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The incredible variety of green plants causes many people to tremble, because each of them contains many useful properties. Especially striking is its extraordinary simplicity - the carob tree, which has been known since ancient times.

In the 1st century AD, the fruit of this plant was fed to domestic animals. A few centuries later, enterprising merchants sold pods as an expensive treat. During the war, they made flour and baked bread, which helped many to survive the famine. In addition, from carob fruits people have learned to make chocolate, coffee and even cocoa, which indicates the uniqueness of mysterious fruits.

Interestingly, the fruits contain about 50% of sugar, so they are used as a delicious treat. And drinks obtained from carob, decaffeinated, are therefore available to everyone.

Short description and photos of plants

The carob tree belongs to the family "Legumes". It grows up to 20 m in height and belongs to evergreen plants. It has a powerful upright barrel, which is adorned by a wide sprawling crown.

Among the large fleshy leaves in the sixth year of life appear plain-looking male and female inflorescences. Then, in their place grow pods, inside which are hidden sweet taste of beans. They are harvested in an immature form, after which they are laid on a cloth and dried in the sun until a brown crust appears. Photo and description of the carob tree give a complete picture of the plant for nature lovers.

The plant fructifies for almost 100 years and can yield up to 10 kg of pods in a single season.

The tree grows on dry stony soil, thanks to its powerful root system. Cultivated in Mediterranean countries, in northern Africa, in South America, Asia and the Middle East. Wherever a carob tree grows, it is often a warm and subtropical climate.

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Valuable properties of the southern heat-loving fetus

The pods of an exotic plant usually have a saturated brown color and reach a length of up to 25 cm. Outside they are covered with a solid base, which protects seeds from damage. Next to them is a tender flesh. It contains the following useful elements:

  • sucrose;
  • fructose;
  • glucose.

Due to this, it is used to make a sugar substitute.

Plant seeds are rich in dietary fiber, starch, protein, acids and tannins. In addition, they contain different types of vitamin, in particular group B. And also a complex of microelements, such as:

  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium
  • zinc.

As a result, the useful properties of the carob are evident in various areas of human life.


Interestingly, from the beans of an exotic plant cooks make healthy products. Kerob - shredded carob seeds, reminiscent of cocoa taste. Therefore, it is used for baking confectionery and beverages.

No less famous product is carob syrup, which is used as a natural sweetener for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Each of them has amazing properties that help to cope with ailments. Culinary specialists create even chocolate from carob fruits - an original sweet for diabetics. After all, it includes up to 50% of natural sugars.

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What people do not use to strengthen the body and less to hurt. Especially popular is the carob tree with its unique properties. A high level of iron in the beans of a plant affects the complex system of blood formation. Therefore, it is important to eat fruits in case of anemia, after getting trauma and chronic ailments associated with blood loss.

Magnesium and potassium molecules, which are in the fruit, affect the vessels and the heart muscle. As a result, blood pressure is normalized and a person feels much more comfortable. The presence of potassium in the beans helps to remove harmful toxins and fluids from the body.

The fruit has a huge effect on digestion and intestines. Frequent diarrhea, gassing, nausea often deprive people of peace. But amazing seeds will help to solve this problem in a most pleasant way. Sweet and fragrant drug is not only for adults, but also for children.

Since the carrotyt fruit contains a huge number of useful elements, nutritionists designate them as a cleanser for the body. In case of problems, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

One of the unpleasant ailments is angina and colds. If you cook a decoction of the fruits of a thermophilic tree and rinse your throat, it is easy to get rid of unpleasant pain.


Presence in vitamins of group B vitamins, helps to solve problems with vision. Microelements of zinc, entering the beans of the thermophilic tree, take part in the synthesis of the male hormone - testosterone. So, eating its fruits can prevent the emergence of an unpleasant male disease - prostatitis. And finally, plant seeds strengthen the immune system of people of any age, for which they got such popularity.

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A unique drink for all occasions

The syrup that is made from carob never causes side effects. Therefore, both adults and children can drink it. Only in rare cases does it induce individual intolerance.

The therapeutic solution is sold in pharmacies, specialized retail outlets or on the Internet. It is a brown liquid. By its consistency, it is similar to ordinary sugar syrup and has a wide range of valuable properties.

Like any medical drug, carob syrup has instruction for use, so it is important to adhere to it.

People suffering from an intestinal disorder are advised to drink syrup 3 or 4 times a day. Single dose - 1 tablespoon. It is better to do this before eating.

With catarrhal symptoms 1 tablespoon is bred in a cup of water. Drink is drunk every hour during the day. Depending on the general condition, continue to take until the symptoms disappear.

A frequent headache and migraine attacks can recede if 6 times a day use 1 tablespoon. The course of treatment is not less than 3 months.

To achieve the best result, you can take a break for 14 days, and then take the syrup again.

People who are trying to get rid of extra pounds, divorce a spoonful of syrup in a glass of water at room temperature. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before the meal. So they get a feeling of satiety, which makes it possible to eat smaller portions.

As you can see, the application options are quite simple, the main thing is to follow the instructions, monitor the food and trust the healing power of the green plants of planet Earth.

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