Refrigerators Sharp: reviews, best models, the pros and cons

In the market of household appliances are many manufacturers producing a truly high-quality, durable and functional equipment. Among these companies have world-renowned giants such as Samsung, LG, Bosch and others.

And there are small firms that also produce top-notch equipment. A striking example is the refrigerator Sharpe same name brand, which has a number of surprising benefits. What? Let's investigate.

The content of the article:

  • Unique features units Sharp
  • Landmarks determine the appropriate model
    • Selecting the control varieties
    • energy efficiency class
    • Number of compressors and refrigerant form
    • Operational and temperature preservation
    • A list of additional features
  • Overview lineup
    • Simple versions of collector with compressors
    • Models with an inverter type engine
    • Refrigerators with an efficient cooling system
    • Minimalist aggregates premium
  • 5-ka of the most popular refrigerators
    • Refrigerator # 5: Sharp SJ-FS97VSL
    • Refrigerator # 4: Sharp SJ-XP59PGSL
    • Refrigerator # 3: Sharp SJ-PC58ABE
    • Refrigerator # 2: Sharp SJ-F95STBE
    • Refrigerator # 1: Sharp SJ-B132ZRWH
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Unique features units Sharp

This Japanese manufacturer is different from its competitors in that each of its model is literally packed with innovations. And it is made in such a way so as not to degrade comfort and operating efficiency.

Advantages Sharp refrigerators

The refrigerators in Japan combines ergonomic, stylish design, performance and optimal number of useful functions for operation

Also pay attention to the following features:

  1. Supplying equipment to the Russian market, the company takes into account the specific structural details. For example, in a variety of models present protection against sudden voltage drop.
  2. The manufacturer offers excellent air ionization function. Thanks to this product will be stored for longer, and there will be no musty smell in the refrigerator.
  3. The company uses only high-quality components. It is not surprising that the technique is warranted for a period of 10 years.

The Japanese company - is a vivid example of a manufacturer who is always trying to improve their products and offer the customer the original decision. Therefore, Sharp refrigerators enjoy such great popularity.

refrigerators Sharp

In the market, a huge number of fakes of this brand appliances. To be sure of the originality of the unit, it must be ordered only from official suppliers

Before buying refrigerators from Sharp company will be useful to learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of technology. In addition, it will pick up a model that will satisfy all wishes and demands.

In the list of Sharp brand refrigeration equipment benefits should include:

  1. Superior performance. During the operation will not have absolutely no problems. To use this technique will be as convenient as storage of products is organized on a semi-professional level.
  2. Energy efficiency. Now you do not have to pay huge bills for light. After all, for Japanese equipment requires a minimum amount of power.
  3. ergonomics. If the buyer is responsible came to the choice of the model, it will certainly be able to pick up a convenient and comfortable model. Due to the smart and well-organized interior space can be compactly put a huge amount of products.
  4. Low noise level. The device does not emit virtually no sound. Therefore it is possible to do household chores, talking with a friend and relax without hearing the background annoying hum.

As for disadvantages, the main disadvantage of Japanese art - is its high cost. But when you consider all the benefits, the price is more than justified.

The dual-chamber large refrigerator brand Sharp

Due to the wide lineup of the buyer of any income level can choose an optimal refrigerator from "Sharp". Yes, this technique is expensive cost, but it will be decades

Landmarks determine the appropriate model

By the choice of cooling equipment, as well as to the purchase of any other household appliances, must be approached with the utmost responsibility. After all, a large assortment on the market, poses certain problems.

Therefore, before going to the store it would be useful to learn about what specifications should pay attention when choosing Japanese units Sharp.

Selecting the control varieties

Land of the rising sun has long abandoned the old mechanical knobs, buttons and switches. Therefore, Sharp technology can be seen exclusively electronic display.

And the chip manufacturer is the quality of execution. The same applies to the control unit. With this set up the equipment with meticulous precision does not make absolutely no difficulty.

Version of the electronic control system

The offer for sale of the line of Japanese refrigerators have a model with both electronic and electromechanical control type. The first option is more convenient, the second - easier and safer

Engineers have paid attention to safety. Therefore, the electronic control units of refrigerators are reliably protected against mechanical impacts and sudden surges.

energy efficiency class

If you do not want to pay huge bills for electricity, it is recommended to give preference to models with energy class A or A +.

