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Few who have ever met this wonderful flower in their lives. Its simplicity, and at the same time, elegance and majesty won a lot of fans among flower growers. It is impossible to look away from a proudly beautiful woman, who has ascended to the sky, decorated with elegant bows. This is a stock-rose, in common it is also called mallow. There are a huge number of species of mallow, from stunted - 30 centimeters, to two-meter giants. Flower growers appreciate both classic varieties of stock roses with simple flowers, and new varieties with double, large flowers of the brightest and most fashionable shades:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • Cream;
  • mauve;
  • yellow.

Stock-roses with fashionable shades of purple, purple, almost black are very popular.

Stock-rose is a drought-resistant and winter-hardy plant that grows well in latitudes with a temperate climate, including in Russia. It is also a light-loving plant, but tolerates partial shade quite well.

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Mallow is divided into two types according to the plant development period:

  1. annual;
  2. biennial;

The method of using stem-roses in flower compositions can not be compared with anything. Looks great in single plantings, in group plantings with other leafy and ornamental plants;It is wonderfully combined with both tall and undersized plants in rabatka, mixborders and flower beds.


Planting roses are usually planted with seeds.

It is best to plant the stock-rose seeds in open ground in spring, when the sun has already warmed the earth. Considering that the mallow is a fairly high and lush plant, the seeds are planted at intervals of 30-50 cm. It is advisable to sow the seeds in a hole in 3-5 pieces, since the mallow has poor germination and it does not tolerate the transplant. It is much better to remove excess seedlings than to lose time and reseat.

Planting stock-rose seedlings is more troublesome, but pleasant. In order to achieve the effect of flowering stock-roses in the summer, in early February, they begin planting seeds. Seeds are sown in a container with soil and placed in a cool place under the film.

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catalog. The temperature for seed germination should not exceed 18-20 o C.With the advent of two true leaves, the plant spikes.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the mallow has a tender taproot, which during transplantation cannot be damaged. Therefore, it is desirable to dive mallow in cups.

Seedlings in cups will grow until May, until the threat of frost has passed and the seedlings do not get stronger. Plants are planted in open ground at a distance of 50 cm.

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care No particular cares will be needed to care for the stem roses. In order for the plant to be strong, lush and healthy, it must be fed with a complex of fertilizers. In addition, it is required to carry out their timely weeding and watering. The stock-rose is a fairly tall plant and it may be necessary to additionally strengthen it by tying it to a support. It is desirable to make support from natural materials, so they will look more organic in a flower garden and not distract attention from the beauty of the flower.

Do not forget about pests. A common disease that afflicts mallow is rust. Brown spots affect the leaves of the flower and lead to their death. Thickened planting, poor soil, excess moisture are the causative agents of this disease. For the prevention of disease, the flower must be treated with a fungicide.

Video about the correct planting stock-roses

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