How to choose electronic floor scales: recommendations and rating of models

How to choose electronic floor scales: recommendations and rating of models


Controlling body weight is one of the key factors for maintaining health and longevity. Knowing your own weight is important both when dieting, and for doing sports or fitness fitness. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the degree of accuracy of this important device, as well as its durability. How to choose a floor electronic scales, how to adjust, how to weigh it correctly? What are the possible malfunctions and how to fix the floor scales with your own hands?


  • 1What are the instruments for weighing, how are they arranged
    • 1.1Mechanical
    • 1.2Video: how is the floor weighing device
    • 1.3Electronic
  • 2How to choose a floor scales
    • 2.1Video: how to choose an outdoor mass measuring device
  • 3Rating of the best models
    • 3.1Table: features of different electronic scales: what is different, what is the accuracy and other
    • 3.2Gallery: photos of models from the rating
    • 3.3Video: overview of the SUPRA floor scales
    • 3.4Owner feedback
  • 4How to use and weigh correctly, so that the readings are accurate
  • 5How to check, adjust the instrument, calibrate and replace the battery
    • 5.1Video: battery replacement
  • 6How to repair and adjust the floor scales at home
    • 6.1Gallery: tools for repairing the floor scales
    • 6.2Why do scales show strange letters and numbers and what to do about it?
    • 6.3How to turn off the sound on an electronic balance

What are the instruments for weighing, how are they arranged

The most ancient weights are the samples found by archaeologists in Mesopotamia, dating back to the 5th century BC. They had a lever structure - two equal shoulders, each with a bowl. With the advent of technical progress, the scale has undergone many modifications. To date, there are four main types of devices for determining the mass, differing according to the principle of action:

  • lever - based on the principle of the lever, described by Archimedes;
  • spring - the principle of action is described by Hooke's law;
  • hydrostatic - measuring the specific gravity (density) of the substance;
  • tensometric - a measuring device in them serves as a sensor that converts the deformation into electrical impulses.

In everyday life, mainly spring (mechanical) and electronic (tensometric) scales are used. About them, and will go further.


The mechanical balance is well known to everyone, the basis of their action is a spring that is stretched or compressed according to the force applied to it.

In the mechanical balance, the needle deviates under the action of a spring

When weighing on a mechanical balance, a person stands on a moving platform, which is lowered by the weight of the body. The spring is compressed, the associated arrow is deflected, showing the weight.


Disadvantages of mechanical scales:

  • low measurement accuracy - up to one kilogram;
  • degradation of the spring with time - the accuracy decreases even more.

Video: how is the floor weighing device


Electronic scales look like a monolithic body mounted on four support legs, the device is equipped with a digital display for displaying weight and a battery pack.

On the contrast screen of electronic scales, readings are easy to read

There are no moving or rubbing parts in electronic scales, they have high accuracy of measurements - 100-300 g. Due to modern materials, instruments of different design are produced. The electronic circuit extends the possibilities of the scales: the device receives measurement memory, and can also perform simple calculations, including showing the body mass index (BMI).

How to choose a floor scales

The choice of scales begins with the definition of those tasks that will be assigned to them. Many modern electronic devices are equipped with a variety of measurement functions that are designed to improve the quality of "service". Of course, their number is reflected in the price.


If you need a multi-function scales equipped with a microprocessor, prepare to pay for their purchase a larger amount than for a device that simply determines the weight.


The main characteristics of the scales are:

  • maximum mass of measurement;
  • the error in determining the weight;
  • the amount of electronic memory embedded in the device.

The limit value of the mass, which the scale can measure, ranges from 130 to 180 kg. In some models, there are increased indicators, this can be found from the technical passport of the product.It is important to choose exactly the range at which the upper level of permissible loads will not be exceeded, as this leads to a rapid failure of the measuring mechanism.

The error in determining the weight, as a rule, is laid constructively and corresponds to the generally accepted standards (100-300 g). Some models have a tuning function that allows you to adjust the degree of deviation of the actual weight from the indicators on the display.

Computer technology does not stand still - the ability to process information obtained during weighing, significantly increased. Thus, the last generation of floor scales can memorize the number of users and carry out simple diagnostics: determine the percentage of fat and muscle mass, calculate the BMI index.

The powerful microprocessors with a large amount of memory used in scales are able to automatically identify up to 10 people, memorizing them according to the characteristic indicators. Programs that are equipped with such devices are designed for universal use and require initial input of data on growth, age and user field.


The presence of a large amount of memory allows "smart" scales to conduct a survey of the percentage in the body of muscle, bone and fat tissues, in a timely manner to signal their imbalance. All information can be transferred to a tablet or mobile phone. Special software conducts further analysis and gives recommendations: what diet and diet should be observed for a healthy and full of life.


For such a "survey the user must carry out weighing in a minimum amount of clothes and with bare legs.It is through the soles of the legs that weak impulses of the electric current enter the body - the microcontroller determines the composition of the tissues according to the level of the response signal. For those who are obese, it will be useful to know the amount of visceral adipose tissue surrounding the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. The method is based on the difference in electrical resistance of the tested tissues and allows to detect excess (or insufficient) body weight. The accuracy of the method is low, corresponds to the diagnosis of the "household" level.

