The operating principle of a microwave oven: 4 and 4 of the ban rules

Knowing the principle of operation of household appliances, you will extend its life
Knowing the principle of operation of household appliances, you will extend its life

In the operation of household appliances may experience problems in its work. Some of them can be eliminated with their hands, while others require the intervention of the master. Today I will tell you what the principle of the microwave oven, how to prolong its life and how to choose the right model.

The apparatus of microwave oven

What microwave is made? If you understand where some item is and what is intended, you will be much easier to understand the operation of the microwave.

Basic elements of the microwave oven magnetron:

  • camera - metal, with metallic door (which concentrates microwave (MW) radiation), which warms up the products are placed;
  • transformer - a source of high-voltage power supply of the magnetron;
  • The control and switching circuit;
  • Microwave emitter - magnetron;
  • waveguide - to transfer from the magnetron to the radiation chamber.
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Constituent elements of microwave ovens
Constituent elements of microwave ovens


  • turntable or tray - is necessary for the uniform heating of the product from all sides;
  • circuits and circuit - provide control (timer) and security (lock) device;
  • fan - cools the magnetron and ventilated chamber.
The circuit operation of the microwave oven virtually unchanged since its invention
The circuit operation of the microwave oven virtually unchanged since its invention

How does heating food

Each piece of vegetable, meat, fish, fruit, millions of special molecules. In an electric field, they are arranged strictly in the direction of the field lines, "plus" to one side, "minus" to the other. If you change their polarity, then change direction.

Change polarity helps the microwaves. Under the action of microwave radiation with molecules tumble breakneck speed and literally contact each other at revolutions, thereby heating up.

Microwaves driven molecule, since the heating occurs
Microwaves driven molecule, since the heating occurs

This happens when we three palms against each other to keep warm. The frequency of the waves, which is used by almost all the microwave - 2450 MHz (1 MHz - is one million cycles per second). It turns out that the field, which contains the product molecules, changing the polarity of approximately 4.9 billion times per second!

For clarity, I suggest to watch the video in this article.

How to choose a microwave oven: 4 rules

When choosing appliances, everyone is looking for the one that will last a long time without harm to health. So as not to stumble on defective goods during the selection of equipment, follow a couple of simple rules:

Photo recommendations
table_pic_att15040320333 rule 1

The housing and the door should fit snugly together. If you see a gap between them - say model "Goodbye."

Click on the metal when it is bent by pressing a finger - the material is not high-quality.

table_pic_att15040320364 rule 2

Check out all the buttons and adjusting wheels in operation.

table_pic_att15040320375 rule 3

Inspect the power cord and plug, try yourself to stick it into the socket and remove.

table_pic_att15040320406 rule 4

Ask the consultant to show the work of each additional attachments if there is, find out how to remove the main parts.

Most modern home appliances have their own websites. I advise you - before you go to the store, carefully read customer reviews. For purchase come with a list of selected models, and perform their own inspection.

Microwaves are presented in a wide assortment of different design and price range
Microwaves are presented in a wide assortment of different design and price range

Precautions: 4 ban

Did you hear about the dangers of rays from a microwave oven? I am of the opinion of a certain medium. Yes, the waves have a definite impact on the structure of the product and the human body.

On the other hand, the effects of an ordinary TV much stronger. I think that we should not be afraid to use the microwave oven for cooking, but it should be not too often.

Do not heat in the microwave frozen breast milk for the baby - the body of the newborn is still more sensitive to various influences.

The impact of microwave radiation, depending on the distance
The impact of microwave radiation, depending on the distance

How to operate the microwave and can not do:

Picture instruction
table_pic_att15040320499 Tip 1

You can not reheat food in a metal bowl or send in an oven cutlery metal tools - this can damage the microwave device.

table_pic_att150403204910 Tip 2

You can not send for heating the eggs and fluid in sealed containers!

The fact that moisture evaporates creates a lot of pressure, which will lead to an explosion.

table_pic_att150403205011 Tip 3

Capacity with pictures, silver and golden strips can not be used. Ceramics are likely to crack at the site of deposition (image).

table_pic_att150403205212 Tip 4

Narrow necks in a glass - too bad. The fact is that the water begins to boil in the microwave is not as usual - no bubbles and easily overheated.

The slightest awkward movement and water can splash out and burn your skin.

Relative characteristic: 5 microwave ovens

You can share all of the microwave oven for 5 species. However, the structure they have roughly the same, the difference is in the details:

Picture Characteristics
table_pic_att150403205413 Conventional oven or solo

PriceFrom 2000 rubles

Description: The most simple model has only two functions - heating and defrosting. Ideal for those who use the stove in rare cases.

table_pic_att150403206014 Microwave with grill

Price: from 3500 rubles

Description: in addition to the basic functions of heating products and standard parts has 2 extra - built ten and a skewer, which are intended for the preparation of "grill" dishes.

table_pic_att150403206115 Microwave oven with convection

PriceFrom 4500 rubles

Description: Microwave oven has the function of food is prepared blowing hot air, which is evenly distributed throughout the product surface. This gives the effect of cooking in the oven.

Due to convection, better products and par fried baked through.

table_pic_att150403206216 Multi-function microwave oven

Price: from 6000 rubles

Description: Most expensive models of microwave ovens have a wide range of possibilities - a grill and convection, and pressure cooker, etc...

One oven can replace a number of other domestic appliances.

table_pic_att150403206317 Mini microwave oven

Price: from 500 rubles

Description: Model, as well as solo, is designed exclusively for heating food, but is small in size. Some of these devices are wireless, which is very convenient for use outdoors.


I hope I have adequately describe not only the principle of the microwave, but also help you in choosing the equipment. If you have any questions, or you know more - write in comments, I will be glad to read, and if possible to dot the «i».

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