What to do if things got colored after washing?

  • What clothes are painted
  • Special means for restoring color
  • We restore things with hydrogen peroxide
  • How to restore white products with starch?

Everyone has ever done washing at least once in their life, and no doubt there were situations when white things were painted in a different color. This is due to the non-observance of the elementary rules of washing, which you need to know: you can not wash white clothes with colored clothes together - the latter can fade. If this has already happened, then you should not throw out the damaged thing - it can be saved. What if things get stained when they are washed? How to return them to their original appearance? Consider this article.

What clothes are painted with

Before you begin to wash the damaged items, you need to study the information that will help in the future to avoid such problems.

Shedding, can clothes of different colors, able to dye not only white, but also things of other colors. Experts advise to wash things by color. But if there is not much clothing, then it is necessary to take into account:

  • Loops all new clothes - new things, in particular, bright shades, it is necessary to wash for the first time separately, because they can give a new color to any things.
  • The process of washing white things should occur separately from the color - this rule must be followed, even if the colored clothes are no longer new and have been washed repeatedly.
  • Shedding, maybe a slight color insert on clothes - for example, a bright collar on a shirt or a T-shirt can color things.
  • If washing occurs in hot water, then the likelihood of coloring increases - when choosing the washing mode at high temperatures, clothes should be separated by colors.

If you adhere to these rules, then the following situation and the questions arising from it will not arise: the thing colored during the washing process, how to remove the resulting pollution? If this has already happened, then below we will look at how to fix this trouble.

Special tools for restoring color

Molding in the washing process is not uncommon, so people are looking for a tool that can cope with this unpleasant situation. Manufacturers of powders and detergents have long understood this and products have appeared on the market that can restore the original color of things, lost as a result of an oversight.

Return to clothes its color will help the tool called "Antilin".It was specially created for this purpose. On the Internet, you can find reviews of this product, both positive and negative. There is nothing strange in this - each case is individual. The effectiveness of "Antilin" will be much higher if you use it immediately after an unsuccessful wash, while the paint has not yet had time to be absorbed into the fabric.

You can resort to using bleach and stain removers, but this must be done promptly.

We restore things with hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide can restore damaged things. As soon as you notice that the thing is painted in a different color, you must immediately put it wet in any container that can be put on the stove. After that, you need to add water to it, put it to warm and add peroxide - 20 grams is enough for 4-5 liters of water. The boiling process should last approximately 30 minutes. As a result of such manipulations, the paint from the clothes will go into the water and the fabric will be restored. Peroxide can even cope if the thing is unevenly colored during the washing process.

How to restore white products with starch?

In rare cases, in order to cope with the trouble that has arisen, you simply need to scrub things in hot water or boil it with powder. If it did not help, then it is necessary: ​​

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of planed soap, citric acid, starch and salt.
  2. Dilute this mixture with water.
  3. Mix the ingredients to a mushy state.
  4. Apply the resulting product on the stain, but on the back of the thing.
  5. Leave for 12 hours.
  6. Rinse well.

The rule also applies here: the quicker you start to eliminate stains and streaks, the better the result will be.

Now you know what to do if the thing stains after washing. What means to use - modern or national. And also how to avoid such trouble in the future. We hope that this information will be useful to you.

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