How to choose a water meter: a better set and why

Installation of individual devices or a common house for the monitoring of water consumption at all can not be called a negative factor. Using water meter can turn itself into a plus. Useful counting device will help significantly reduce the amount of utility payments.

And for this you need to know all the details about a meter of water: how to choose it and remain in the win. We will tell you what is best to install a water meter, will describe the specifics of the various devices, as well as give a useful and practical tips to reduce water consumption.

The content of the article:

  • How to find the best water meter
    • Specificity tachometric counters
    • Single jet water meter
    • Characteristics of multi-jet meters
    • Gate kind of devices
    • Combined water meters
    • Special counters for hot water
    • Features of electronic meters
  • Which is better to install water meters?
  • How to properly consider the water?
  • How to save water on the counter?
    • Task # 1 - check for leaks
    • Task # 2 - use the correct mixers
    • Task # 3 - Fix the toilet
    • Task # 4 - Use the shower instead of a bath
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    • Task # 4 - Set the water heater
    • Task # 5 - Think economical
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to find the best water meter

Water meter - a small measuring instrument that performs account the volume of water passing through the water for a specific time unit. It is measured in the water produced by the consumer for the hour or minute cubic meters - m³.

Scope large: from household and communal services to various industries. Accordingly, a wide range of applications, they also differ in size, design and type of action.

Counter Water: how to choose wisely

To measure water in flats, connected to the hot and cold water supply, need two counters

The market offers a wide range of meters of various kinds of domestic or foreign producers.

In type water meters are divided into the following types:

  1. Tachometer. The principle of operation is based on placement in an aqueous environment or distributing impeller flow turbine, which is connected to the counting mechanism.
  2. Electromagnetic. Their counter mechanism based on a magnetic field's ability to fix the movement velocity of the medium flowing through the pipeline. Applied meters electromagnetic advantageously in industry.
  3. Ultrasound. The basis of the production of measuring the amount of water incorporated analysis of the acoustic effect of the ultrasound transmitted in passing through the pipes on Wednesday.
  4. Vortex. For the production of liquid flow measurements in a predetermined shape placed body. The device reads the frequency of the vortices arising at the shower spray the body during the passage of the medium. The result is proportional to the flow velocity.
  5. Volumetric. The group counter measures the number of revolutions of the rotary chamber having a constant volume.

Of the entire group of meters for water only tachometer and electronic intended for domestic use, because of their focus on the review in detail.

Why do we need water meter

Water meters - a sure and reliable way to save real utilities. The more that you can control the flow of their own

Specificity tachometric counters

Tachometric counters attracted elementary device similar in complexity and operating principle. Their main structural part - the impeller or impeller, whereby the instruments in this category are divided into vane and turbine types.

The water passing through the meter, the impeller acts on the blade or vane wheel, which is mechanically connected with a counting device. Counter simply translates them fixed number of revolutions in liters or cubic meters of water.

How to choose and buy the best water meter

Tachometer water meters - the most common type of equipment that suits user price and quality

The family of devices have a multi-jet vane wheel single-jet and variety. Turbine counters in turn are divided into a mechanical device and an induction signal reading system. Both species tachometer further classified by location countable item location on "dry" and "wet".

Tachometer counter - reliable acquisition of its service life is not less than 12 years, it makes a relatively accurate measurement is inexpensive.

Work simple devices tested dozens virtually flawless years of the centralized water supply systems. Because they still have strong demand for use in private and public utilities.

Vane counter Water

Wing counter - the most common variant tachometer meters. Attracted by the simplicity of design and affordable price

Private owners for apartments often acquire vane water measuring devices. Diameter them suitable for conventional pipelines - 40 mm, while the turbine it - from 50 to 100 mm. Because of their choosing the utility owners and houses connected to the water supply line.

The maximum amount of water, converted vane wheel, only 15 cubic meters per hour. At turbine ability to do so is much wider, which in turn affects the choice of the optimal design and application range.

