How much does the washing machine weigh?

Going to the store for a new styaralka, the user may find himself in a quandary. Choose a suitable model is not so simple, because in the home appliances market is represented by a huge range of washing machines. From this the head goes around.

Each model has its own parameters, and it is very difficult for a person who is not versed in this question to understand everything. When selecting, it is necessary to highlight only important characteristics, to understand the classes of washing and spinning. Be sure to take into account other important details.

Among other things, weight is an important factor when buying styralki. Sometimes the question is how much the washing machine weighs, it sounds first.

From this article you will learn why the weight of the washing machine is so important, which models are better - with a small weight or large mass.

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  • 1What affects the weight of the stylalki
  • 2Stiralk choice: light or heavy
    • 2.1What is the weight of a standard typewriter?
  • 3Recommendations for the selection of the stylalki

What affects the weight of the stylalki

The weight of the AGR depends directly on several factors. For example, how much tank and type of installation. Some machines weigh tens of kilograms more than others, since their body is made of heavy material.

Also, the mass can be determined by the presence of additional options that require appropriate details. For example, drying clothes.

The weight of the automatic washing machine depends on the counterbalances that are required for proper balancing of the drum. Massiveness of parts can vary. How much the weighting agent will weigh depends on the manufacturer.

Do not be surprised if you are offered two models with the same characteristics and dimensions, but different weights. The only thing that is important in choosing which of them has the most suitable options.

What affects the weight of the stylalki

Stiralk choice: light or heavy

The majority of users are aware of such a problem as "jumping" of the washing machine while squeezing out laundry. The spectacle, of course, funny, but it's wrong.

Manufacturers are aware of these shortcomings, which is why they are trying to weight the weight of the washing machine artificially. To the mass of the washing machine, the automatic was sufficient and did not allow to move, the counterweights are added to the tank. They are installed pairwise from below and from above. Due to the installation of heavy balancers, it is possible to prevent shavings of the washer during washing and during spinning.

Only recently, manufacturers prefer electronic electronic balancing. It is very easy to make it - change the speed of the rpm of the styralker motor.

Stiralk choice: light or heavy

What is the weight of a standard typewriter?

The lightest washing machine weighs from 30 kg. The weight of the heaviest washing machine is more than 100 kg.

The market is not so much light and heavy styarok. Therefore, the average of the main models varies from 50 to 80 kg.

Stiralka weighing up to 80 kg guarantees excellent stability on the surface. During transportation there are no difficulties.

Recommendations for the selection of the stylalki

Narrow SMA is especially in demand and popular among owners of small apartments. But such stylalki have one significant minus, which should be taken into account: when spinning, the technique vibrates strongly. The reason for the shortage is a small footprint.

Often manufacturers add heavy machine parts to the tank to ensure that the stilalka stably stands on the surface.

When choosing a washing machine, automatic attention should be paid to a function such as automatic balancing. If there is this option in the model of your chosen styralka, then the machine will not strongly vibrate and make noise. Auto-balance is designed to control the rotation speed of the drum.

Recommendations for the selection of the stylalki

If the question of how much weight a styalka should have is not yet revealed to you, let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of machines with a large mass.

  • The main advantage of weighted styaroks is stability. When washing and spinning, the machine "does not run anywhere does not destroy things, remains in place. This greatly extends the life of the model.
  • Of the shortcomings can be identified difficulty in transport. If you often move, constantly changing living space, this option will cause inconvenience. It is best to give preference to models with a weight of not more than 80 kg.

To clarify this question for yourself, you can see the video:


The washing machine is a habitual attribute for consumers. Just like without a stove in the kitchen, you can not do without a comfortable styralka, which performs functions qualitatively.

The assortment of the market is overcrowded, so finding a model with a certain weight is not difficult.

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