In addition, you should pay attention to such commonplace things as the size of the information screen, the possibility of its illumination in the dark time of the day, and so on. An important role is played by design, size and weight of the device. All this is designed to provide comfort and convenience when using the device.

To select electronic scales, which possess the necessary functionality, will help to carefully study the technical characteristics reflected in the manual.

Video: how to choose an outdoor mass measuring device

Rating of the best models

In order to navigate when choosing electronic scales, it is useful to study the rating data. The table represents two categories of scales: diagnostic and conventional (without diagnostics).

Table: features of different electronic scales: what is different, what is the accuracy and other

Category Model Advantages disadvantages price, rub. A comment
Electronic diagnostic balance Medisana 40419 TargetScale
  • a wide range of functions;
  • Compatibility with all generations of iPhone;
  • an intuitive interface;
  • impressive design.
  • small screen size;
  • high price.
  • expensive scales with a large set of functions;
  • Work together with a tablet, where you can study the results of a survey;
  • the program builds temporary graphs of weight, fat, water in the user's body;
  • diagnose body temperature and the amount of sugar in the blood. They have a modern design.
  • advanced diagnostic capabilities;
  • affordable price.
  • there is no backlight.
  • scales in a glass case with metal elements;
  • the cheapest model of diagnostic scales;
  • measures the content of fat, water, bone and muscle mass;
  • data memory for 12 people.
  • are designed for a load of up to 200 kg;
  • are backlit screen;
  • a wide range of functions.
  • Work only on a flat and firm surface;
  • high price.
  • Gorgeous scales with diagnostic functions;
  • high accuracy of measurements;
  • high build quality;
  • modern design.
Electronic scales without diagnostics TEFAL PP 1110
  • accuracy of measurement;
  • refinement of design;
  • the maximum weight is 160 kg.
  • work only on a flat and firm surface.
  • perfectly cope with the function of accurate determination of body weight;
  • increased load limit, up to 160 kg;
  • Progressive design of the platform of glass.
BEURER GS 27 Happy Stripes
  • accuracy of measurement;
  • advanced design;
  • the maximum weight is 150 kg.
  • uneasy inclusion system.
  • a long period of trouble-free operation in combination with high accuracy;
  • can withstand up to 150 kg of weight;
  • The mechanism is elegantly enclosed in a platform of high-strength glass.
  • robust metal housing;
  • high measurement accuracy.
  • cold surface.
  • Reliability and durability, due to the body of metal;
  • the ability to instantly switch when changing users;
  • strict appearance.

Gallery: photos of models from the rating

. . Scales Medisana 40419 TargetScale.. Scales SUPRA BSS-6600.. Scales TANITA BC-587.. Scales TEFAL PP 1110.. Scales BEURER GS 27 Happy Stripes.. Scales SALTER 9059.

Video: overview of the SUPRA floor scales


Owner feedback


Medisana 40419 TargetScale. Of course, the scales for such money should not just be weights. And something more. So I decided to first find out what is so wonderful about them. For a long time she tried and looked at them. I just have a propensity for obesity at the genetic level (I have all the plump in my family and I do not have to become like this all the time). But these scales perfectly help me to constantly monitor my weight and control the percentage of muscle and fat tissue. It's easier for me to walk to practice, it's calmer somehow. Maybe, of course, all this is not necessary, but all the same.

The user has hidden his data id = 90567 & amp; rack = tabs


SUPRA BSS-6600. Rapidly flash diagnostic indicators. Not that what to write down, it is necessary to make out something. I've been using it for three years. Very satisfied. On average, I weigh myself once a week. Probably, therefore for this time changed the batteries once.

The user has hidden his data id = 90567 & amp; rack = tabs


TANITA BC-587. Accurate measurement, stylish design, tracking up to 4 users. I bought it as a gift, the device became a favorite toy, a convenient and intuitive interface, instructions are clear and accessible descriptions of all settings.

Ananieva Margarita id = 90567 & amp; rack = tabs


TEFAL PP 1110. Excellent model. Accuracy of indications, low price, beautiful design. I use the month. Show the weight exactly. If you stand up several times, the indications do not change. The scales are very flat, they climb under the cupboard, bedside table. And they are very beautiful, like his wife. The surface is made of glass, but it does not cause unpleasant sensations, if you get up barefoot. Do not get dirty.

The user has hidden his data id = 90567 & amp; rack = tabs


BEURERGS 27 Happy Stripes. Do not know how to lie, even for money. 🙂 Turn on from a light touch. Next, the calibration and preparation for work takes place. Get up straight, a couple of seconds to determine the weight and all. You go off the scale and admire the result of a dozen seconds. Disconnect themselves, automatically.