Also differ counters for water and for the type of installation: the ones that can be mounted vertically and those which are horizontal, as well as universal devices which can be attached absolutely anywhere position.

How to install a variant influences the choice of water meters

Water meters are divided by type of installation. Having defined the place of installation should be purchased with a horizontal or vertical position

Classification "wet" and "dry" type based on the location of the counting mechanism principle. In the former case it does not separate from water. Technically easy, according to which the price is low. However, when operating in a heavily contaminated environment "wet" counter suffers from distortion measurements.

The counters "dry" type counter mechanism enclosed by nonmagnetic water special partition. Whereby the walls and the working parts of the device do not accumulate fat. They are much slower polluted, because their life is much higher than that of a wet-type counters. The price is also significantly higher.

How to properly select the counter for measuring the water flow

"Dry" counter "will last much longer than his" wet "competitor, but the cost will be more expensive (+)

Recall the division tachometer devices on single and multi-jet. At the last water flowing through the impeller, it is divided into several jets. Whereby the error is significantly reduced turbulence.

This means that more accurate account of the volume of water. That is why the more expensive single-jet and multi-jet devices.

More details on the tachometer gauges the amount of water, the most popular among the owners of private houses and apartments, discussed below.

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Household water consumption tachymeter

For fixing the water flow in household conditions apply tachometric vane and turbine measuring device

Inspection and the acquired counter

Before installing the meter purchased at the store should be inspected to ensure the presence of the seals and stamps manufacturer, the integrity of the indicator device and the enclosure

Place the installation of water consumption meters

Meters mounted at the inlet piping and the cold-water hot water, in rooms with a moisture level of not more than 80%, the allowable temperature range from +5 to + 50º

Terms Fitting water meters

On both sides of the meter must be straight sections rigid pipe, which specifies the length of the instrument manufacturer, and is regulated by state standards

Means of protection from water hammer device

In order to prevent damage of devices due to water hammer in the system in front of them mounted crane HF and VF strainer. Instead of said pair of faucet filter used CRF

Sealing set counting devices

On completion of the installation of flow meters factory seal is changed to the seal of the company, providing and controlling the supply of water

The device with built-in radio module

The new generation of meters, sends daily readings of water consumption in the private office of the owner, will eliminate the need to visually track data

Modem as a supplement to the counters of water

If the owners are not planning to replace the recently set metering to "smart" meters, the device can be supplemented by a modem, remove and sending readings to your personal cabinet

Household water consumption tachymeter

Household water consumption tachymeter

Inspection and the acquired counter

Inspection and the acquired counter

Place the installation of water consumption meters

Place the installation of water consumption meters

Terms Fitting water meters

Terms Fitting water meters

Means of protection from water hammer device

Means of protection from water hammer device

Sealing set counting devices

Sealing set counting devices

The device with built-in radio module

The device with built-in radio module

Modem as a supplement to the counters of water

Modem as a supplement to the counters of water

Single jet water meter

Single-counting device is classified suhohodov. It changes the number of revolutions of the impeller by the action of water flow. After the information about the rotation of the impeller is transmitted to the reader via magnetic coupling. Measuring element is separated from the water, thus it is much longer.

Its advantages include a structure which is protected from the magnetic field action and the counter mechanism provides the ability to perform the most accurate measurements.

A significant advantage - the possibility of additional equipment of all pulse output devices. With such equipment remotely read the meter readings.

Apparatus single jet water meter

Single-counters inferior multijet analogues in measurement accuracy due to high turbulence (click to expand)

Characteristics of multi-jet meters

Multijet differ from the type described above by dividing the water flow into multiple jets. The device that splits the flow of the jet, is located in front of the impeller. The aforesaid design features help to reduce turbulence affecting the measurement accuracy.

Advantages multijet devices consist in the simplicity of installation. Dismantling to perform another checking the water meter produced with the same ease. It is sufficient to separate the device from the top, is easily removed component.

