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Petunia is a flower that grows in flowerbeds, on private plots, on balconies, in gazebos or simply in rooms. Culture is popular with amateur flower growers. It has many varieties and types of various shades and shapes. Recently, petunia Alderman appeared on the market, which quickly won the love of gardeners.

How the petunia Alderman looks like, flower description

The flower belongs to annual plants. Petunia Alderman is drawn up to a maximum of 30 centimeters. The bush is wide and cohesive, the shoots hang down. The plant is famous for its large bright blue-violet flowers( 5 to 8 cm in diameter), which bloom for three to four months. Petunia Alderman is used as a natural decoration, both in open ground and in the pot version. Planted mainly in groups.

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Conditions and features of growing

The main features of growing petunias Alderman:

  • more light - more abundant and larger flowering;
  • gentle irrigation mode( no need to flood the soil, the plant may rot in humidity);
  • you should not skimp on top dressing, petunia Alderman will repay with abundant and large flowering;
  • neutral or non-acidic soil.

One of the positive qualities of a plant is its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. For example, rain, strong wind or small hail is not a problem for him. The flower has fast regenerating properties, in a short time it returns its decorative effect. Knowing the main features of growing petunia alderman, you can forget about the difficulties in caring for it.

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How to propagate by seed?

The peculiarities of growing petunias Alderman include the process of preparing seedlings.

What is needed for flower reproduction:

  • petunia seeds Alderman;
  • soil;
  • special seedling containers;
  • glass.

Seeds of plants are deepened with a finger into the ground. Then covered with glass and put on a well-lit place, but without direct rays. In the room where the seeds will germinate, you need to maintain a temperature of 22-24 degrees Celsius. The landing is carried out from mid-February until the end of April.

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Care for seedlings

Large-flowered varieties, including Alderman petunia, do not require special care, but their seedlings need.

After sowing planting material, seedlings germinate in two to three weeks. When two leaves appear on the sprouts, the seedlings swoop into separate containers. Petunia Alderman in the early stages of growth should be sprayed and kept warm( 15-18 degrees).

By adhering to the simple rules for growing this flower, you can decorate the balcony, flowerbed or lawn in an original way.

Video about growing petunia

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