Large-fruited variety of cherries Bullish heart for summer residents of central Russia

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video With each year of cherries and cherries Brands heartful -

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video With each year, blacks and cherries Bullish heart matures -

video With each year, with the same color, as the age of cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, cherries, and cherriesRussia. Everyone wants to get sweet, full-bodied fruits, such as, for example, cherries give Bull's heart, which is considered the most large-fruited variety obtained by domestic breeders.

The name of the culture was due to the rich dark red shade of the fruit and their external resemblance to the heart of a large powerful animal.

In Soviet times, this variety, also called the ox heart, was recommended for cultivation on the territory of Georgia, Azerbaijan and the southern RSFSR, but today the boundaries of the comfort zone for the variety have expanded somewhat. Successful experience of obtaining stable yields is in the farms of the Black Soil Region and even in the center of Russia.

However, success is accompanied only by those who patiently take care of plantings, comply with agricultural techniques and are well aware of the features and dignities and its weak points listed in the description of the sweet cherry variety.

Characteristics of the Cherry Variety Bull Heart

Like other varieties of Cherry, the Bull Heart at the beginning of life shows high growth rates, and already in 4-5 years the seedling forms a rather strong average density of crown. In the future, annual growths are somewhat reduced, and an adult tree with a pyramid, narrower than that of its related plants, reaches a height of 3-5 meters. For skeletal branches characterized by a low degree of branching. The shoots are covered with leaves sparsely, which provides good ventilation of the crown and access to the depth of insects that carry pollen.

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At cherries Bull's heart, as in the photo, the large leaves have:

  • rich green color;
  • wide lanceolate form with a pointed tip and a rounded base, turning into a strong short petiole;
  • bicontelate sheet plate edges.

On young shoots, foliage is usually larger than on perennial branches. The appearance of greenery almost coincides with the opening of the buds, falling in the middle of May.

Most of the flower buds are laid on short, bouquetted branches. Flowers are collected in 2-4 pieces, have a wide open, saucer-like shape and a bright snow-white color.

For cherries, Bull's heart is characterized not by mass, but by gradual ripening, the beginning of which in different regions may vary depending on the region's climate and the weather in spring and summer. More often, the first sweet cherries can be enjoyed in the second half of June or in the first days of July.

Fruiting and Cherry Photos Bullish Heart

Very large fruits weighing from 7 to 10 grams - the pride of this variety of sweet cherries. Very attractive in appearance, they are distinguished by dark, sometimes almost black skin and red juicy flesh.

Despite its sufficient density, the skin does not protect ripe fruits from spoilage and crushing; therefore, it is almost impossible to transport or store the sweet cherry crop.

Aligned fruits with melting, without coarse cartilaginous pulp and medium sized cream stone, keep on dense, not long fruit stems. If the crop is not harvested immediately after ripening, they can remain on the branches for about a month. In this case, the loss of quality is insignificant. When removing the crop, the stone fruit easily, without damage, separates from the stem. Stone moves away from the pulp with little effort.

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According to the description, Sweet Cherry heart cherry for taste deserves the highest rating on a five-point scale and can be used both fresh and as a raw material for preservation. The content of sugars and acids in the dense pleasant taste of the pulp may vary. Their ratio and taste of the fruit depends on the weather and the care that the tree regularly receives.

Cherry Strengths and Disadvantages Bullish Heart

Among the varieties of cherries grown in Russia, there are no completely self-fertile varieties. Without pollinators growing nearby, the Cherry Heart doesn’t produce fruit to its fullest, forming only 5–10% of the possible ovary.

Read also: How safe and necessary is the use of sweet cherries during pregnancy and during breastfeedingIt enters the spring after frost of about -25 ° C without serious damage. Perennial wood does not suffer, but flower buds can die. The same happens during the spring frosts, but the next year the trees make up for the loss and are ready to show themselves in the best light.

To simplify the care of cherries, Bull's heart, choose a sunny place, closed from the autumn and winter winds, for planting. In the neighborhood necessarily planted pollinator varieties, blooming at approximately one time.

Large-fruited varieties are often subject to cracking. Bull's heart is no exception. Typically, the skin does not stand up and bursts when the filling falls on a wet period. So that ripening fruits are not spoiled in favorable weather, it is worth limiting watering of trees.

In most cases, the landing successfully resists the defeat of harmful fungi, but prevention will not be superfluous. Spraying is carried out with an early vein before the beginning of flowering and in the autumn, when the tree trunks are cleaned and sanitary pruning is carried out.

Ripening Sweet Cherry Bull Heart - video

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