Useful properties of spicy parsley

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A rare garden does without a small parsley bed. This spicy herb is grown to produce roots and greens. Fragrant root has a large composition of useful elements and healing power. Greens and root vegetables are dried, canned, frozen. At the same time, the beneficial properties of parsley are preserved during heat treatment. Affordable medicine from your own bed is effective for many ailments.

Useful biological substances in parsley

The low calorie content of the product, up to 50 as in 100 grams of the product, makes it necessary in the diet for weight control programs. But its leaf, consisting of 85% of water, is saturated with useful substances:

  • vitamins of group B, A, E, K, PP and 4 times more vitamin C than lemon;
  • essential trace elements in a bioavailable form;
  • provitamins, essential oils and biologically active elements.

Thus, folic acid in a plant contains 38 mg per 100 grams of grass, and it stimulates the formation of hemoglobin in the blood. Only 50 grams of weed per day as a seasoning for dishes, will provide the body with essential trace elements and vitamins.

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can do. It is worth noting the root’s utility. It is used in winter as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes. The set of elements in it is much wider than in the leaf plate. Parsley root is more useful than ground part. It contains more essential oils and the wider elements of the periodic table. In addition, the root contains dietary fiber and starch. The value of a plant for a person is determined by its unique composition:

  • inulin regulates the work of the digestive tract;
  • antibacterial substances and essential oils are present;
  • has whitening properties due to the presence of organic acids;
  • high potassium content affects hypertension and heart function;
  • acts beneficially on the male genital area;
  • is one of the drugs to stabilize the female hormonal background;
  • is widely used in cosmetology.

A special property of parsley broth from the roots should be noted, which is used as a febrifuge. The same decoction removes sand from the genitourinary system. The presence of inulin normalizes blood glucose and secretes bile for digestion. This increases the appetite, and the whole system works without a glitch.

Parsley leaf will help to eliminate bad breath. Disinfectants, essential oils are active. But in order to cope with the problem of bad smell, you need to contact your dentist. Bleaching properties are used in cosmetology. Using parsley remove freckles, acne, acne.

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A decoction of the leaves is used to reduce pressure. We must not forget, using a decoction of parsley, benefit and harm have a fine line. If you have problems, you should consult your doctor before starting treatment. It happens, treatment with parsley is impossible, if there are other circumstances. An example is the categorical prohibition of pregnant women to use parsley because of the threat of miscarriage.

Retinol is a substance that makes parsley dangerous to use during pregnancy. This substance is often contained in cosmetics. Planning a pregnancy is necessary to remember this.

Beneficial use of parsley for men. The plant is beneficial when used as a tea and with cooked culinary dishes. It has the effect of an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire. When urinating is difficult, it is already necessary to take parsley tea. For the health of the sexual sphere, men need to eat a bunch of parsley per day as an additive to different dishes. Using a decoction of parsley or tincture for rubbing into the hair can reduce the balding.

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How does parsley work and what is useful for women? It also has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. Reception of parsley reduces the time and profusion of menstruation due to the high tonus of the uterus. At the same time, folic acid helps the blood system to compensate for the loss of hemoglobin. Parsley green helps nursing mom to increase milk flow. It should be remembered that the benefits and harm to the health of parsley depends on the correct application. You can not self-medicate. Only consultation with a specialist will save you from problems.

How to properly prepare raw materials

Parsley harvesting is done by all known methods. The most common are:

  • drying;
  • salting;
  • freezing;
  • storage of root crops in the basement.

Drying is done with finely chopped greens in the shade or in drying cabinets at the minimum temperature. Root vegetables neatly nastrogat and dry in the oven or drying oven.

Pickled greens are in glass jars at a 1: 2 ratio of salt and parsley. This will store the workpiece in a warm room. Similarly, the root can be conserved. It is very easy to freeze greens and roots in the freezer. In this case all useful substances are saved.

Video about the secrets of garden parsley

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