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  • 1 Stroke "tum"!
  • 2 Enjoy Your Bath!
  • 3 With "tail" and without
    • 3.1 Irons with cord
    • 3.2 Irons without cord
  • 4 What is important?
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Properly selected iron - it saved time and effort Properly selected iron - it saved time and effort

"Without the iron and not the kind of life," maybe it's unoriginal saying, but very fair. Today I would like to raise an important question - how to choose a good home iron.

The modern market offers 1000 and 1 model of irons, it would seem that the new can come up with in such a familiar representative of home appliances. And no, innovation affected not only the functionality, but also the materials used.

Stroke "tum"!

There are different types of soles There are different types of soles

My nephew recently named soleplate tum, as happened in the family and "Do not touch iron, his hot tum."

iron coating may be aluminum, Teflon, ceramic and cermet:

Photo Type of coating on the soleplate
table_pic_att15105900130 Aluminum

The main advantage - the relative ease. In addition, such models are heated quickly and perfectly gliding on fabric. A significant disadvantage is exposure to scratches and dents on the sole.

Recommended models:

  • Philips EasySpeed ​​GC1029 / 40;
  • Philips GC2980 / 70;
  • Tefal GV6771.
table_pic_att15105900141 Teflon

On the one hand, this coating prevents tissue sticking, on the other, it is this feature of iron impairs the sliding surface.

Recommended models:

  • Tefal FV1320;
  • Tefal FV5381;
  • Maxwell MW-3052 VT.
table_pic_att15105900152 Ceramic and cermet

In comparison with metal soles ceramics wins in the matter slip on fabric. But you should pay attention to the fact that the material is very brittle, prone to scratches, which subsequently lead to peeling of the deposition.

Recommended models:

  • Tefal FV1543E0;
  • Tefal Easygliss FV3910;
  • Hotpoint Ariston SI DC30 BA1.
table_pic_att15105900163 Stainless steel

It can justly be called a combination of the best in the category of quality / price. Here you coefficient and excellent sliding, and easy to clean and durable coating which is resistant to external physical impact.

Recommended models:

  • Philips Azur Pro GC4887 / 00;
  • Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW 6020;
  • Braun TS 785 STP A.

Manufacturers of household appliances, trying to occupy a niche, offer amazing modern models. For example:

  • BRAUN - offers to evaluate the coating of stainless steel with sapphire powder-coated;
  • ROWENTA - presented Platinium coating stainless steel with a laser processing;
  • PHILIPS - trying to fall in love with consumers in anodized aluminum, which has passed the thermal treatment.

Enjoy Your Bath!

  1. Another important factor - the steam function. Evaluation criterion - the intensity of the steam, which is measured in grams per minute. Depending on the capacity of iron, it can range from 15 to 60 g / min. The latter figure should look at the latest models with Turbo Mode.
The intensity of the steam depends on the quality of ironingThe intensity of the steam depends on the quality of ironing
  1. steam - a very useful feature that allows one-click to release the steam output of 100 g / min. In this way you will quickly cope with the strong room, overdried linen or smoothing complex in tissues.
Steam quickly and easily smooth out wrinkles strongSteam quickly and easily smooth out wrinkles strong

Recommended models:

  • Philips EasySpeed ​​GC2048 / 80;
  • Braun TS 715;
  • REDMOND RI-C224 Purple;
  • Braun TS 705 A;
  • Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW 6020.
  1. Steam in a vertical plane relevant in the event that in the future you will often have to iron curtains without removing them from the windows, or freshen the furniture upholstered.
Model from the brand Saturn - ST-CC0211 PinkModel from the brand Saturn - ST-CC0211 Pink

Recommended models:

  • Philips SmoothCare GC3582 / 20;
  • Hotpoint Ariston SI DC30 BA1;
  • Philips Azur Performer GC3820 / 20;
  • Saturn ST-CC0211 Pink;
  • Bosch TDA 2365.

By studying the characteristics, pay attention not only to the power of the steam flow, but also on the location of the holes on the bottom. Maximum quality pet thing by virtue of the structure in which they are placed evenly over the entire surface.

manufacturers innovations did not escape even the kind and shape of the holes for the pair, as a model Tefal 1828 and UFESA Millenium PV-4325 have special grooves on the bottom, creating an air space and facilitate slip. Krups 768 is equipped with a silicone guide, allows a couple to penetrate as deeply as possible.

Iron model of the brand Tefal 1828Iron model of the brand Tefal 1828

No less important is the water tank, the higher it is, the less you'll have to pour water. Most models have options from 350 to 400, rarer capacity of up to 250 mm.

Drip or "drop foot" - a very useful feature. Located inside the plate blocks openings for steam, not allowing the supply water, if you pet at low temperature, which is insufficient to convert water into steam. As a result, you get insurance from wet spots on things.

In the photo - Philips GC 2046/20 with a "stop drop"In the photo - Philips GC 2046/20 with a "stop drop"

And here is something for which I would not pay extra - closing the reservoir valve for water. It is relevant only if you plan to iron ceiling. In most models, the hole for filling is placed in the upper part, so it is not easy to spill the water to you.

With "tail" and without

Another point which is often overlooked by the attention - the cord.

Irons with cord

It is convenient if the iron is equipped with a ball mount, wherein the length of the cord must be at least 2-2.5 m.

Irons without cord

"Tailless" representative of modern irons - Tefal Freemove"Tailless" representative of modern irons - Tefal Freemove

Cordless irons function of the type equipped with an electric kettle and a heating platform. The fact that iron is required "charging" indicator light informs.

On average, "tailless" recharging happens in 8 seconds, time - 30 seconds. For small things-to-date function, but the bed or curtains so iron is not very convenient.

We help to choose an iron for the house without cable:

  • Ariete 6236;
  • Tefal FV 9970;
  • Philips Azur FreeMotion GC4595 / 40;
  • Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Cordless 23300-56;
  • REDMOND RI-C234.

What is important?

Power. The higher the rate, the faster the iron surface reaches a predetermined temperature. Less powerful - road drags, e.g., Philips HI-152 with a capacity of only 350 watts.

Palm belongs model 2700 watts in the matter (iron with a steam generator PHILIPS PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9682 / 80). All technical information and a description provides instructions, do not be lazy to look into it.

For home use is considered to be the optimum power range in the range from 1500 to 1700 watts.

"Mullet" Iron Philips gc-3620"Mullet" Iron Philips gc-3620

The shape of the sole. Before you buy, consider what things you usually iron. If the clothes with lots of small details, cuffs and collar, take iron with a sharp "nose". But for large items (bedding, curtains) should choose a model with a wide surface.

The weight. Often easy iron weight exhibit an advantage, but it is not always so is. So iron is very difficult to iron big things. Optimal weight - from 1.3 to 1.5 kg. Remember that you will have to stroke his hands, not your hands consultant at the store!

Summing up

I hope I have helped you navigate the world of much-needed household gadget and video in this article will help to choose the right iron for domestic use and to respond to the remaining questions.

And what iron you use, whether successful purchase? We look forward to your responses in the comments.

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