace, approximately 0.35 liters are consumed. On this basis, it is possible to make a preliminary calculation of fuel consumption - if the heating reservoir of the fireplace holds 2.5 liters of liquid, then your biofire fireplace can continuously work for about 10 hours.

You can also make fuel for a biofireplace yourself, for this you have to buy 70% medical alcohol and add gasoline to it for refilling lighters. It must be gasoline( not liquid gas).For 1 liter of alcohol, you will need 60-80 g of gasoline, the ingredients should be well mixed( it is better to do this just before pouring into the tank).It is necessary to fill in fuel only in the cooled fireplace, thus the fuel tank should not be filled to the edges, filling on a third will be quite enough. Keep fuel in places inaccessible to children, and even more so should not leave the tank with fuel near the working biofireplace. When the unit is turned off, there should be no fuel left in its tank - this is important.


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How to make a biofire fireplace with your own hands?

This is where we come to the most interesting part, practical and to some extent creative. If you try, then such a unit can be made by yourself, a small bio-fireplace for giving will not require any special knowledge from you, and the result will certainly please you. The main thing is to think over its design in advance, observe the required distances between the walls, the upper part and the source of fire, select the appropriate materials and work through all the steps.

How to make a fireplace:

  1. To get started, stock up with the necessary materials and tools: glass( size, approximate to an A4 sheet of paper), glass cutter, silicone sealant( for gluing glass).You will also need a piece of metal mesh( fine mesh construction mesh or even a steel grate from the oven), an iron box( it will serve as the fuel compartment, so it’s best to choose a steel box).You will also need heat-resistant stones, it may even be pebbles, lace( the future wick for a fireplace), biofuel.
  2. It is important to make correct calculations, for example, the distance from the source of the fire( the burner) to the glass must be at least 17 cm( so that the glass does not burst from overheating).The number of burners is determined by the size of the room in which the biofireplace will be installed. If the room is small( 15 or 17 m²), then one burner will be enough for such an area.
  3. The fuel compartment is a square metal box, keep in mind, the larger its size - the further the source of fire from the glass will be located. This box can be painted with a paint of a suitable shade, but only outside! Inside it must be “clean” so that the paint does not catch fire and does not begin to emit toxic substances.
  4. Take 4 glass fragments( their dimensions should correspond to the dimensions of the metal box) and glue them with silicone sealant. We should have something like an aquarium, but without a bottom. For the duration of the sealant drying, all sides of the “aquarium” can be supported with resistant objects and left in this state until the binding mass is completely set( this is approximately 24 hours).
  5. After a specified time, excess sealant can be gently removed using a construction knife with a thin blade.
  6. We take an iron can( you can use a container from under some canned product), fill it with biofuel and install it in a metal box. It is important that she had thick walls! But the best option is a stainless steel tank.
  7. Next, according to the size of the fuel box, cut a metal grid and install it on top of it. For reliability, the grid can be fixed, but keep in mind that you will periodically lift it to fill an iron jar with biofuel.
  8. We place pebbles or stones that you have chosen on top of the grate - they are not only decoration, but also help to distribute heat evenly.
  9. We take a string and form a wick for a bio fireplace, one end is dropped in a jar with biofuel.

A wick impregnated with a combustible mixture can be ignited using a thin wooden stick or a long mantelpiece, or a splinter. This is the easiest way to create a bio-fireplace with your own hands, more complex counterparts are made using guide profiles, drywall, tiles and other materials. The principle of creating a "burner", casing and fuel compartment is similar. To replenish fuel reserves, you will need to remove the stones and lift the metal grill, but you can use a large syringe and send a stream of flammable liquid between the cells of the grille, directly into an iron jar.

