Juicer berries: manual and electric types, 3 of the best options

Modern products will help you to easily squeeze the juice from the berries is not only, but also from other fruits
Modern products will help you to easily squeeze the juice from the berries is not only, but also from other fruits

Natural drink made from grapes, strawberry, cherry, cranberry, blueberries and other fruits can be cooked with his own hands, but you need to choose the right appliances. I'll tell you what fruit juicer, you can choose and what models are the most popular today.

Which to choose a juicer

The most suitable for the small fruits are considered to be 2 kinds of household appliances: hand (or screw-press) and electrical (universal type). Each type has its pros and cons, so deciding which products are the best, you need to consider the cost, performance, ability to separate the bones and other parameters.

Squeeze fruits help and manual and electric model
Squeeze fruits help and manual and electric model

Juicer manual type

Handheld devices do not consume energy and allow you to save a maximum of vitamins in the juice due to the fact that do not heat up during operation.

There are two subspecies of handheld devices:

Photo View manual juicer
table_pic_att15028013412 Screw.

If you need a juicer grapes with seeds, the auger model fit perfectly, because it has a mesh for filtering.

By the principle of action they are similar to a meat grinder. All fruits are processed screw spiral that crushes the downloaded product and squeeze the juice.

After which the beverage passes through a sieve, which filters out the seeds, leaves, peel, so you have a clean output drink.

table_pic_att15028013453 Pressing.

These devices work by the press, which squeezes the juice from the fruit. The press can be moved by means of a special lever, and the juice gets into a special high capacity.

But if you are interested juicer cherries with pits, such a product does not fit or to use it will have to choose their own hands to the bone fruit.

Manual juicers operate almost silently, therefore, more suitable for those who have small children in the house.

Electric device for squeezing juice

Electrical - devices operating on the network, do not require the use of force for squeezing food. They are best suited for industrial use in cafes, restaurants and hotels, but also for use at home, you can choose a comfortable and functional model.

And screw, and centrifugal devices are suitable for different fruits
And screw, and centrifugal devices are suitable for different fruits

When choosing pay attention not only on price but also on the performance, power, material from which made sieve, screw or centrifugal.

Among the electrical devices it is also necessary to allocate two kinds of techniques that are best suited for berries:

Photo Type of electric juicer
table_pic_att15028013535 Screw.

Their operating principle is the same as in the manual, but to start the engine using the press, rather than human strength.

Auger juicer, working from the network, have a high capacity and are therefore suitable for use even at an industrial scale.

table_pic_att15028013566 Centrifuge.

Suitable for fruits and vegetables - this powerful multifunction devices, which are capable of an hour to cook up to 50-60 liters of juice.

Many modern devices suitable not only for berries and fruits, but also for vegetables, herbs, nuts and other products.

But there are devices that are not suitable for fruits with small seeds, as they clog the centrifuge. Instruction must specify whether a particular product is suitable for strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and so on. D.

The most popular juicers: 3 options for berries

To select the right model, you need to take into account not only the type of device, but also its functional and technical specifications. I will compare the most popular models, so you can choose the best for your kitchen or restaurant:

Device Features and specifications
table_pic_att15028013597 KITFORT KT-1101

This compact auger model, which is suitable for the cooking juices from fruits and vegetables at home.

It has a small capacity of 150 watts. The volume of the tanks for the finished drink and for meal - 800 ml.

pros - automatic selection of cake and silent operation.

Price: 4800-5000 rubles

table_pic_att15028013618 bosch MES25A0

Strong centrifugal model, which has a capacity of 700 W and 2 speed. If the pulp or the small bones to score a centrifuge to clean it can be a special brush that comes in the kit.

Also in the kit includes a container for juice with a convenient cover. Throat diameter - 73 mm, so the fruit can be loaded, not pre-grinding.

Price: 5500-5800 rubles

table_pic_att15028013639 Lurch

Lurch - is an environmental manual juicer, which is suitable for home use.

It has a compact size and a small diameter neck.

Several filter Veins make the product ideal for cooking juice from the fruit with seeds. In the kit you get a glass of 0.5 liters.

Price: 4900-5000 rubles


I told him what juicer better suited for berries, and described the three most popular models. And what appliances helps you cook the juice and what are its advantages - share in the comments. Visual instructions - in the video in this article.

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