How to wash fleece: 2 simple method and list of detergents


  • 1 Suitable detergents
  • 2 Method 1: Wash your hands
  • 3 Method 2: in the car
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    • 3.2 Shrinkage after washing products
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Fleece - a lightweight material retains heat well, well vystiryvaetsya and dries quickly.Fleece - a lightweight material retains heat well, well vystiryvaetsya and dries quickly.

Of the fleece material is made of fluffy blankets, warm clothes and a modern sports jacket. With the right care product of this fabric will not lose attractive appearance, softness and last a long time. I'll tell you how to wash a fleece and what means can be used.

Suitable detergents

Fleece - a synthetic knit fabric of polyester. It is a substitute for wool, and not so demanding of detergents, as a natural material:

Photo Characteristics
table_pic_att15066282811 Means 1. Liquid gels and powders.

Synthetic fibers perfectly cleaned by means of liquid consistency.

Conventional powders badly washed out of the thick fleecy fabric.

table_pic_att15066282822 Means 2. Laundry soap.

To get rid of stains, use 72% soap. It is effective for heavy soiling.

Suffice soap rub spot, and after 5 minutes wash under running water. This fabric is easily satisfied with this content.

Do not use bleach with chlorine and stain removers, as polyester can melt from aggressive agents.

table_pic_att15066282853 Means 3. Air conditioning.

When you add a final rinse conditioner to soften the pile and remove static electricity.

Things fleece subject to electrification.

Method 1: Wash your hands

Care tips: do not iron, water -30 ° C, is acceptable hand wash and delicate machine.Care tips: do not iron, water -30 ° C, is acceptable hand wash and delicate machine.

Recommendations on how to wash your hands fleece items:

image of stages instruction
Step 1: removal of stains

Before you wash the product, dispose of stains and stubborn dirt:

  • Moisten the contaminated area and rub with soap.
  • Rinse off under warm running water. The spots will dissolve and disappear.
table_pic_att15066282894 Step 2: Prepare detergent

Dissolve in water, gel, or liquid powder.

At what temperature the process of washing and rinsing safe for fleece things: from 30 to 40 ° C.

table_pic_att15066282915 Step 3: soaking and hand washing

Immerse the product for 10 minutes in a cleaning solution, and then wash your hands.

table_pic_att15066282926 Step 4: Rinse

Carefully vypoloschite solution from the cloth.

When you add a final rinse conditioner.

table_pic_att15066282947 Step 5: Spin

Squeeze the fleece is not recommended - may remain creases, and the thing is, after drying, is rumpled.

Let the water drain out of the suspended product.

table_pic_att15066282968 Step 6: Drying

Fleece blanket flatten and hang out on the rope.

Clothes put on hangers.

The answer to the question whether it is possible to iron fleece negative. Synthetics melts by high temperatures.

Method 2: in the car

Perfectly clean fleece thing will be after washing in the machine.Perfectly clean fleece thing will be after washing in the machine.

Can I wash this stuff in the car:

  • Things from 100% fleece machine washable in the "synthetic".
  • Products with cotton will shrink during the spin cycle. Turn this feature off.
  • Fleece termokurtka from improper washing will lose their properties. This requires a special tool and the delicate cycle.

, It is necessary to wash fleece things to stay warm, light and dense by the following rules:

Picture Proper machine wash
table_pic_att150662830110 Rule 1. Prepare things

Remove the clothes inside out, fasten zippers, buttons. So you prevent stretching and damage to the product.

The drum machine is not overloaded, the pile quality rinse.

Rule 2. Use the special balls for laundry.

Optimal variant as wash fleece blanket: 2 put into the drum of the ball.

They prevent the formation of a pellet, improve the quality of washing, give softness.

table_pic_att150662830211 Rule 3. Expose the delicate cycle with a minimum number of turns.

Fleece fabric has moderate mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Intensive wash in the machine will harm the material.

table_pic_att150662830512 Rule 4. Dry outdoors in the shade or in a ventilated room.

When tumble drying pile rolled up.

On radiators to place synthetic stuff is also not recommended, as they may be deformed.

wash jacket

Termokurtki with fleece lining require special care.Termokurtki with fleece lining require special care.

Check out our recommendations on how to clean the membrane sports clothes fleece lining:

Photo recommendations
table_pic_att150662831114 Tip 1. Clean fleece clothing according to directions on the label.

By following the manufacturer's recommendation, you risk not to spoil the insulating and water-repellent qualities of the product.

table_pic_att150662831315 Tip 2. Use special tools for the sports apparel membrane.

Price means about 420 rubles.

Conventional powders and air clog the membrane and spoil the protective layer.

table_pic_att150662831416 Tip 3. Dry, spread out on the dryer horizontally.

So save the form of sports products.

Shrinkage after washing products

Do fleece thing sits:

  • 100% polyester does not stretch and does not shrink.
  • Polyester with cotton will shrink by the heat and intense extraction.
The vinegar will give the material elasticity and the fabric will be pulled out.The vinegar will give the material elasticity and the fabric will be pulled out.

If the fleece sits after washing, use vinegar:

  • Pour 100 g of vinegar in 5 liters of cold water.
  • A half-hour soak thing.
  • Not pressing, post to the water glass.
  • During the drying process a few times by hand stretch the product to its original size.


Now, knowing how to wash textured fleece material, you will be able to maintain its properties and enjoy the softness and freshness of their belongings. You help and advice with the video in this article. Ask your questions in the comments if you need to clarify any nuance.

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