These are supplied core adapters allow to install the device flush with a decorative surface. They can also be equipped with pulse outputs for reading the meter at a distance.

Multi tachometer counters

Multi tachometric water meters have high measurement accuracy, due to turbulence reduction

Gate kind of devices

The operating principle of the valve device is similar to that listed above. It belongs to the category of suhohodnyh. But its design has a useful improvement - introduced the possibility of installation of the water tap inside the device, so you can cut off the water immediately. This design feature was the basis of the name.

The valve meter is easy to install. Strong plus - a front counter indicating portion can be rotated through 360 °. Furthermore, one can rotate in three dimensions, which makes it easier to read data. It can also be equipped with a pulse output.

Combined water meters

These apparatus are taking place, as krylchny counter, and a turbine, located on a parallel layering. Advantages of the combination is that when the water pressure is low, it passes through the meter krylchatnomu.

When the pressure increases and krylchatny counter is already unable to cope, its valve is closed and water is on the turbine unit. In current models of devices and combined krylchatochny and turbine operating element are arranged in one plane.

Special counters for hot water

The volume of hot water supplied is measured and turbine vane conventional varieties. They have similar sizes and designs are used only in the manufacture of materials resistant to high temperatures.

Note that in accordance with the technical standards are allowed a higher error indications gauges hot water than cold analogs.

Counters for cold and hot

By the principle of action and constructive counters for hot water do not differ from the devices to the cold. The difference in the materials used in production

Features of electronic meters

Electronic meters are working on the principle of conventional vane or turbine devices. But their design is upgraded very useful device readable by the real temperature of the water.

They are encouraged to put where temperature of hot water flowing into the draw-off point to the user is not correct.

It happens that ultimately comes barely warm water, which is considered the rate of hot.

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The principle of operation of electronic flow meters

Work electronic computing devices based on fixing the turbine turns, recorded microprocessor unit

The design of electronic counter

The meter includes a measuring capsule fitting and calculation unit. By options include the ability to measure the water temperature and the entering of data in the archive device

Installing the electronic device izmeritolnogo

Installation of a measuring instrument with an electronic computing unit is made by the general rules for all counters

Archiving Data taken counter

If hot water system supplies water to more than an hour a temperature lower than the declared value in the user agreement, the counter records the actual temperature and volume, and stores information in the archive

The principle of operation of electronic flow meters

The principle of operation of electronic flow meters

The design of electronic counter

The design of electronic counter

Installing the electronic device izmeritolnogo

Installing the electronic device izmeritolnogo

Archiving Data taken counter

Archiving Data taken counter

Unlike conventional meters, taking into account only the volume, electronic meters provide clear information on how much was took cubic meters of water is the right temperature, which indicates the Standard and is committed to providing housing and communal organization.

Electronic devices equipped with a temperature measuring sensor system. As long as the water does not meet the standards of a hot category, electronic counter it perceives as cold and displays readings in summation block.

Electronic device for measuring water consumption

Electronic meters are equipped with a system of temperature sensors, allowing to determine the volume of water corresponding to standards

Next sensor takes into account only the water that can be classified as "preheated". And now, the last sensor detects hot water. However, on some electronic counters have only two devices to fix the hot and cold water temperature limit.

All data about how much water has been consumed and what kind of temperature recorded in the summing unit. However, all the information that appears in the accumulator - provides only the amount of water consumed, and convert it into cash equivalent will have to yourself.

Advantages of the counter:

  • Possibility pay bills water not only in terms of volume of water, but also on its temperature.
  • Setting the display counter in any place, not just next to the pipes.
  • Electronic counter is independent of changes in voltage, as it works on a stand-alone power supply.

Feeds electronic meter by a lithium battery. It is enough for the whole period of use of the device. The battery can not be recharged. And again, it is prohibited to short-circuits.

