What is convection oven and how it works

  • How does the convection system
  • work? How can it be used besides cooking?
  • What dishes can be cooked in it?
  • How to choose the right convector
  • Minuses of the convector

Imagine that there are dishes in the world that do not need to be washed? And this is not a one-time, no. Simply, she washes herself! Surprised? Then, read this article, we will tell you about the convection oven. What it is, how to use it and what can be cooked in it.

How the convection oven

is structured In essence and in terms of the device - this is a convection oven. By the way, this is exactly what the device was called when it was first created. It happened in the 80s, in the USA.But, the name was unfortunate. The consumer did not understand what it is and therefore was not particularly interested in the novelty.

But, after it was renamed, people began to be actively interested in them and buying. The name was quite tempting and reflected the essence of the functional: the possibility of cooking on the grill, by means of air.

Aero-grill device is quite simple. It is made in the form of a large, transparent saucepan of heat-resistant glass with a volume of from 7 to 16 liters. Below it is a stand that protects the surface( after all, it can warm up to 260C), and on top is a special lid, weighing quite heavy, about 2.5 kg.

This weight comes from the fact that a heating ten and a fan are attached to it from below, and it is equipped with an electronic control panel from above.

The principle of operation of the aerogrill is as follows: when the device is turned on to the network, the ten warms up, and the fan begins to “drive” hot air through the tank. Due to this, the dishes are very evenly fried, or cooked, or stewed.

Aerogrills are equipped with iron shade or halogen. The latter is much more economical in terms of electricity consumption, and also serves longer due to the fact that it does not oxidize and does not deteriorate due to corrosion. But such a heating element costs more.

How can it be used besides cooking?

It is possible to listenif theoretically, then it is. But in fact, its volume can not replace the volume of an ordinary oven. It will not work out to prepare a large sheet of baked products, in case guests come to you.

Bake it is not as good as a regular oven, and again, the cakes fit there less. Bread and cakes, he will bake. But, judging by the numerous reviews, even the patties have to be turned over in it, otherwise not even baking is achieved.

In general, aerogrill performs the following actions:

  • Cooks( cooks usually, cooks steamed, stews, roasts, grills, bakes, tomit at low temperatures)
  • Defrosts
  • Heats dishes
  • Sterilizes canned food
  • Set by, you already decide. To whom it is convenient.

    The most grateful users of aerogrissa are students or young families who have not had time to acquire the necessary equipment and their own housing. And what is very convenient: I bought one device and drag it along behind me, in rented apartments. All my own - I carry with me, as they say.

    A self-cleaning function - just out of competition! Well this is what a beauty. .. Prepared, then splashed some water, pressed a button and admired how he washed himself.

    However, not all models have such a bonus. Those that are equipped with them, are a bit more expensive. But in our opinion, it’s worth overpaying.

    It is impossible not to mention that it is very convenient to sterilize jars in it. In their convection oven is placed more than in a microwave. And to get out of it is much more convenient, due to the fact that you can pick them up from above, with special tongs. And in a conventional oven or microwave, to get hot cans is still a pleasure.

    What dishes can I cook?

    As you understood from the above functions, you can cook a lot of things. Starting from the usual soup and ending with all sorts of grilled meat.

    Due to the fact that the temperature is set to 60C, and this is a very low cooking temperature, it is possible to cook the same in it as in the slow cooker: yogurt, cereal, as from a Russian oven.

    Also, there is the possibility of steaming and baking.

    Very tasty it turns chicken. It comes out much more juicy than in the oven, but at the same time, its meat is the softest, and the crust is crispy and fried. The same applies to kebabs and other meat.

    And the biggest advantage of this device: the ability to cook several dishes at the same time. Of course, the smells are still mixed, despite the manufacturer's belief in the opposite. Therefore, you need to prepare dishes that are in harmony with each other. For example, potatoes with mushrooms and fried meat.

    If you take the risk and cook the fish along with the compote, the result will not please you, that's for sure.

    As for cooking time, which may be different for dishes that are cooked at the same time, there are no problems here. You can turn it off when one is ready, get it and then continue on.

    It is also important that the fried foods in the convection oven are more useful than those cooked in a conventional oven or frying pan. When cooking, you do not need to add oil, and fat from the meat drains to the bottom, and does not envelop it.

    Also, it is very convenient that the cooking process can be easily observed without opening the lid. The flask is transparent! Therefore, the chance for burning is not.

    How to choose the right type of aerogrill

    As you have already understood, be sure to take a self-cleaning function. But, this is not all the nuances that need to be taken into account. Let us list them to you, so that you do not lose sight of the store:

    • Do not forget for self-cleaning
    • Try to take a model with an adjustable height of the location of the heating element. This will give you the opportunity to speed up the process and easily control the dish.
    • Take a model equipped with a special ring, to increase the volume. Since today you may think that the cup is sufficient, and in the future, you may well need large portions.
    • Unlike multivarcs, aerogrill will be more convenient to use, if the cover is not removable. Due to the fact that it is heavy and with a heating element, to put it when removing is not so easy. Special stands, often, hold it not very tightly and the cover may slip. And break it - it is, consider throwing the entire device. Therefore, it is better to take on a special bracket. But pay attention to the material from which the mounts are made: they must be metal, not plastic.
    • The protection grid for the heating element must, of course, be removable. Otherwise, you will have to wash the cover very carefully, trying to prevent water from entering the electronics, and this is completely inconvenient, given its weight.

    Cons The aerogrill

    Of course, despite all the advantages, it is not without flaws.

    The fattest minus is high power consumption.

    Warming up ready-made meals in it is not very convenient, since, to pull a plate out of a pan full of heat is not fun for the faint-hearted. It is especially dangerous to trust children to warm food in it.

    Convection oven starts to work poorly if the power supply is unstable. This means that it is poorly suited for summer houses and rural houses, since in such places it is an eternal problem.

    We told you everything that we know about aerogrill. What it is, you are now aware of, and also, you know which model is better to choose. Things are easy - decide on the purchase! After all, this is undoubtedly a useful thing in the household.

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