Yes, they will cost a little higher than the counterparts belonging to category C or B. But spend a time, you can save a substantial amount later.

Sharp refrigerator in the kitchen

Do not expect that a large energy efficiency to get rid of the payment of electricity bills. But the refrigerator can save a couple of thousand rubles a year

Number of compressors and refrigerant form

Regardless of the standard unit will be ordered or inverter, each of them is a great solution. The whole point is that the Japanese manufacturer has taken the time to design compressors, making them quieter and more powerful.

In addition, the company used high-quality refrigerant, so the efficiency of the cooling unit is significantly increased.

Commutator motor-compressor refrigerator Sharpe

Cooling technology from Sharp is equipped as a habitual collector, inverter and the motor-compressor. When using the first model cost less, but they work louder and resource they have less than the refrigerator with inverter compressors

Operational and temperature preservation

First of all, we must understand that the higher the power of technology, the greater the amount of meat, vegetables, fish and other products it can be frozen for some time.

Therefore, for those who are accustomed to constantly hammer the freezer, the ideal solution would be a high-performance device. Well, if stored in a compartment of a couple of packs of dumplings, then this feature can not even look - refrigerator just cope with this task.

Cooling system

Even in older refrigeration models Sharp manufactured more than two decades ago, used No Frost technology. Japanese manufacturer reasonably be regarded as a pioneer in this field

Virtually all new models of devices from Sharp's NoFrost technology used. This decision will allow the owner to save a lot of time that could be spent on defrosting a refrigerator and care.

Such cunning characteristic as the temperature preservation of autonomous or will help out on a regular basis, or not useful at all. But we recommend a little extra for it, not to worry about their products.

Most modern models of Sharp different duration of battery life, which is about 18 hours after the cessation of power supply.

Fridge in the kitchen

If the unit for a long time maintains a low temperature, it prevents melting of products and reducing their shelf life. It is considered the best indicator of temperature maintenance within 30 hours

A list of additional features

Since the Japanese manufacturer likes to "stuff" your technique innovation and practical details, pick up a unique unit, which in addition to its primary function is to carry out a number of additional and more, will not be big deal.

Most often, in his refrigerators built:

  • ice generator - if there are fans of soft drinks among households, such functionality will be useful, especially as the cook in the ice molds quite uncomfortable;
  • Supercooling and superzamorozka - a practical solution that is useful in everyday life, so for these options should overpay a little;
  • freshness zone - in this compartment can be folded meat, yogurt, fish, cheese, and all that will remain fresh longer period of time;
  • light / sound indication - If the owner of the refrigerator miss anything out of sight, for example, has not closed the door of the device, the equipment will inform him about it.

is the presence of "Vacation" mode, a useful feature. A distinctive feature of this technology lies in the fact that the device starts to work much more efficiently.

This is especially useful if the owners come to visit, and the freezer is fully packed with products.

A number of refrigerators

Just a huge selection of additional features allows the client to resolve any problem. After all, every Japanese refrigerator - high quality and attention to detail

Overview lineup

Lineup of Japanese companies tens of cooling units. And each of them has both its advantages and its obvious shortcomings. But among the products of this brand stand out refrigerators, the consumer has won recognition from the very first minutes of launch.

Simple versions of collector with compressors

The clever design and a rather powerful cooling system led to the fact that temperature within each of the compartments of refrigerators from Sharp achieved maximum a short time.

To illuminate the interior space uses bright LED lamps. Therefore, there are no problems, even if a snack in the middle of the night.

Manufacturer carefully thought out arrangement of shelves and drawers. Ergonomics allows compactly folded a large number of products. Particularly noteworthy are roomy boxes located on the door, and a bulk container for storing fruits and vegetables.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-b236zrwh

Acquisition of basic dual-chamber models distinguished by its simplicity. Manufacturer applies only tray of eggs and a mold for making ice. But it is quite logical, as the technology cost is fairly low

Among dual-chamber models with the freezer at the bottom there are arranged product with a convenient display which is used to control the operation. It can be used to learn all the details about the device and expose the desired temperature in the freezing and cooling chambers.

