How to check the washing machine without connecting to the water

Decided to buy a washing machine? It doesn’t matter whether you order the equipment through the Internet or choose it in the store: in any case, it is possible to check the AGR normally only after connecting to the water supply system. But what if there is no such possibility? It remains to trust their own eyes and sensations. How to check the performance of the washing machine in the store or on delivery home, we will tell in the publication.

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  • 1 What to check first in the washing machine
    • 1.1 When buying a new machine
    • 1.2 When buying a used machine

What to check first in the washing machine

The easiest way to check the appearance of the product. How does the body of the washer look, if there are no dents on it, damages, scratches, how well the car panel is painted. Every little thing matters, because the technique should serve more than one year. So, carefully inspect:

  • outer shell of the washer;
  • inner surface of the drum, how easily it rotates by hand;
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  • documentation, ticket, instruction;
  • complete set - must be all hoses for connection;
  • Does the technology work when turned on;
  • whether there are bolts in place for transportation — this is important when transporting a car;
  • dosing tray panel.

Let us consider in detail each item:

machine body. As mentioned above, the case must be free from defects. Make sure that the car is not dropped - scratches and dents can tell about it. If the equipment has already been in use, be sure to check the bottom at the time of corrosion. Washing with traces of rust is not recommended to take, it will serve not for long.

Be careful when inspecting equipment! Especially when delivering a new washing machine to the house. It is better to allocate enough time to check than to engage in the return of goodsEspecially after the purchase of equipment, the seller may not accept charges of damage.

Dispenser for detergents. Open the tray, inspect its compartments, smell it. The serviceable element must be dry, clean, and odorless. So you can make sure that you have not used the washer before. For used equipment, it is normal to smell detergents, but not mildew and mustiness. If mold, fungus or petrified powder is observed - refuse to purchase.

Control Panel. Pay attention to all keys, levers and selectors. Whether the elements are working properly, the buttons should not fall down and stick. Pressing should be easy. If there is a display on the panel, connect the CMA to the network. Check that all selected programs and modes are displayed on the screen.

Door hatch. The serviceability of the door can be checked by opening and closing it. The door should fit snugly to the case, the handle should move normally. Ensure that the hinge hinges do not sag, and the latch easily falls into the lock hole. Normally the hatch cuff will be whole, clean. Bend the edge of the cuff - there should be no moisture, mold or foreign objects.

Drum. This is one of the most important parts of a washing machine. The washing of your clothes will depend on the quality of the surface.

You can check how smooth the drum cover is with a nylon stocking or tights. Put them on your hand, walk on the surface. Stocking whole and intact? So everything is in order.

Spin the drum with your hand. It should spin with a slight stretch, not too easy. At the same time there should be no extraneous sounds, creaking. Shake it up and down. If there is a large gap between the drum and the housing, this indicates bearing wear.

Bolts for transportation. They are on the back of the washer. Check the number of bolts, pay attention to how they are installed. If the slope is visible, it means that the car was dropped during transportation and the tank was shifted to the side. We advise you to abandon this purchase. In modern washers, the tank is made of plastic, which could crack and be damaged. A replacement tank will pour you into the cost of new technology. Also the bolts should not be scratched. This indicates that they were removed, and probably the SMA was already being repaired.

Support legs. Included with the new technology are the legs. At second-hand at styralok they have to be installed. Check the condition of the legs, how evenly they lie on the floor.

Equipment and hoses. Of course, in the store you will not be able to check the operation of the hoses, so visually inspect them for integrity. Recount the number of bolts, nuts, fasteners that will be needed for installation.

We reviewed the main recommendations when choosing washing machines. Here's another helpful tip. Since it is difficult to test a washer without a water connection, use the simple method:

  • Connect the equipment to the network.
  • Set the spin mode.

  • So you will see how the drum and the drain pump works.

You can perform checks at home with the supplier. If something goes wrong, you immediately show him a breakdown.

When buying a new machine

When buying a new car, it is important to check that the documentation is correct. Also pay attention to the place of production of the washing machine. It is production, not assembly. They can assemble equipment at a factory in Russia, and spare parts and parts can be supplied from another country. The documentation for the new washing machine includes instructions and warranty card. Make sure that the coupon indicated the date of purchase and put a stamp.

Tip! Immediately after delivery, start using the machine. You do not need to protect it and postpone washing for a week. Immediately use different functions and programs to make sure that it is working, before 15 days have passed. Only in this case, you can return the equipment to the store.

When buying a used

machine, if you take a used washer, there may be no documentation for it. But the documents need to be required to make sure that the car is not stolen. Check as described above. If the seller CM connected to the water supply, run one of the programs. Carefully inspect the case at the time of corrosion.

Check immediately with our recommendations. Then you exclude the purchase of low-quality goods. When delivering equipment to a house, do not rush to sign documents to loaders until you inspect the washing machine.

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