How to wash diesel fuel - 14 techniques for guaranteed results


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    • 1.1 Remove fresh contamination: 5 options
    • 1.2 Derive the long-standing spots: 4 prescription
    • 1.3 Remove unpleasant odor: 4 ways
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Print the diesel fuel from the clothes can be, knowing some tricks.Print the diesel fuel from the clothes can be, knowing some tricks.

Stains from diesel not only detracts from the appearance, but also exude an unpleasant smell. Once again faced with such pollution, I was determined to figure out how to wash clothes with diesel fuel with their own hands at home. Let's look together.

effective method

Remove the stain from diesel fuel can be a variety of ways. For the most part, you can split them, focusing on the time of detection of contamination.

Remove fresh contamination: 5 options

instructionPresented in the table will tell you how and what to clean up diesel fuel from clothing:

Picture Facilities
table_pic_att14946022121 Option 1. Salt
  1. Sheet under the item oilcloth.
  2. Liberally sprinkle with the necessary portions of table salt.
  3. Rub salt in a circular motion in the direction from the edge to the center of the contamination.
  4. Leave for 30 minutes, then start the intensive mode of machine washing.
table_pic_att14946022142 Option 2. Dishwashing liquid
  1. In the container with hot water (3 l.), Dilute detergent (1 tbsp. l.).
  2. Lower item in the solution for 3-4 hours.
  3. After the usual wash.

If the contaminated area with a small size, as a spot rub detergent into stain. After a while, wash clothes in warm water.

table_pic_att14946022163 Option 3. Paste Hand
  1. Apply the desired zone dense layer paste.
  2. Soak it for 15 minutes and return to the car wash machine.

Buy this pasta can be in store for motorists, the price - is available.

table_pic_att14946022174 Option 4. Lemon juice + vegetable oil
  1. Mix juice and oil in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  2. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture to the desired portion and rub circular motion.
  3. After 10 minutes, the mixture should be washed off with water and wash item as normal.

Especially effective this method takes spot with jeans and work clothes.

table_pic_att14946022175 Option 5. Soap + soda + cleanser
  1. Prepare a slurry of the components (1: 1: 1).
  2. Dilute the resulting mixture in a basin with warm water (3.2 l.) And immerse the item solution for half an hour.
  3. Finally wash it in the machine.

Derive the long-standing spots: 4 prescription

Withdraw dried diesel bit harder than fresh. But knowing some tricks, you can easily cope with this task.

So, how to wash diesel fuel, if it has already dried up:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14946022196 Means 1. Petrol
  1. Moisten c / b piece of cloth in gasoline and wipe the desired area.
  2. As the fabric contamination, take a new one.
  3. Wipe the affected area is necessary as long as the diesel fuel is not fully pass on the fabric.
table_pic_att14946022207 Means 2. Ammonia
  1. Dissolve 1 alcohol spoon into a teapot.
  2. Cotton pad dipped into the liquid fat is gradually wipe trace.
  3. Change disks as their pollution.
  4. Repeat until no stain.
table_pic_att14946022218 Means 3. Termoochistka
  1. Enclose a few paper towels on both sides of stains (example pictured).
  2. Walk napkin hot iron several times.
  3. Oily base under the influence of temperature must melt and go to the paper.

It is undesirable to use iron for removing diesel fuel with fine fabrics - silk, wool, synthetics. These materials may not tolerate the high temperature.

table_pic_att14946022229 Means 4. remover
  1. First, apply a stain remover dot at the desired location.
  2. After 15 minutes, run intensive washing in the machine with the addition of another cap of the tool and a double portion of detergent.

Recommended use stain remover in dry powder form.

Remove unpleasant odor: 4 ways

Unfortunately, after applying all the above methods may remain malodor diesel fuel. To get rid of this problem, use these guidelines:

Picture recommendations
Method 1. Fabric softener
  1. Print the spot one of the methods listed above.
  2. After drying, send the item to be washed again, adding a double compartment for balsam conditioner portion of the laundry.
table_pic_att149460222410 Method 2. Kerosene / extraction petrol / acetone
  1. Soak thing in water with addition of one of these means.
  2. Soak for about 30 minutes.
  3. Wash with a double portion of the powder and thoroughly ventilate.
table_pic_att149460222711 Method 3. Mint toothpaste
  1. Rub the dirty section of peppermint toothpaste and leave overnight.
  2. In the morning wash off residue with running water and wash the thing in machine, setting the normal mode.
table_pic_att149460222812 Method 4. prolonged ventilation

Hang out a thing outdoors and leave for a few days. Unpleasant odor should be eliminated.


Now we know a lot of effective ways on how to wash diesel and eliminate the pungent smell of fuel. Try not to put off cleaning pigeonholed, and proceed to rescue things immediately. Videos in this article contains additional instructions on how to remove stains diesel. If you have your own methods, I'd be happy to read them in the comments - write!

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