How to make a lawn in the country with their own hands - the choice of location, seeding, care

How to make a lawn in the country with your own hands, what kind of lawn grass seeds to choose, you will learn from the information below. It does not need special agronomic knowledge or complex sowing technology. If you follow practical advice, show a little effort, you too can admire a neat green carpet at your home. Well-groomed green lawn looks aesthetically pleasing, modern, today more and more owners of summer cottages are following these fashion trends.

  • Which lawn is better to plant in the country
  • Choosing a location for lawn
  • grass lawn to give as sow
  • How to care for your lawn in the country
  • lawn with his own hands in the country - a photo

In addition to the attractive appearance of green lawn absorbs dust increasesair humidity. Thus, the site owners will breathe cleaner air, and it is also easier to tolerate heat in the summer. If you competently prepare the soil and sow, the subsequent care will not be difficult, burdensome.

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Which lawn is better to plant in the country

Before you get down to business, you need to decide what you need a lawn for. The green carpet can be used simply to admire its beauty, to determine the playing space for children or the sports area. In accordance with the requirements of selected individual type of grass or lawn mixture. There are basic types of plants for lawns, their characteristics are always indicated on the product packaging.

Which lawn is better to plant in the country, let's take a closer look:

  1. The sports lawn is designed for places where active movements are planned: pets are walking, children are frolicking, and friends are having fun. The composition of these mixtures includes "strong" herbs, which are not afraid of trampling. Such a lawn will be dense, tough.
  2. Lawn landscape gardening is the easiest to make, its seeds germinate excellently on barren land, the grass itself is unpretentious, it manifests itself equally well in the sun or in the shade. Such a green carpet is well suited for recreation, picnics, areas near pools or barbecue.
  3. Parterny lawn( English) is more designed to delight the eyes, the incoming grass is very gentle, placing high demands on care. Such a lawn in the country will require you to regularly cut, it will not be possible to actively stomp on it. Parterre lawn reveals its potential in sunny places( does not like shade).These green carpets are designed exclusively for decoration, they are the most expensive of all the options available.
  4. The Moorish( meadow) lawn is very beautiful, plays with different colors, it pleases the eye with a variety of meadow flowers. They mow it very rarely - in order to remove faded plants or free the road with new ones. A mixture of seeds includes plants that grow harmoniously next to each other, differ in bright colors. The compositions of such lawns can be mixed to achieve continuous flowering all summer. It is not recommended to actively run along it, so as not to mix grass, you usually have a honeycomb of no more than 10 cm. Such a lawn looks very naturalistic and is perfect for decorating the territory - you will get a romantic or rustic style.

    Moorish lawn

  5. Universal lawn is created quickly, as it is sold ready-made - packaged roll strips. It adapts well, includes hard, unpretentious herbs that are not afraid of active actions or trampling. With it, you can equip any territory intended for recreation, as well as for active children's games. This type of lawn requires preliminary soil preparation, as well as the skills of laying such rolled stripes. At cost, it will be somewhat more expensive than the usual sowing equivalent.

If you are lost, you cannot make your choice, you want your green carpet to be at the same time attractive, resistant to trampling, and also undemanding in maintenance, care, feel free to choose the Liliput herbal mixture. This is the most unpretentious lawn to give, combining different breeding types of grass. Such a site will look very aesthetic, while combining the best qualities of sports and English options.

This mixture is the result of long work of Asian and European breeders. It has a high "survival" of the complexity of the conditions, normally tolerates frosts, heat, wind gusts, sudden temperature drops. In addition, the mixture "Liliput" has a high resistance to mechanical damage, active trampling, which makes it relevant for planting in any terrain. It grows well in the shade, maintains softness, brightness of the cover, requires minimal care, and he will need a haircut only in the second year of life.

Lawn Liliput

The only "disadvantage" of this universal mixture is its cost, however, as they say, the end justifies the means."Liliput" grows slowly, mowing is done when the stems reach 10 cm in length( 3 cm are left).Further, it will be enough to produce mowing several times for the entire season. Top-dressings for this grass mixture are introduced before sowing, then with irrigation after the first mowing. Considering all the characteristics and qualities of the Liliput lawn grass mixture, we can confidently say that it is the most unpretentious.

Do-it-yourself lawns at the cottage, photo:

Do-it-yourself lawn
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Choosing a place for the lawn

Deciding on the type of lawn is only half the story. It is important to consider whether it will grow well in the place of your choice. When dividing the area for planting plants, and especially lawn grass, you need to follow certain zoning rules. For example, the English lawn will need open terrain where there will be no shading. For any grass variety, it is undesirable to have a constant shade( near buildings), it will grow poorly and have a pale color.

Also, do not sow lawn grass mixture close to fruit or ornamental trees. Since the root system of large plantations sucks all useful resources out of the soil, plus the whole presence of shade from the crown prevents the penetration of sunlight.

If your cottage is located in a lowland area where constant humidity is present, this will not have the best effect on the state of the grass mixture, its roots. Lawns do not like excessive moisture, and their root system may begin to rot. Arrangement of drainage can partially solve this problem. If the landscape of the site has elevation changes, then you will have to smooth the slopes, additionally reinforce the transition sites with a special grid to maintain the ground or geogrid. In this case, the differential should not exceed 30˚.