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water meter for irrigation

Miniature electronic device clearly detects water flow in suburban areas

Specificity use electronic flowmeter

Using counter enable precise control of the volume of water consumed during summer connected to centralized networks aqueduct

Advantages of flow control

Small appliance provides the ability to perform scheduled watering plants according to their actual needs

The information on the display of the electronic device

Current data on water consumption are immediately reflected in the display. You can watch them without interrupting irrigation

The power supply for the water meter

Electronic Flow runs on batteries, does not require connection to a centralized power supply

electronic device account management

All controlled by a single button, the device is connected to the water supply is extremely simple

The reliability of the device during operation

The instrument is designed for operation in difficult conditions on drop, shock and ingress of water. Sealed enclosure made of lightweight reinforced plastic

Embodiments using mini counter

With the click of an electronic device connected to the pumps, water taps through the threaded fitting to sprinklers to hose through connector

water meter for irrigation

water meter for irrigation

Specificity use electronic flowmeter

Specificity use electronic flowmeter

Advantages of flow control

Advantages of flow control

The information on the display of the electronic device

The information on the display of the electronic device

The power supply for the water meter

The power supply for the water meter

electronic device account management

electronic device account management

The reliability of the device during operation

The reliability of the device during operation

Embodiments using mini counter

Embodiments using mini counter

Which is better to install water meters?

We must first determine the order which the water temperature must be considered instrument. If you want to know the exact amount of water the standard temperature, the installation of the electronic counter - would be the ultimate solution.

For those who are not interested in the difference in the actual amount of water, the standard temperature, suitable conventional tachometer device, designed to work in a hot environment.

If you need a counter for cold water, the installation of the mechanical counter is quite a suitable, but the same electronic gives more precise information about water flow in this case.

The most accurate information informed wing multijet options and turbine induction reader. "Dry" devices last much longer "wet" and provide evidence with a smaller error.

Naturally, a more accurate, streamlined systems are more expensive than ordinary representatives, but simple-minded admirers species more because of the reasonable prices.

Meter for measuring the water: how to choose intelligently

Often, the choice of the measuring device are guided by the price. Keep in mind that a cheap meter will last a lot less than expensive

However, in deciding how the water meter will be better and cheaper to install, there is another important aspect. Wing units are suitable for installation in pipes up to Ø 40 mm. Turbine varieties used for measuring if tubes Ø 40 mm or more.

If you have questions about the choice of a water meter, read the article - Types of water meter: an overview of different types of recommendations to customers +

How to properly consider the water?

Learn how to properly consider the water on their own counter, it is necessary to practice. It is necessary to find out the total amount of water consumption in the past month. It requires the latest readings for the same but before last calendar period. You will find them on the receipt with the tax authorities for payment of invoices apartment. This figure have to be entered in the account.

To be certain of the cost of water for the past month, you are now taken from the data device to subtract the value of the previous month. If you have just installed water meters, the previous figures will be equal to zero.

Modern water meters have a scale of 8 digits. The first five of them will be black, and the last three - red.

Pay attention only to the value of the black numbers, they show the amount spent hot or cold water. Red indicators do not need to remember and a receipt are not entered, they mean the total water consumption in liters.

How to calculate the flow of water over the counter

For reading a water meter needs only blue numbers

At the end of the month should be Reading the water meter. Data from it can take water canal in a written format or sending an electronic file to the website through the Internet.

How to save water on the counter?

When the counter has been successfully installed and put into operation, it becomes possible to identify and eliminate sources of overspending. This is especially true for families with low incomes.

And given the constant rise in the cost of tariffs, the question of how to save water on the counter, it is burning.

How to learn to save water on the counter

Small leaks can result in solid costs if not addressed in a timely manner

Below we look at a completely legitimate methods of saving water without harming health or damage to the overall comfort of living.

Task # 1 - check for leaks

Once the meter is installed, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of all main pipes and appliances. Usually, we "do not reach the hands of" the various domestic trifles, such as leakage, which is almost always there in every home.

