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LTE is a new thing for the people, at first we will evaluate logically what is implemented in the standard, then we proceed to reading the literature. The main difference of technology is an increase in the speed of information transfer of an Internet connection. When testing LTE in Bishkek, the download speed was 20 Mbps. Because the limit is set, so as not to overload the network. Surprised, in the initial state( the beginning of the 90s of the twentieth century) LTE was not considered digital. The protocol definitely contradicted the 3G specification, cellular operators stubbornly refused to recognize. The group of companies, which had the honor of introducing LTE, finalized the first option, then Yota began to try to cover Belarus with a new standard, when it did not work out - with the Russian Federation. Can an LTE antenna be made by hand? Of course yes!

LTE standard, LTE antennas

Avoid exploring the LTE wilds. We mention the simple facts: the speed is increased faster by the methods of coding information, the modulation method. Polarization is almost certainly linear, vertical( typically cellular).The frequencies adopted by LTE are not always respected in practice. The thesis concerns Russia. First of all, find out from the provider the wave( channel number), then start designing the LTE antenna. Today, every mobile operator is broadcasting. In the Astrakhan region distribute LTE antennas for two or three. The frequencies of all are different, the numbers are changing by region, the matter is that the connection will be faster and cheaper.

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We bring to the attention of newcomers: for the frequencies of LTE operators, equal to television and radio companies, there is always war. The range is not provided for free, the company is obliged to pay. The abundance of LTE operators is beneficial to the state - each one unfashes a fee. Not new, large enterprises using radios replenish the treasury with considerable sums. What LTE is paying for is difficult to say; we believe the case is as follows:

  • Radio waves are harmful to humanity. Certainly a proven fact. Reduce immunity, provoke poor health, raise body temperature. A person feels completely ill, exposed to radio waves.
  • Consequently, the organization must take control so that citizens are not exposed to radiation. Otherwise, the population will start to hurt, nothing good will happen. The committee is the GRCC, more interested in, read on the health thematic reviews of the network. The organization is engaged in the allocation of frequencies.

We believe that contributions paid by LTE providers and other users of radio channels do not bring much profit( the editors will excuse the editor if we are mistaken).Money pays for the labor of people who need to pay salaries, sick pay, vacation. .. The state does not receive much profit from LTE.No need to be surprised if you can’t catch operators on one LTE antenna. Range of considerable.

Today, however, we will show how to make an LTE antenna that can catch everyone. We'll have, of course, a little sweat. We strongly recommend reading the literature, the book of K.P. Kharchenko.1969 release about the VHF antenna. The name, perhaps, is different, we believe, persistent readers can download and read this work( posted pdf, djvu version).

Features of LTE antennas are limited in size. For GSM, too, fit. WiFi lies above. The LTE antenna catches the upper channels of the television, if you expand it so that the eight can stand up( rotate 90 degrees).

How to make a good LTE antenna

A homemade LTE antenna can be an ordinary rod. We offer to do something sensible. You know, some of them belong to the biquadrato a bit down. Totally in vain. In the book, Kharchenko writes: with skillful design, the product is capable of receiving waves with an overlapping range of 2 - 2.5 times. Let's now see what happens with LTE in Russia. Many people broadcast. .. they take different frequencies, look at Wikipedia, so as not to conduct serious research, we will try to determine the parameters for creating a technical task.

Each mobile operator does not seek to help competitors. LTE antenna KR - 14 - 2050 - JG, the gain is 14 dB in the range 1900 - 2200 MHz. The CWS does not rise above 2. Well, and? Now look at the work of Kharchenko, compare the biquadrat with the store antenna. Still think that you do not need to collect anything with your own hands? There will be problems with the connection, the equipment is devoid of outputs for external antennas. We'll have to chuck modems( a separate conversation), to find other methods of pairing equipment. That the Kharchenko antenna is good, coordination is relatively simple. We proceed to consider the design.

For the tenth time, the portal Your Technician commemorates the Kharchenko antenna with a kind word. Let's try again. ..

  1. Imagine a chessboard. Filled with white and black fields. Moreover, neighboring are always opposite shades. For a black cell, only a diagonal black can be found.
  2. Now take a small field of 2 x 2 cells. Two fields of white, two - black. Remove the black fields. There are two squares left in contact with one vertex. Lay the wire around the perimeter of this figure.
  3. In the central part, where the squares are touching, the wire should not cross itself. In this place, the two sides of the figure come together, do not touch each other. The wire in the place of beginning is soldered with the end.
  4. Received bi-quad antenna. The power cable is suitable in the central part, where the two sides of the figure as close as possible. The distance itself is not critical, take equal to 1 - 2 mm. No electrical contact.
  5. It is required to add a screen - a flat metal plate is placed parallel to the biquadrat at a distance of 0.175 of the maximum wavelength range( minimum frequency).The gain increases, the level of interference decreases, half of the reception area is cut off.

Let's discuss the resulting product. The present Kharchenko antenna is formed by three circuits. Here is a drawing of the original edition of 1969, we hope the author will not be against the blatant violation of copyright. As you can see, the dimensions are relative to the maximum wavelength( minimum frequency).

According to Kharchenko, the range overlap ratio will be about 2( up to 2.5). Nowhere in the area of ​​the CWS will there be more than 2. Note that the eight is vertical. Polarization will be horizontal. Kharchenko proposed to use the design, catching television, the authors want to adapt to accept communication. Biquadrat lay to the side.

It’s hard to say how to connect the contours, the author is slow to show. .. From the figure it follows: the upper largest square becomes the smallest one and vice versa. The average closes on itself. At the contact pads, three circuits are assembled by a bus powered by a cable. It follows from the figure, according to the text, zero explanation. Taking readers, we turn to the search engine, do not like unsolved issues. .. That's what was found out.

Design Considerations for Kharchenko's LTE AntennaFor the frequencies of the television of the times of the USSR, the following channels were made:
  1. 1 - 5( 49 - 100 MHz): 120 - 100 mm.
  2. 6 - 12( 174 - 230 MHz) channels: 34 - 27 mm.

It is difficult to find a wire of significant diameter, it was proposed to replace the round conductor with a flat one. Significantly increased the antenna sail, can not be called a positive factor, the manufacture has become more complicated, the weight has increased, materials have become difficult to get. Three circuits are applied. The good news is that we will work with frequencies of 750 MHz and above, each wire with a diameter of 6 mm will reach each( strip PV).The second good news: found a way to conduct installation. An unknown author bothers to reshoot pictures from the book, gave a description of the process on the site http: // ant-xarchenko.html. A free domain, therefore, 99%, information will be obtained by a tough enthusiast.

The authors were too lazy to retake the pictures, add a few words: on the sides of the circuit board fit two semicircular plates on which the wire is soldered. In the corners( 6 pieces out in total), the frames are bridged with metal stripes. About the trajectories were right. Follow the picture, you can not go wrong. Isolating the intersection of the wire is not accepted, the antenna cord does not need it at all.

Antenna made for LTE do it yourself. How to agree, they wrote in a special review, which is called Antenna Kharchenko with their own hands. Today, WiFi lovers are widely used design. Iron is sometimes placed in a plastic case, trimming the seam with silicone sealant purchased at a plumbing store.

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