Gas analyzer: working principle, what to look for when choosing manufacturers + review

Gas analyzer - a device operably constructed on the principles of measurement of gaseous mixtures. In terms of performance, there are manual and automatic analyzers. By manual analyzers include absorption model, which uses absorption technology reagent gaseous medium.

Devices will automatically operate on the usual technology of constructing the physicochemical characteristics of the substance.

The content of the article:

  • How does an automatic analyzer
  • Principles of classification of gas analyzers
  • The most common devices
  • What is important to select the analyzer
  • Overview analyzers manufacturers
  • Useful videos on the topic

How does an automatic analyzer

Virtually all of the gaseous medium analysis devices that support automatic measurement, in terms of methodology are divided into three groups:

  1. Analyzers of chemical reactions.
  2. Analyzers of physical and chemical processes.
  3. Analyzers of physical processes.

The first supported physical analysis methods performed using chemical reactions. Here, as a rule, the range of devices comprise volumetric-manometric and chemical devices.

With mobile device measures the volume or pressure of the gas mixture.

The gas analyzer
Analyzer - one of the many designs of such devices, which are widely used in various sectors of the economy. Such devices allow to conduct a comprehensive environmental monitoring

A second group of devices is also supported physical methodology, but complement physico-chemical process. Among these processes can take place:

  • electrochemistry;
  • thermal chemistry;
  • Photocolorimeters;
  • photoionization;
  • chromatography.

Naturally, depending on the specific process, the result obtained in different ways. For example, electrochemistry, the concentration of the gas mixture, based on its electrical conductivity. Alternatively, by measuring the thermal impact catalytic oxidation reaction to give the degree of concentration of combustible gases.

photoionization analyzer
EXAMPLE device supporting photoionization analysis technology. Model of a series of instruments "Kolion" belongs to the category of portable structures, characterized by ease of use and quality results issued

The third group of gas analyzers, based solely on physical procedure presented magnetic, optical, and other devices Densitometric. This group includes, for example, devices thermoconductometric analysis of gas mixtures by which a result obtained by measuring the degree of heat conduction material.

The basic principle of gas analyzers and apparatus enables analysis of multicomponent mixtures by measuring the level of concentration of one component present in the mixture.

Principles of classification of gas analyzers

All currently existing analyzing devices are classified on the basis of structural and technological parts. Classification characterized by the specific functionality of gas analysis instruments, for example, indicator and alarm may be something similar, but are classified as different gauges. The same should be with respect to leak detectors and gas analyzers.

analyzer Leak Detector
Compact handy in use leak detector - structure having a direct relation to the analyzers gaseous medium. The use of such devices is relevant for industrial production of various conditions and domestic sphere

Classification of embodiment determines properties such as mobility and portability. Abilities devices measure a certain number of components are classified features a one-component or multicomponent device. Similarly, the number of measurement channels, where there is a classification for a single-channel or multichannel analyzers.

Finally, there is one criterion that shows the specific purpose of the device. For example, there are exhaust gas analyzers for monitoring of cars, and there are devices that control manufacturing processes.

The most common devices

The most common devices are members of the three mentioned groups are allocated optical and electrochemical design. Their appeal is due to the ability to measure production in the state of real-time. In this technologically devices supporting multi-analysis with the ability to save the results in the memory chip.

optical gas analyzer
An example from the group of optical gas detectors - devices that have received the most widespread in the most diverse fields. Optical analyzers gaseous medium are highly accurate measurements

For industrial spheres such apparatus are an indispensable equipment. Especially where continuous monitoring of emissions or analysis processes. In such cases, the analyzers often appear as a continuous monitoring system of the industrial production process is used in environmental conditions studies.

To select for use in a domestic environment, these types of analyzers also preferred.

What is important to select the analyzer

Trying to make a choice, it is desirable to determine which task will be assigned to the unit. On the basis of the set objectives, it is easier to find the required equipment. Besides the money issue at the precise selection of equipment will be decided in favor of the buyer. The smaller sets of parts, the lower the cost.

Account when selecting usually subject to the following performance criteria:

  • Supported gases;
  • Boundary values ​​of concentrations of measurement;
  • analysis capabilities and volumetric weight fraction;
  • time of continuous operation;
  • the possibility of conducting measurements at several points.

Of course, a role played by external performance during the equipment selection. The presence of the protective properties such as waterproof casing, blocking the penetration of dust and soot - all this is also important, if the count on the durability of the analyzer.

mobile analyzer
Mobile model gas analyzer, in addition to an attractive ease of use and even that is enclosed in a robust water-proof case. Dense of the housing also protects against ingress of dust

Given the saturation of the Russian market of gas analyzers foreign production, we have to choose from eye to adapt to domestic conditions. Clearly, if the information of the unit in a foreign language, to use such a device more difficult. However, you can still get used to over time.