NoFrost technology is implemented almost perfectly. Therefore, even after years of operation, not in the ice crust will be. Thus by cold compartment is evenly distributed. Units operate relatively quietly. On nothing will be the background hum and interfere with household chores or engage in chat with friends or household.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-B236ZRSL inside

The disadvantage recognize simplicity. Yes, it significantly improves the reliability and service life, but many housewives do not like the lack of any useful mode. Engineers made soundly and just a good unit

Models with an inverter type engine

The main feature refrigerators, equipped with inverter compressors, is that in his arsenal is more than thirty levels of work intensity. It will fine-tune the unit. In addition, the published minimum noise (about 23 dB).

Manufacturer built into the inverter refrigerators ExtraCool technology. Its essence lies in the possibility of the most cool, but not frozen foods and beverages. This makes it possible not only to increase their shelf life, but also to keep all the vitamins and minerals.

The list of benefits and costs include:

  • fully automatic defrost;
  • the presence of hybrid cooling system, which increases the efficiency of the device;
  • bright lighting;
  • impressive volume;
  • availability of protection against voltage surges.

Products are also equipped, air-purifying system. Therefore, the growth and development of bacteria and fungi will be suspended, which favorably affect the safety of products.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-XE55PMBE

The only thing to consider when purchasing an inverter model - is its size. The unit is pretty massive, it will create some problems when it is installed in a small apartment or a house

Refrigerators with an efficient cooling system

Models will please the customers well-designed and carefully engineered cooling system. Each chamber is covered inside antibacterial protection that will be important for those who appreciate cleanliness and hygiene.

Shelves refrigerators are fairly convenient. No problem compactly fill the cooling and the freezer compartment. There is voluminous drawer for storing fruit and vegetables. Thus it is able to protect the products from the condensate.

If we talk about the benefits, it is important to note:

  • high efficiency;
  • bright lighting based on light-emitting diodes;
  • presence NoFrost technology;
  • roominess and a comfortable size;
  • very affordable price.

On the downside is attributed quite modest functionality. Besides internal filling can not be called universal. Therefore, difficulties in the operation may have some buyers.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-B236ZRSL

In appearance, this type of refrigerators that are as simple and unremarkable technique. The main feature lies in a good "stuffing." Inverter, electrical components and insulation - all this is a single coherent and perfectly working system

Minimalist aggregates premium

If the kitchen is decorated in a contemporary style, the ideal choice would be a compact unit. They are in most cases also equipped with inverter motors that better reflects the life cycle.

Mini model can work in one of 36 intensity levels. Therefore, to do the work of the refrigerator as quiet as possible, but at the same time efficient, it does not take much.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-XP59PGSL

The only and the main drawback of this model is its relatively high cost. But if we consider all of the advantages of such a unit, the minus is completely leveled

Among the many advantages of premium hardware in particular should be highlighted:

  • maximum setting accuracy;
  • excellent maintain the desired temperature within each of the compartments;
  • availability of protection from sudden changes in the mains voltage;
  • presence of ionization and air purification;
  • ergonomics and roominess;
  • the presence of the protection of the Gulf of water, which makes the operation as safe as possible;
  • minimum noise during operation.

The manufacturer uses these models ExtraCool technology. Cool drink to the maximum level without freezing it is now easier than ever. Sharp models can also be just 1.5 hours to produce ice, which is a great result.

5-ka of the most popular refrigerators

Even though not very attractive price, refrigerators Sharp logo "do not lie on the counter."

Compatriots know that investing in the Japanese machine tools will pay off almost instantly. These products are not very rarely need repairs, they cause trouble and do not require tedious defrosting.

Refrigerator # 5: Sharp SJ-FS97VSL

Large solid type refrigerator side-by-side pleases large storage capacity and an impressive array of functions, but slightly disappointing overall dimensions, are not satisfied with the owners of apartments with small area kitchens. But the owners of spacious housing model is a useful volume of 600 l really like.