You certainly shouldn’t sow the lawn where cars regularly leave or go and people walk constantly( for example, from the gate to the house).Here the soil is constantly compacted, the grass does not receive oxygen, but as a result dies. Even universal or sports mixtures with hard grass do not solve this problem, the output will be a laid decorative tile at the place of constant walking, and any grass mixture can be sown around.

Photo garden with beds and lawn:

Lawn with garden beds with your own hands
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Grass for lawn to give, how to sow

Getting started on sowing in early spring, with all the above factors should be taken into account and worked out. In spring, lawn mixtures take root well, at this time the soil is saturated with moisture, and the sun's rays are not as scorching as in summer. If suddenly for some reason you miss the sowing time, then do not do it in the summer, wait until autumn rains come and get down to business. At this time, the soil is warmed up safely and already has the necessary moisture. Remember, this should not be late autumn, because before the onset of winter cold you should have time to mow the lawn a couple of times.

How to make a lawn in the country - recommendations when planting:

  1. The site is cleared of all kinds of garbage, weeds, stones, stumps are stubbed out. Weeds are destroyed by weeding, in some cases, chemical treatment of the soil is used. After using the chemicals, you must wait at least 7-10 days; with manual weeding, you can proceed immediately to the next stage. Here it is worth clarifying that chemical processing is best carried out in advance - in the fall, then the weeds will be destroyed, and the drug itself will have time to disintegrate into harmless components.

    Sowing the lawn

  2. If a variety of lawn grass requires the prior introduction of mineral dressings, then we do it after weeding. If, as mentioned above, the site is located in the lowland, the drainage arrangement should be mandatory. To do this, mark the places of the greatest accumulation of water after rain, dig deep holes there( about 1 meter).Then lay the bottom with stones or crushed bricks, cover with the rubble of large fraction on top, and lay a thick layer of sand on top. Soil is laid on top of the sand, while its thickness must be at least 50 cm. Thus, during the rains, in problem areas the moisture will seep through the ground and through the layer of soil into the grooves with drainage.
  3. If landscape features require it, a preliminary alignment and then digging is carried out. Existing pits are covered with earth, slides and bumps are cut. If the soil is sandy, then peat or chernozem is added to it, sand is filled with fat soil.
  4. Before sowing seeds, the ground should be well compacted. There are several options - either bypassing the entire area in small steps, not even missing 10 cm, or using a wide board. The board is laid on the ground, and then jump on it until the soil has settled. Gradually, it moves throughout the territory until the job is done. Some roll a log for this purpose, someone uses a skating rink, in any case, the soil under their feet should not be soft.

    Rolling up seeds with a roller here will be an

  5. lawn. If you have a manual planter, this is very good, if it is not there, then it is best to dilute the sowing mixture with a similar volume of fine sand to evenly concentrate seeds. In this case, the lawn will be even, the distribution of seeds is uniform. Before sowing, the tamped earth( its upper thin layer) is recommended to gently loosen the rake. Experienced gardeners are advised to first seed the mixture along the plot, and then across.
  6. After sowing the seeds above, we place a thin layer( 1.5-2 cm) of the peat mixture or ordinary ground, and then roll it up again with a roller or a log. This is followed by the first watering, the water should be supplied to the soil in the form of small splashes, the pressure should be weak, so that the crops do not blast. Such gentle watering is done daily.
  7. In about a week you will see the first shoots, at which time it will become clear where the so-called correctional dosage is required. Do not postpone this matter "for later", but correct the spaces immediately.
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How to care for a lawn in the country

Whatever variety you choose, try not to walk too actively on the grass in the first year of the lawn life. The root system of plants should be strengthened. Now you have to regularly clean the lawn from weeds, to master the wisdom of the right haircut. At the very first mowing, you should not cut more than 1 cm, then such haircuts should become regular, but the stems do not need to be cut more than one third of their length. With frequent rains, grass is cut 1 time in 5 days, with dry summer - 1 time in 8-10 days. A landscape lawn lawn is mowed once a week, and the height of the stems is about 5 cm. In general, the height and frequency of mowing directly depend on the type of lawn grass, the degree of its growth. Experienced gardeners recommend mowing the lawn in different directions.

Sometimes the grass carpet loses its bright colors, loses its attractive appearance. The reason for this may be a violation of natural aeration. This is the case when grass growth is clogged with organic waste - dead plants, residues from mowing, overgrown moss. All these unnecessary elements do not allow the lawn to breathe, prevent the penetration of moisture, nutrients to its root system. In such cases, aeration is good. In other words, it is the piercing of the soil of a lawn with the help of special needle nozzles for shoes or a mechanical( or automatic) aerator. After carrying out a similar procedure, your green carpet will need to be watered.

Add fertilizing should also be based on the requirements, characteristics of the grass mixture. Nitrogen fertilizers are appropriate in the spring to stimulate growth, in the summer, to increase the resistance to drought - a special lawn food, for example, Kemira. In the autumn it is advisable to fertilize the lawn with potash-phosphorus compounds, they will give him strength and help to increase the frost resistance. The latest fertilizer is recommended to be made no later than September.

Beautiful lawn do it yourself

Given the above information, now you will know how to make a lawn in the country with their own hands. Observing the basic guidelines for planting and caring for the green carpet, you too can create an atmosphere of comfort and aesthetics that will give only positive emotions.

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The lawn with his own hands at the cottage - photo

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