Chicken droppings as fertilizer

In order to grow a good crop of crops, it is necessary to constantly replenish the soil with the nutrient reserves that it gives along with the crop. Otherwise, the upper fertile layer will be exhausted. To take something, you must first give something away. In this case, endlessly gathering crops without saturating the soil with substances is a thoughtless and indifferent attitude towards our landowner.

Both mineral and organic fertilizers can be applied to the soil. It is better to do it in a complex. However, mineral fertilizers are expensive. As an exit, you can use organics prepared in a certain way. - manure and for example chicken manure are organic nutrients. If you keep in your backyard or in the country, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, better fertilizer than dung from this poultry for plant nutrition is not found.

Table of contents

  • Composition of chicken manure
  • How to collect and store
  • For which plants is suitable
    • Table of fertilization rates for different crops, t / ha
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  • Use of chicken manure in granules, how to breed
  • How to use dry hen's pastelitter from compost heaps
  • Advantages and disadvantages

The composition of the chicken manure

The main components of the chicken manure are:

  • nitrogen compounds;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • Calcium;
  • various macro and micronutrients;
  • lime;
  • phosphoric acid;
  • magnesium;
  • sulfur;
  • potassium oxide;
  • biologically active compounds;
  • other items.
Chicken droppings in a bucket

In bird droppings contain several times more phosphorus than cow’s manure, contains up to 2% of nitrogen in its composition, which is three to four times more than in the above-mentioned organic fertilizer. Ammonia compounds in it are so concentrated that in pure form it is impossible to bring this organic matter into the soil directly for plant nutrition.

How to collect and store

Due to the fact that the chicken manure contains a large amount of gases( methane, ammonia), there are special techniques for its preparation, storage and incorporation into the soil.

As a rule, chicken manure is collected from the hen house along with a small amount of litter( straw).If chickens are kept in a walking way in an open-air cage, then you can rake it together with a small layer of earth. Specially no cleaning is done. The most common storage methods are:

  • In the heap in bulk ;
  • Compost Heaps or Pits;
  • Dry granules or powder.

The first storage method is the simplest, is common, but it gives the least effect. With this method, chicken manure when cleaning the chicken coop is simply raked in a heap and put in the corner of the garden or garden plot. At best, cover with a film until it is applied to the soil. Main disadvantage: litter dries quickly, forming clods and layers. In addition, during the drying process, it loses most of the nitrogen in the form of ammonia.

Pile of chicken litter

The most acceptable and reasonable way to store litter at home is preparing compost heaps or pits .This is done in the following way: a small layer of litter( 10-15 cm) is spread on straw bedding 15–20 cm thick. Next alternate layers of what is at hand. This may be peat, land, cow dung, straw again, etc. All this is formed in the form of a heap or folds into a hole, hermetically covered with a film on top to enhance anaerobic processes and increase the temperature inside the heap or well. After three or four months you can check the contents. If the compost is ready, it is introduced in certain proportions, as discussed below. To speed up the processes of fermentation and processing you can use EM preparations that contain bacteria in a concentrated form.

The third way to store litter ( dry granules or powder) is mainly used in the factory. Dried at a temperature of about 600 ° C, the litter is freed from pathogens and weed seeds. In addition, the dry mixture does not have a specific smell. Buy fertilizer made in this way can be in stores. The packaging is convenient - from a few hundred grams to several tens of kilograms.

For which plants

is suitable Chicken manure as fertilizer is suitable for almost all crops: cereals, vegetables, berries, fruit trees. The exception is onions, garlic, other greens during active growth. Of vegetables, excellent response to the introduction of litter cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant. In berries and fruit trees, there are no exceptions to the positive effect of their use. Vegetable


Table application rates for different crop, t / hectare

name culture litter
dry litter natural humidity of the compost piles or wells
grain 3-4 8-12 7-9 18-22
3 12-17 30-40
berries 8-10 20-25 17-20 40-50
fruit 10-12 25-30 20-25 45-55
The consumption rate can vary from 1 to 50% depending on the crop, the stage of plant growth.

Using chicken droppings in granules, how to dilute

Chicken droppings in granules

To add dry droppings in granules, first dilute them in any container with water ( barrel, bucket).The proportion is kept at 1:25, unless otherwise written on the package when buying fertilizer. Be sure to insist for 50-70 hours. Fruit trees fertilized in pristvolny circles. Vegetables are watered directly on the beds. It is advisable to wash the leaves of the plant when the solution gets on them. Sample application rates are shown in the table above. Watered with this solution 2 or 3 times per season.

If in doubt, what rate of fertilizer to apply for a particular crop, it is better to give the plant less than more. In the first case, you can correct the situation due to the frequency of introduction, and in the second - the plant may die.

How to use dry bird droppings as fertilizer

You can use dry manure in two ways:

  • If it is very fine fraction or powdered, it can be scattered on the soil in the late fall towards winter in a moderate amount ( approximately one and a half to two times more than it would have required for growing plants).In this form, dry droppings can also be made in the wells for vegetables, shrubs or trees. The consumption rate is listed in the table.
  • Fertilize with a solution. As in the case of the use of granules, it is first diluted in any container with water. The proportion is kept 1:25, unless otherwise written on the package. Insist for two to three days.

How to apply

litter from compost piles Before applying the fertilizer stored in the above way, must be diluted in an tank. A bucket for this purpose is not suitable. Need to pick up a vessel with a volume of 20 liters. Litter litter should ferment longer. This will take more time. Compost heaps are almost ready to use. It is enough to insist on the water for several hours.

Litter litter

You can also use the spreading technique on the area. This is done in the autumn after harvesting all crops. In spring, with melt water, the main part of the nutrients gets into the soil. The remaining solid mass will serve as an excellent tool for structuring the soil itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The use of chicken manure for growing crops has a positive effect on :

  • The structure and properties of the soil: is an excellent baking powder. In addition, it saturates the fertile layer with nutrients for microflora and plants. Due to the introduction of litter into the soil, aerobic and anaerobic processes are enhanced;
  • On the plants themselves: they take additional nutrients in a digestible form for themselves to increase the green, tuber or fruit mass( depending on the crop);
  • For fruit ripening: we get an earlier harvest;
  • In terms of the duration of using as a fertilizer introduced into the soil for two to three years;
  • On pH restoration pH of the soil;
  • On Increasing Plant Resilience to Diseases .

In addition, chicken manure is cheaper than mineral fertilizers. Therefore, in part, can replace them.

However, this substance has one drawback .Since litter in concentrated quantities contains many elements, its oversupply in the soil adversely affects the growth and development of plants, including their death. Therefore, it is very it is important not to overfeed the vegetables, berries and other crops .

Like any substance, it can be both a medicine and a poison. The same applies to chicken manure as fertilizer.

Nature itself gives us the means and means to ensure it. It is not necessary to use "chemistry", to invent genetically mutated organisms for our life and development. It is important to rationally use the available wealth, not forgetting their replenishment through reproduction.

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