Any working gas analyzer equipped with sensors (sensors). As the operation of these elements lose their properties to lose sensitivity and should be replaced. How frequent should be the replacement and what about the purchase of spare parts - it is also a matter of choice that requires careful approach. Finally, the warranty is not the last item, which should be addressed.

Overview analyzers manufacturers

Among foreign companies, whose products have gained popularity in the domestic market, is released German company Testo AG. It produces a wide range of test equipment, including various types of analyzers.

The company has been more than half a century, and during this period of time have learned to create a truly high-quality, good-quality equipment in all respects. Specifically for gas analyzers: Testo AG company are delivered to the device market, capable measure, analyze, output characteristics of different flue gas generated by heating equipment.

The device of the test series AG
One of the most popular analyzer models marked by well-known brand Testo AG. Measuring and control instruments company supplies a wide range, a diverse selection of custom

It is a decent selection of gas analyzers also provides a domestic company Politehform M. This is one of the largest manufacturers of instrumentation and analytical techniques. Based on the company operates its own experimental laboratory facilities, which ensures the successful development of modern devices.

Assortment Politehform-M models are gas detectors of the series "signal" and "Sigma", including multichannel structure. a series of detectors, "DMG" is also now manufactured and other equipment. Among the specific examples may be mentioned: "Signal-033", "Sigma 1M", "DMG-3 '.

"Politehform-M" - multi gas analyzer
Product Russian company Politehform M - multi gas analyzer operably providing comprehensive control of the gaseous medium. instruments companies valued not only for functionality but also for reliability

St. Petersburg's company Informanalitika It has developed and released a series of devices under the brand name "The Hobbit." "Hobbit-T" series covers a wide range of substances, with which the device can operate and perform analysis.

Gas analyzer "The Hobbit-T"
Effective instrument of Russian companies in St. Petersburg. The device has an interesting name "Hobbit-T." Perhaps the company "Informanalitika" decided so involved in the development, but the device is clearly not in need of extra advertising

Almost all types of gases used in industrial production and the domestic sphere, the analysis submitted by an instrument developed by the company from St. Petersburg. True, the "Hobbit-T" - the equipment that belongs to the category of stationary devices. This factor is somewhat limits the user's choice.

Another German company "Fossen" through its subsidiary WITT It delivers fast, accurate, multi-gas analyzers. Moreover, the consumer's choice is not particularly limited by design instruments.

WITT Gas analyzer
Compact mobile and convenient model because the gas analyzer of German manufacture. measurement and analysis equipment from the company «WITT» successfully entered the Russian market. of different end products are in demand

The range of WITT filled with stationary and mobile devices, is designed to produce a sample or in-line monitoring. All types of gas analysis equipment available WITT, and the scope of possible applications starts with the food sector and metallurgy finished.

Interesting to select marked instruments companies Promekopribor. Relatively young Russian firm (2009) develops and promotes the domestic market of modern analytical techniques for environmental purposes.

Polar Gas analyzer
Interesting efficient and productive devices supplying the domestic market of the Russian company "Promekopribor". The company manufactures products for industrial use, but there are also individual design, suitable for everyday life

It is noteworthy that the company's product fully complies with the standard documentation for the domestic use. the company's product list is topped by a series of devices, "Polar" and "test." This portable multi-gas analyzers designed for industrial process control systems.

User friendly domestic appliances delivers in Russia Italian company Seitron srl Italians on the Russian market with more than 15 years and during that time managed to put more than 450 kinds of test equipment. For domestic sphere may be of interest, for example, development «Seitron RGDMETMP1» - indicator gas concentration in natural gas.

Gas analyzer Seitron
To gain popularity in Russia Italian gas analyzer RGDMETMP1 - product «Seitron s.r.l» company. Ideal for use in a household. However, the range of the company is designed for a broad audience of consumers

This is just one example of a separately taken the Italian equipment. In general Seitron technique can cover the demand in a wide range of needs. There will be, for example, mobile gas analyzers regime commissioning of boilers and stationary detectors of gas concentration.

Gas analyzer - an electronic device, which are increasingly becoming a necessary accessory for many aspects of modern life. Scientific and technological progress has given people a lot of useful things and food, but at the same time brought a lot of harmful production technologies and operating conditions.

Useful videos on the topic

The mobile model example, you can understand the operation of the gas analyzer:

Timely accurate environmental analysis helps to protect nature and make a clean place where people live. Analyzers disclose fully picture of the surrounding atmosphere, make it possible to assess the situation and take immediate action if there is a discharge from the norm.

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