The three-chamber model Sharp SJ-FS97VSL provided with four doors, guaranteeing the conservation of cold in other branches when using one of them. The freezer compartment is arranged underneath. The inner space of well-organized, everything is done for the most convenient operation, highlighted the freshness area.

Cooling all branches made in a dynamic way. The use of the fan eliminates the formation of frost and snow buildup hence forced into the bypass defrosting unit is not needed. In the options of the model it is possible to perform superzamorozki and audible alarm that occurs when the door is opened.

Electronic control option mounted display showing the operating parameters of the system. Frosting daily model can up to 10 kg. When power is interrupted independently cold stores up to 17 hours.

Weighty advantage is considered to be a function of protection against interference in the management of younger researchers. By the power consumption of the data model has a class A.

Refrigerator # 4: Sharp SJ-XP59PGSL

Silver two-chamber model Sharp SJ-XP59PGSL perfectly suitable for large and medium-kitchen area. Future owners of the unit provides 578 liters total useful volume. Freezer located at the top, it employs 148 liters. There freshness zone employed for long-term storage of foods / dishes / semi-finished products without freezing.

Both compartments are cooled dynamic manner without the formation of frost and ice crusts. Freeze the refrigerator a day will be able to 12 kg, and immaculately performs Supercooling superzamorozku. If a power failure retain cold 19 hours.

Controlled by an electronic system model. inverter compressor is used in construction. This ensures quiet operation and long service life, not creating problems owners. Refrigerator equipped with ice maker. According to the data of the energy consumption of the unit has received a class A ++.

Refrigerator # 3: Sharp SJ-PC58ABE

Refrigerator provided with separate doors for each of the compartments. Model Sharp SJ-PC58ABE suitable for kitchens are medium in size, not too limited spatial framework. The total useful volume of 437 liters unit, are organized from top freezer allocated 108 liters. It freezes a day 6,5 kg.

The cooling of the freezer No Frost system is applied, therefore, forced to defrost it is not necessary. A built-in design of the fan eliminates the formation of condensation and icing droplets on the device walls.

To control the electronic device installed in the door mounted display. If the electricity supply is interrupted, the unit will maintain an optimal product temperature for another 13 h pattern. The open door model will react beep. Klassnost according to energy saving A.

Refrigerator # 2: Sharp SJ-F95STBE

Pleasant beige plant with French doors designed for large apartments with spacious kitchens. Model Sharp SJ-F95STBE provided with separate doors for four arranged in its body three chambers. Among the advantages indicated freshness zone, working without excess moisture. Total displacement 605 l to 211 l of the freezer compartment reserved.

All cameras are cooled by No Frost technology. This means that manual defrost them is not necessary. Defrost enough to hold a couple of times a year to bring the internal space in order.

Electronically controlled. The useful features list is the "Vacation" mode, whereby the owners do not need to completely shut down the machine for the duration of the trip. When disconnected from the power model supports the working temperature conditions for 17 hours. Open the door causes the unit to beep. Class energy saving performance A.

Refrigerator # 1: Sharp SJ-B132ZRWH

The winner is not the most "advanced" unit, which is very popular for more than a reasonable price, comparable with competing offerings from the South Korean and Chinese manufacturers. Plus an impressive second - dimensions Sharp SJ-B132ZRWH, allowing to install it in a small area of ​​the kitchen. Useful volume of internal space 317 liters under freezer are allocated 94 liters.

Both chambers of the refrigerator are cooled in a static manner. Defrost them must manually at the intervals specified by the manufacturer art.

Managed refrigerator electronic system has indicators to monitor the operating temperature. According to the results of testing for power consumption is simple but extremely reliable model is assigned to class A +.

The rating is based solely on the popularity of models among compatriots. Refrigerators are presented in order of speed and number of sales. About opinion craftsmen involved in repair of refrigeration equipment, we have no reliable information.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The best four-door model in the video:

Refrigerators from the Japanese company Sharp with the appearance on the market proven to be a reliable and high performance home appliances.

The manufacturer has to ensure that his units at a decent level to perform its primary function and cope with a number of additional tasks. Therefore, the purchase of cooling equipment of the brand - a profitable and wise investment of funds.

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