I want to pay special attention to the “heart” of the whole structure - the burner. A biofireplace burner is, in other words, a tank for fuel. Factory burners have already been manufactured to all the required standards, the most reliable material is stainless steel, this burner will last a very long time without deformation, oxidation and corrosion. A good burner should be thick-walled so that it does not deform when heated. Also pay attention to the integrity of the burner - there should not be any cracks or any other damage on it! Under the influence of high temperatures, any crack increases in size. To avoid spillage of fuel and subsequent fire, treat this nuance especially meticulously. By the way, if you make your own bio fireplace, you can make another version of the burner. To do this, it is necessary to fill the white glass wool into the steel tank not too tightly, cover it from above with a grid( or grid) cut to the size of the tank. Then simply pour in the alcohol and ignite the burner.

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Street biofireplaces

We should also mention the outdoor fireplaces, in which the principle of operation is very similar to their home counterparts. They were originally designed to be placed outdoors, but their purpose is the same - the decoration of the area and the delight of the spectators.

Often they have large sizes, elongated shape of the structure or vice versa - made in the form of a round hearth. In the dark these biofireplaces look impressive, the fire is visible from afar, the elongated aggregates resemble a burning torch, and the round ones look like a fire. During the day, such fireplaces look quite harmoniously, like a stone figure or a hill of artistically laid stones.

Street biofireplaces are placed in the back yards, in the barbecue area, near the pools, at the entrance to the territory. If you set fire in the biofireplace with the evening, then ordinary gatherings with friends in the open air or even a solemn reception of guests, associated with an important event, will long remain in the memory of the guests.

Street biofirepairs are very heavy and resistant so that sudden gusts of wind or any other effects do not move the device from the place and do not damage it. For the manufacture of such units used glass, stainless steel, heavy natural stones.

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Fireplaces - reviews from the owners of

This type of fireplace is rather for contemplation, but not for space heating, since the heat generated by it is negligible. Nobody canceled the observance of safety rules - it is a source of fire, therefore it is undesirable to leave children and pets alone in the room where the biofire fireplace works. A slight smell of alcohol is present, especially when kindling a fireplace. The cost of a liter of fuel varies from 180 to 300 rubles. But, despite the listed nuances, today more and more people are striving to purchase a bio fireplace. Reviews on relevant forums and online stores are optimistic. Among my friends there are also happy owners of this wonderful device, and some have made it personally, but this will be discussed later. I will cite here a few reviews from the owners.

  • “We were warned that this fireplace is more for the joy of the eyes, not for heating, but in practice it still gives heat, albeit insignificant. The 20m² country living room heats up quite well, but immediately after it is turned off, the cold is felt. ”
  • “Our biofireplace outer casing is made of shiny material, so more light comes from the flame. We bought the wall option, by the way, to hang the device on the wall, a special niche is not required. "
  • “We bought a corner biofireplace, put it in the country. The atmosphere was immediately transformed, comfort and a feeling of home appeared. If you sit close to it, it feels warm. Such a fireplace did not require additional installations of chimney and exhaust: installed, poured fuel - use on health ".
  • “I bought a biofireplace - it looks stylish, does not smell like burning, to create a romantic atmosphere, you can turn it on even in summer. Ventilation of the room, of course, is necessary, because the flame burns oxygen. The unit perfectly performs the role of a night lamp. ”
  • “The ideal solution for a small city apartment, of course, if you adore to look at the fire! I have a small desktop fireplace, takes up little space, creates comfort and brings romantic thoughts. Like everyone, guests are delighted with this innovation. The smell of alcohol is not audible, I buy high-quality fuel. ”
  • “I bought a small biofireplace in the office for myself, it immediately became noticeably warmer and more comfortable. The device is easy to maintain, sometimes I wipe off dust and add fuel — that's it. The fireplace works almost constantly, everyone is happy. "

In addition to reviews, I want to add that such a unit can have a variety of dimensions. Today you can purchase any biofireplace, the dimensions of which will be tailored to your individual measurements.