Solovev Alexander id = 90567 & amp; rack = tabs


SALTER 9059. Reliable (work properly), quickly switch when weighing one person to another, immediately turn on when you put on the floor - do not have to kick your foot to turn it on. Disadvantages: because of the metal surface - it's cold to stand with your bare feet. If the floor is even a little bit uneven, it will lie (but I think it's all electronic so). Not very attractive design. Bought about a year ago to replace the VitekVT-1979 BK, because that one broke. Chose from what is in the store. I did not like the look - the design was not very much and thought that there would be stains from the legs, but the stains did not remain. In the end, quite satisfied!

Julia Netsvetay Julia id = 90567 & amp; rack = tabs


How to use and weigh correctly, so that the readings are accurate

To measure body weight were reliable, you must follow certain rules for using weights.

These include, first, a uniform weight distribution over the top tool bar.To get on the scales you need two legs in the center of the working plane. Secondly, it is recommended to weigh at the same time, preferably in the morning, after carrying out all the cleaning procedures, but before eating.


The diagnostic picture will be more accurate if at the moment of weighing the user will have a minimum amount of clothes, and the feet will be naked.


Thirdly, the most accurate results can be expected in the event that the floor scales are located on a firm, stiff surface.Ceramic tile or laminate is the best choice.On a linoleum or a carpet covering of a figure can "float". This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of electronic scales.

The work of sensors is based on the deformation of the material under the influence of weight. Measurements are performed by four sensors located at the corners of the platform. The microprocessor averages the readings and calculates the weight. If the scales are uneven, the signals from the load cells will be different in the end, the weight will be determined incorrectly.

Body weight should be evenly distributed across the platform

Weighing is performed as follows:

  1. If the balance is not equipped with a circuit-breaker triggered by a touch, the instrument should be switched on.
  2. It is necessary to wait one or two seconds until the display shows zero. This means that the device is ready for use.
  3. Exactly stand on the scales, evenly distributing the weight on both feet, wait for the readings to appear.
  4. If you want to repeat the procedure, reset the result by pressing the corresponding button.

    In some models, zeroing is performed automatically after removing the weight from the weighing platform.

How to check, adjust the instrument, calibrate and replace the battery

Buying scales in the store, it is recommended to check the serviceability of the device and the correctness of the readings. The easiest way to do it is to check the weighing of an object with a known weight. It can be a kilogram pack of salt or sugar, as well as any other product or object that is convenient to use.

Calibration of scales is the lot of specialists, so do not try to produce it at home without proper equipment.If the scales suddenly began to show incorrect weight, they are best placed in a specialized workshop.


It should be remembered that the accuracy of the measurement in the electronic balance depends to a large extent on the operable state of the battery cell.


Before searching for the address of the nearest service, it is recommended to check the battery and replace it if necessary. Many models of scales show the level of the charge of the power source: it can be a pictogram on the display or the letters "Lo" or "B". The interpretation of all the abbreviations is usually described in the manual. For more details, the battery replacement is described in the technical data sheet of the balance.

Video: battery replacement

How to repair and adjust the floor scales at home

If the balance has stopped working or is clearly incorrectly weighed, it is best to consult a specialist. If there is no such possibility, the simplest repair of the floor scales can be done by oneself. To do this, you need tools:

  • screwdriver - for disassembling the case;
  • multimeter - for continuity of electrical circuits;
  • soldering iron for connecting wires.

Gallery: tools for repairing the floor scales

. . The soldering iron connects the wires with soldering.. A set of tools for the electrician.. A digital multimeter measures the voltage.

If the breakage led to a break in the electrical circuit, then you can eliminate such a malfunction by restoring the connections of wires and parts by soldering.

Why do scales show strange letters and numbers and what to do about it?

If the screen displays strange letters and numbers, and the weight is not determined, the computer probably weighs up.The first thing to do is remove and reinstall the battery.If the balance does not return to normal, the fault must be sought in the electronic part of the device.


The main think tank of the scales is a printed electronic board, usually of a small size. It can not be repaired, you can only put a new one. It's hard to do it with your own hands. The same applies to the liquid crystal display, it does not disassemble, only changes entirely.

Unselective part of electronic scales

The possibilities of home repair are in fact limited to testing the quality of the connections between the load cells and the board microcontroller, the replacement of the strain gages themselves and the technical prevention of control buttons that sometimes jam or sink.

How to turn off the sound on an electronic balance

Sometimes the work of the scales is accompanied by a variety of sounds. The instrument will beep when tuning, measuring, turning on or off. If the family has a small child and sounds become an undesirable hindrance, they can be turned off. For example, in electronic scales manufactured by SCARLETT, this is done by holding the button on the rear panel responsible for switching pounds into kilograms for 5 seconds. In expensive models of scales, connected via Wi-Fi, the setting can be performed from the program on the tablet or phone.

If the manufacturer does not provide for a "soft" version of the audio mute, you can use the "radical" method. To do this, it is suggested to open the case, find the buzzer and cut off the wire.


Attention! Intervention in the scheme of scales can spoil the device, thus under guarantee it will not be repaired.


For the successful use of electronic scales, it is necessary to follow exactly all the manufacturer's recommendations that are prescribed in the product's technical passport. Adjust the scales, as well as perform simple repairs can be their own hands. In case of more serious damage, it is better to contact the workshop.

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