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Pillows filled with bamboo different ecological composition.Pillows filled with bamboo different ecological composition.

Pillows and bamboo blankets quickly and successfully filled the textile market. These bedding are light, high thermal insulation, anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties. But they need to be cleaned periodically. Let's find out whether it is possible to wash a pillow and a blanket made of bamboo and how to do it with his own hands.

How to care for bamboo pillows?

Natural origin of bamboo fiber makes the product environmentally friendly. Properties which are endowed with pillows filled with easily lead them into the lead, despite the fact that their price is quite high.

The pillow will not start dust mites and other pathogens.The pillow will not start dust mites and other pathogens.

Main advantages:

  • Products are light and well kept shape;
  • bamboo pillows are pleasant to the touch and have good thermal conductivity;
  • inside antimicrobial filler;
  • cushions of bamboo does not cause allergies, well pass the air and hold moisture.

Blankets and pillows are filled with bamboo are very demanding to care. There are a number of rules relating to washing, storage, drying and ironing items.

Therefore I propose to deal at first.

Bamboo cushions keep their shape perfectlyBamboo cushions keep their shape perfectly

The main requirements: 7 rules

Wash bamboo bedding, you need very often, but respect the basic operating procedures should always and without fail.

The data presented in the table, prompt, what can and can not do:

Picture Description
Rule 1. Optimal storage.

Keep the product in the best store packaging in expanded form (example pictured).

Crumple, compress and bend such items is prohibited.

Rule 2. The correct detergent.

Liquid detergents, which is composed of chlorine or acids, use is prohibited.

As the detergent may be used liquid detergent powders and gels.

Rule 3. Ironing.

Under no circumstances should you try to iron products, after washing bamboo pillows and blankets completed.

bamboo fibers melt at high temperature.

Rule 4. Recommendations on the label.

Washable cushion only after careful study of the recommendations on the label.

Rule 5. Dry Cleaning prohibited.

Cleaning and washing of blankets made of bamboo and other such accessories in the laundry room is not allowed. It is better to do on their own.

Rule 6. You can not use a steam generator and a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the product from dust using a vacuum cleaner and the steam generator is not recommended.

Rule 7. Drying.

Drying objects are best for a horizontal surface or in a suspended form of a rope. The main thing is that they are not in direct sunlight.

Algorithm machine washable

Instructions provided in the table, answer the question as to wash the pillow of bamboo in the washing machine:

Picture Description
Step 1. Training.

Check the integrity of the product. If you find holes - sew.

Step 2. Setting the
  • delicate or gentle wash;
  • water temperature 30-40 ° C;
  • spin - 500 rpm;
  • double rinsing.
Step 3. Detergent
  • 1 dimensional liquid cap means;
  • 2 dimensional cap rinse / conditioner.

You can put one capsule gel directly into the drum.

Step 4. Accommodation.

Wash the pillow of bamboo is better with tennis balls, they will not allow wrinkled filler.

If the size of the drum and products allows for one wash 2-3 object approach.

Step 5. Drying.

Dry the cushions in any convenient way, but without getting them to direct sunlight.

It is convenient to use a special hanger for drying.

To wash bamboo blanket in the machine, follow this same algorithm. The only caveat: you need to dry the quilt unfolded horizontally.

manual cleaning Algorithm

Now we look at how to wash bamboo pillow manually:

Picture Procedure
Step 1. Training
  1. Pour into a container cool water (30 ° C).
  2. Add liquid detergent.
  3. Mix thoroughly until a thick foam.
Step 2. Soak
  1. Check the integrity of the product.
  2. Lower belonging to the water and leave as such for 1 hr.
  3. After a while, a little remember the subject.
Step 3. Rinsing
  1. Pour soapy water type and pure.
  2. Good vypoloschite detergent residues.
  3. Repeat 3-4 times.
Step 4. Drying
  1. After rinsing, lift the product and let the water drain out.
  2. Substitute under a tumble dryer empty bowl and place on top of affiliation.
  3. Turn the pillow every 30 minutes.

Wash pillows filled with bamboo hand less effective. Heavy soiling is best to remove in the machine-gun.


There are two effective ways: washing cushions from bamboo in a washing machine and hand wash. So that they will last you as long as possible, always follow the basic operating procedures. Videos in this article clearly show the cleaning methods. If you have any questions, please comment.

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