And in the city apartment the biofireplaces look just great. Even if the apartment is small - for this you can pick up a wall fireplace - it takes up very little space. Of course, the outdoor fireplace looks better in a large apartment. But even in a small one, it can create an atmosphere of comfort. Our apartment is not very small and my husband and I could not determine which fireplace is better - floor or wall. As a result, we chose the wall, since it is probably safer for children. Frankly, I didn’t really have time to appreciate all the charm of the fireplace, but I already noted some advantages. Children love to admire the flame, and I have a free moment while they are passionate about. They scared me with the smell, but it is not there, by the way, neither smoke nor soot, either. Knowledgeable people explained that you need to buy good fuel and then there will be no problems. The smell appears because of poor-quality fuel. Well, of course, the guests really like it - everything is just ecstatic.
http: // showthread.php? T = 5841957 & page = 3
We were initially told that biofireplaces do not heat the room, but are used only for decoration. In practice, biofireplace warms and the air temperature rises markedly( installed in the country house in the living room - 22 sq.m., ceiling 2.3 m).Heat begins to flow into the room immediately after ignition. Among the shortcomings it can be noted that after the flame is extinguished, the temperature in the room immediately becomes significantly lower. So, going out of town for Christmas or simply, having decided to eat a barbecue against the background of a snow-covered garden, we take with us a sufficient amount of fuel. If we go to the dacha for a couple of days, there are more containers with fuel for the fireplace in quantity than containers with “fuel” for us.
http: // gbook
Initially, the fireplace did not seem suitable. They didn’t even pay attention to him. They were only interested in the store. Due to the fact that the walls of the hearth are made of shiny metal, the fire creates more light. In addition, the back wall does not require embedding - the fireplace can be hung without a niche in the wall. Children were taught to the fire as follows - first, strict instructions from the pope, then the first show and the ability to set fire to themselves. Satisfied, happy, play only under supervision. Fuel clean away.
http: // gbook
I don’t regret buying a bio fireplace! The revolutionary super-mega-thing.
Eldar Fidrya
https: // dizayn-debaty-biokaminy-to-eshche-udovolystvie
I don't have a biofireplace, but I once observed one in my work. I liked it very much, especially since the real fire is visible. BUT!Half an hour later my head ached terribly. There was no smell from the fuel, it was 100% quality. But apparently something still stands out. Then there were a few more attempts - and again a terrible headache. So, it is better to check how you will feel next to such a fireplace.
http: // showthread.php? T = 5841957
Of the biofireplaces, the best are Danish. I acquired in Expostroy on Nakhimov. I came to see everything live, because the pictures are one thing and live is completely different. The consultant explained everything to me, the difference between the models, advised me, picked up several options that would suit me. In general, I was pleased with these biofireplaces and advice. As a result, acquired the model New York c white frame. We did not hang it on the wall but drowned it in the wall and it turned out I had such a built-in fireplace. The company is called Decoflame, if you go to Expostroy visit them, look.
Svetlana 50
http: // biokamini-t1205.html
I have had a fireplace for about a year. And what I like most about him is that it can be rearranged like any other furniture. I love change, and regularly make some changes in my apartment. If I had a regular fireplace, I would be tightly attached to it. And so I have furniture traveled all over the apartment three times already.
https: // otzyvy

So, what have we learned?. . Biofireplaces for the home need ordinary care - wiping the exterior parts with a soft cloth, glass parts can be cleaned with glass cleaners. The heating compartment can be periodically cleaned with hot soapy water. Of course, all treatments should be performed when the fireplace is turned off and cooled. The fact that it is impossible to add fuel during the operation of the unit, has already been mentioned above. If you want to add flammable liquid to the tank, then after turning off the device should take at least 15-20 minutes. Also, during the operation of the bio fireplace it is not recommended to touch the parts located in the immediate vicinity of the hot elements( fuel block, stones, grate).Install biofireplace far from flammable interior items( curtains, bookcases, etc.).The surface on which the fireplace stands must be absolutely flat and strong. If you follow these simple rules, then any unit, be it a factory model or a bio-fireplace for an apartment, made by your own hands, will serve you for many years and delight you with the warmth of a real hearth.

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