We often think that it is possible to close your eyes. And water flowing out the minimum number, and our financial losses can be calculated unless ten cents.

But in reality things are not so rosy, as according to statistics, in case of faulty cistern nowhere a year out of 65,000 liters of water, while flowing tap so all fabulous 75,000 liters of water a year.

Also do not forget about the leaking pipe joints. And if all sum up, in the year out quite an impressive amount, which simply disappears. Like stains minimal, but the "drop by drop and the lake can be filled."

Task # 2 - use the correct mixers

It is advisable to use instead of the usual valve lever mixers. Their advantage lies in the fact that the water is blocked instantly unlike the valve. And when you consider that we tear off the tap several times a day, you will eventually be able to save a substantial amount of money.

Task # 3 - Fix the toilet

The problem lies not only in the fact that the toilet can leak banal. There are certain types of them with two options works drain: conventional and economical. Last ensure economic effect of about 25 liters of water per day. For the year as it turns out about 7,500 liters, which will agree, very well.

Of course, a significant expenditure of water is observed at malfunction of sanitary equipment - should be timely fix a leak in the toilet.

Task # 4 - Use the shower instead of a bath

Advantages of the soul are evident to any reader, particularly for those who are attached to the water procedures several times a day. Such an approach will help you actually save not only money, but also personal time.

As for funds, 5 minutes showering consumed about 80 liters of water, which was not enough to score even half the standard size tubs. Such a method of saving water can help you save up to 1700 rubles a year.

As an additional advice can you offer to buy a shower head with fine holes, which significantly reduces the flow rate per minute.

On the market there are also shower heads with aerators are stirred water with air. In addition to a pleasant massage effect, they also consume two or even three times less water without compromising effectiveness. It is advisable to choose aerators for taps in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Task # 4 - Set the water heater

installation heating equipment can significantly reduce the costs for hot water. Why take it out of hot water when it can and warm up yourself. To understand the extent practicable, just standing calculate the cost of electricity and heat water.

Compare them with the cost of hot water, which is fed from a centralized network. Winning is clearly not on the side of the latter. Also we recommend to warm water after 10 pm or early in the morning, when lower tariffs for electricity.

Aerator for saving water flow

The aerator will help significantly reduce water consumption and save on payment

Task # 5 - Think economical

Every day two or more times with clean teeth. Usually during hygienic procedures when there is a treatment with a brush and toothpaste, tap remains open. It is advisable to close the valve during this period, and on the need to open only.

Sounds, of course, it's funny, but when calculating the cost of water due to a little thing, it is really not funny.

It should be the right approach to the process of washing dishes. Crane usually consumes 5 liters of water per minute and is open no matter what we are doing at this time.

It should also open it as needed, and do not apply to the dishes too much detergent, because to wash it off, consumed too much water. A good way to save on washing up - is to buy a machine for washing dishes.

How and where to save water

The main principle of saving water - to identify and eliminate the causes of overrun (+)

If you need to wash the product, wash them in capacity than the open valve, it also saves you a considerable amount of funds in the year. And one "big" washing things will be much more economical than a few "small".

When the counter selection, it is necessary to perform the installation. Details of the installation of the water meter is described in the articles:

  1. The procedure and rules for the installation of water meters: how to carry out the installation and seal
  2. As a self-install water meters: installation and connection diagram typical counter

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Roller with a detailed description of the installation of water meters:

Video-held reading algorithm measurement device:

How to reduce the cost of supply of hot water:

We have given the basic water saving techniques. Probably, they may seem very minor, but these little things do not require you to no effort at all, but your budget will save significantly. Together with well-chosen water meter they will help reduce the cost of utilities.

Got something to complement, or have any questions relating to the choice of a water meter? Please leave your comments for publication, sharing their secrets economical water consumption. Contact form is in the lower block.

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